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    Jennifer Rouse

  • The election for Virginia Beach City Council District 10 takes place on November 8, 2022. Prior to the 2022 election, Virginia Beach City Council had seven residential district seats and four at-large seats. This is the first city council election with ten residential districts. Heidi Daniels (R) and Jennifer Rouse (I) will compete for the District 10 seat.
    An assistant professor of sociology at the Virginia Beach campus of Tidewater Community College for the past ten years, Jennifer Rouse is running as an Independent candidate in this year's city council race. Eager to impact more than just the students she teaches, Rouse promises to listen to the needs and interests of the community and speak to those issues. Rouse focuses her campaign on strengthening educational opportunities, as well as workforce development and affordable housing.

    Candidate Rouse is an advocate for building coastal resiliency and improving stormwater management. Acknowledging the sea-level rise forecast and its effect on the community, Rouse strives to work alongside local federal and state workers to address this threat. She plans on using the 2021 bond referendum to rectify problems in the current stormwater management systems.

    Rouse believes in people-powered, citizen-led government. As an elected official, she prioritizes transparency and accountability. She strives to engage and inform the community. Also an advocate of community members being engaged with local government, Rouse stands on letting the community decide how city Council members are elected.

    Lastly Rouse stands on increasing affordable housing options and improving the economy. With the acknowledgment that District 10 is lacking in terms of affordable housing options, Rouse aims to provide quality affordable housing options across the city. In order to improve the economy, Rouse suggests assisting those leaving the military transition into civilian life with workforce training and career resources so they can thrive in the local economy.

    Jennifer Rouse is running against Heidi Daniels.

    Republican Heidi Daniels is a US Marine Corps veteran and former police officer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She currently manages the Green Run Homeowners Association, in the community she’s resided for 22 years, serving 16,000 residents. Daniels campaigns to “address public safety” in Virginia Beach by raising money for the police department despite their violent crimes against several members of the community. She also aims to aid small businesses in creating more job opportunities and ensuring that education is not a partisan issue.

    Jennifer Rouse is the progressive candidate for this race due to her focus on strengthening educational opportunities, as well as workforce development and affordable housing.