Starla Kiser
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Democratic candidate Starla Kiser is running against Republican William Wampler for an open seat in the 4th district. Kiser received two degrees from Harvard––a medical degree at Harvard Medical School and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School with a focus on international development and health policy. As a doctor, Kiser supports increased access to health care like Medicaid expansion. She believes Virginia should increase access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Kiser also supports increasing teacher pay and bringing more jobs to the district.

William Wampler is anti-choice, opposes clean energy initiatives, and is against commonsense gun violence prevention solutions. He is silent on other issues including raising the minimum wage, health care access, and fair redistricting reform.

Though we disagree with Kiser’s stance on guns and environmental issues, her support of health care access and increased teacher pay makes her the more progressive choice in this race.

Senate District 004

State Senator

Stanton Scott
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Democratic candidate Stan Scott is a military veteran who moved to Virginia after retiring from the Army in 2002. He went to George Washington University, pursuing doctoral work in international relations and public policy. Scott now resides in Mechanicsville and has been a member of the Hanover Democratic Committee for over ten years.

Scott believes in healthcare accessibility and supports Medicaid Expansion. In his campaign, he has prioritized completely closing the healthcare gap that still remains. Scott urges investment in universal pre-kindergarten and equal funding for all schools. He wants to increase teacher pay, make college tuition more affordable, and better fund community colleges. He supports commonsense gun violence prevention measures, including closing the gun show loophole. Scott also supports clean energy and wants to force polluting utility monopolies to pay for the damage they do.

Incumbent Republican Senator Ryan McDougle voted against expanding Medicaid to 400,000 Virignians. He opposes gun violence prevention measures and has voted to expand gun rights in Virginia. Senator McDougle is anti-choice. He voted for legislation that scapegoats immigrants and opposed state ratification of the ERA. He voted against legislation that would prohibit discrimination in housing based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Scott is the progressive choice in this race.

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