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    Sharon Felton

  • The election for Virginia Beach City School Board District 6 takes place on November 8, 2022. Prior to the 2022 election, voters could vote for all eleven Virginia Beach School Board seats, regardless of where they live. This is the first school board election where voters will only vote for candidates in their district. There is one at-large seat that is not up for election this year. Michael Robert Callan (I) will face incumbent Sharon Felton (I). Felton has served on the school board since 2015, and currently holds the Virginia Beach City School Board District 6 Beach seat.

    Incumbent school board member Sharon Felton is a life-long resident of the city of Virginia Beach and was first elected in 2014. She serves on several community organizations including the South Norfolk District Deacon's Wives' Auxiliary, Seatack Community Civic League, Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Commission Member, and Virginia Beach Black Law Enforcement Pioneers Committee. Felton stands for school funding, school safety, and the promotion of school art programs.

    Felton advocates for the safety of all public school students. Due to the increased occurrence of school shootings, a petition was created by a second grade student asking for the implementation of a buzzer system in which front doors are locked and staff can inspect visitors before buzzing them into the building. Felton wants to reassure families and has advocated for the use of the school buzzer system to be used at the 85 public schools in Virginia Beach.

    Felton pledges her commitment to making sure every child receives a quality education. She values all post-high school routes, from joining the military to attending certification programs, to enrolling in colleges and universities. Felton volunteers her time to read to the children in elementary schools, attend career fairs, and showing up to high school graduations to congratulate the new graduates.

    Additionally, Felton wants to increase teacher pay. She supports salary increases for teachers because she wants toprovide compensation that is in line with the job they do for students in the Commonwealth. Felton also addresses the teacher to student ratio challenges and decrease class sizes.

    Another priority for Felton is COVID-19 safety. Her social media page is filled with resources and information about the best ways in which parents and children can keep safe during this pandemic. Felton also prioritizes student safety in regards to mental health. Councilwoman Felton was able to partner with the FBI and attended school assemblies on cyberbullying and how to properly safeguard themselves during the age of cell phones and social media.

    Sharon Felton is running against Michael Callan.

    A graduate of Princess Anne High School in 1971, Michael Robery Callan is running for School Board as an independent. Callan has been married to his wife Renee since 1973 and has 2 children that attended VA Beach public schools. His grandchildren all live in Virginia Beach and currently attend, or will soon attend Virginia Beach public schools. Callan advocates to improve children’s education by maintaining “difficult, rigorous, hard to reach standards” in regards to student grades.

    Councilwoman Felton’s dedication to COVID-19 safety, listening to the needs and concerns of teachers and school safety make her a progressive choice for this year’s election.