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    Barbara Henley

  • The election for Virginia Beach City Council District 2 takes place on November 8, 2022. Prior to the 2022 election, Virginia Beach City Council had seven residential district seats and four at-large seats. This is the first city council election with ten residential districts. Elaine Fekete (I), Nanette Miller (R), Michael Mauch (I), Paul Telkamp (I) will face incumbent Barbara Henley (I), who has served on city council since 2006. She previously served from 1978-1990, and again from 1994-2002. Henley currently holds the Virginia Beach City Council Princess Anne District seat.
    Incumbent Barbara Henley has served on City Council since 2006 and two years as vice mayor. Henley is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's in urban studies. Henley is president of the Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society and serves as the City Council liaison to several organizations. She aims to “address flooding and restarting the city open space program and ensuring the city makes progress on the flooding prevention projects funded this past year.”

    Henley also advocates for prompt COVID-19 response. In response to the COVID-19 vaccination availability Henley expressed the need for urgency when making vaccinations available to the public declaring that “the city needs to do whatever possible to prioritize vaccination distribution.” Henley also pressed for answers on the delay of vaccination availability, comparing Virginia Beach’s delay to cities that were already in the next phase of their treatments.

    Henley is also running to improve the flooding conditions in Virginia Beach. Concerned about the severe flooding, she proposed a plan in order to combat the negative effects of flooding. Using a trees’ ability to act like a pump — capturing, storing and removing water from the environment, Henley suggested researching which existing forests are integral to prevent flooding and where strategic reforestation would provide the most benefits all in an effort to examine how forests could help with an issue that's plaguing the southern, rural part of the city.

    Also on Henley’s campaign agenda is economic development and infrastructure. Henley was among the city council members to approve a new city council vision and worked with coordinators to create a master plan for future development in the Princess Anne area. The vision included mixing residential units and businesses among government buildings to diversify the area and make it more pedestrian-friendly while also offering shopping, restaurants, apartments, hotels and entertainment.

    Lastly, Councilwoman Henley promotes city parks and recreation. Henley voted in favor of the construction of the Pungo Ferry Landing Park. She expressed interest in getting volunteers together to do an archaeological dig at the park, as it was a major crossing for Native Americans who lived in the area. Updates included a paved parking lot where Captain George's restaurant once stood, renovating the boat ramp, adding a walkway and fencing near the ramp and creating an informal kayak launch.

    Henley is running against the following candidates: Paul Telkamp, Nanette Miller, Michael Mauch, and Elaine Fekete.

    Paul Telkamp, (I) was a previous candidate for the At-large school board race. We are unable to find information on this candidate’s policies for this school board election at this time.

    Republican candidate Nanette Miller currently serves as Vice-Chairwoman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party and helped Governor Youngkin win his election this past November. She has an extensive military history and reached the rank of Commander in the US Navy. Miller has a Master's degree in American Government from Regent University. Miller’s priority issues include underfunding crucial programs by lowering taxes and promoting second amendment rights.

    A Virginia Beach native, first time Independent candidate, Michael Mauch is running for city council to protect agricultural resources. He plans to strengthen communities as well, ironically by allocating more money to police, despite their history of violence crimes and cover-ups towards those they are sworn to protect. Mauch also supports developing economic growth to keep Virginia graduates in Virginia. Mauch is currently the Vice President of the Atlantic Avenue Association, and the treasurer of the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association.

    Independent candidate Elaine Fekete advocates for flooding solutions, lowering taxes and fees, and support for education and public safety. Fekete also pledges to campaign for transparency and accountability. An experienced realtor, Fekete started her advocacy fighting to preserve vacation renting in Sandbridge Beach. If elected as a member of city council, this first time candidate's first order of business will be “asking for relief on the city's prepared food/restaurant tax,” which would mean fewer services will be available for those who are most vulnerable.