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    John Andrews

  • The election for Virginia Beach City Council District 8 takes place on November 8, 2022. Prior to the 2022 election, Virginia Beach City Council had seven residential district seats and four at-large seats. This is the first city council election with ten residential districts. Rona Marsh (R), Chris Taylor (R), and John Andrews (I) will compete for the District 8 seat. Former mayor and city council incumbent, Louis Jones (I), known as Mr. Bayside, was also campaigning for the District 8 seat until he passed away in June 2022.
    John Andrews is an awarded US Navy Veteran running as an Independent candidate for City Council. Andrews currently serves as the Vice President of the Chelsea Waterway Association. He wants to grow the Virginia Beach economy by increasing jobs and promoting small businesses. Andrews also plans to strengthen the public school system by providing resources to the students and support for the teachers. Unfortunately, this is all the information we could find on this candidate.

    Andrews is running against Rona Marsh and Chris Taylor.

    Rona Marsh, a Republican candidate for City Council, promises to, “get on that council and get them to be financially responsible.” Marsh has led a 35 year career in finance and pledges to represent the community. Her platform prioritizes tax relief and financial transparency. Marsh does not have much information surrounding her politics.

    Chris Taylor is a Republican candidate and business owner who bases his platform off of the basis of community, civility, and collaboration. He prioritizes issues such as public safety, public education support for students' parents as well as teachers. Mental and public health is a priority for Taylor in addition to providing more tax cuts and resources for economic development for small businesses. Taylor supports working to support the police department despite their violence toward the people they are sworn to protect.

    Due to his pledge to increase economic growth and strengthen the public school system by way of increasing student resources and increasing teacher pay John Andrews is the most progressive choice for this race.