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    Joash Schulman

  • The election for Virginia Beach City Council District 9 takes place on November 8, 2022. Prior to the 2022 election, Virginia Beach City Council had seven residential district seats and four at-large seats. This is the first city council election with ten residential districts. TJ Morgan (R) and Joshua F. Schulmann (I) will face incumbent John D. Moss (I). Moss has served on city council since 2011, and currently holds a Virginia Beach City Council At-Large seat.
    Independent candidate Joash Schulman ​​is a real estate and business attorney who serves as the managing partner of Town Center Office Suites. Additionally, he is a Regional Board Member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. This candidate serves as the Chair of the Virginia Beach Wetlands Board, Vice President of Virginia Beach Vision, and Secretary of the Central Business District Association of Virginia Beach. He stands for building a resilient coastal community, economic and workforce growth, and strengthening public schools.

    Joash Schulman is running to increase the economic growth opportunities in Virginia Beach. He advocates for a simpler permit process to make starting small businesses easier to navigate. Additionally, Schulman proposes providing more business mentorship opportunities. Promoting equality in the workforce, he suggests training programs and pathways for small, women-owned and people of color-owned businesses. Schulman believes that Virginia is on the verge of economic prosperity, stating that, “with major initiatives underway like offshore wind and our regional broadband network, Virginia Beach can lead the region in tomorrow’s economy.”

    Schulman’s platform is also based on strengthening public schools. As a member of the Central Business District Association, Schulman has done work to develop volunteer mentoring opportunities in the classroom and establish a scholarship program for exceptional seniors at Princess Anne High School who want to stay, or return and contribute, in Virginia Beach after graduation. He also prioritizes maintaining and/or replacing school infrastructure, investing in technology, and recruiting, retaining and rewarding quality teachers and administrators.

    Building a resilient coastal community is another one of Schulman’s priorities. While serving as Chair of the Virginia Beach Wetlands Board, Schulman oversaw a net gain in vegetated wetlands and approved critical shoreline stabilization projects such as sand replenishment for locations at Chic’s Beach, the oceanfront, and Sandbridge Beach. He suggests planting trees to combat flooding, coastal erosion, and increase the quality of water and air.

    Joash Schulman is running against TJ Morgan and John Moss.

    Republican TJ Morgan owns and operates Morgan Wellness Center in addition to serving as President Chesapeake Beach Civic League and the Vice President Chesapeake Beach Civic League. Morgan stands for the promotion of small businesses, as well as a well-funded law enforcement, despite their current funding being over three million dollars and no accountability or repercussions for their crimes against Virginia Beach citizens.

    Elected to City Council in 2011, John D. Moss is a retired Naval soldier with a forty-year military history. His education includes degrees from Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech. Moss pledges to bring attention to detail, a commitment to transparency and integrity to the office of city council as well as advocate for the everyday taxpayers of Virginia Beach. Additionally Moss supports “increasing capital investments in public safety to promote innovation to more effectively deploy our public safety officers."

    Due to his support for strengthening public schools, his plan for increasing economic growth through small business, and his plan to address flooding issues and build a resilient coastal community, Joash Schulman is the progressive choice in this race.