Rhonda G. Seltz
Rhonda G. Seltz photo

Democratic candidate Rhonda Seltz is currently an adjunct instructor at Radford University in the School of Social Work. A native of Pulaski County, she is running for the House of Delegates because she wants to advocate for more affordable health care access for everyone. Seltz believes everyone should earn a living wage and promises to vote to increase the minimum wage if elected. She supports expanding access to affordable healthcare that includes mental health services. She is also against the Atlantic Coast and the Mountain Valley pipelines and supports investments in renewable energy sources.

Her opponent, Delegate Nick Rush (R), was elected in 2011. As Delegate, he voted to prohibit sanctuary cities, putting members of our immigrant community in danger. He voted to make it more difficult for low-income people to access abortion and to defund Planned Parenthood. Rush also voted against a bill that would have allowed localities to increase the minimum wage. Delegate Rush voted to require voters to present a state-issued photo ID when voting, making it more difficult for some people to make their voice heard in our democracy.

Rhonda Seltz is the more progressive choice in this race because of her support for the environment and affordable health care access.

Senate District 007

State Senator

Cheryl Turpin
Cheryl Turpin photo

Delegate Cheryl Turpin is a high school science teacher in Virginia Beach. She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University before earning a graduate degree from the University of Richmond. Turpin was elected to the House of Delegates in 2017 and is now running for the state Senate seat vacated by Republican Senator Frank Wagner.

During her time in the House, Turpin voted to expand Medicaid and raise wages for teachers across Virginia. She opposed legislation designed to scapegoat immigrant communities. She supports expanding clean energy options and ensuring all students have access to quality education. She has sponsored legislation to add sexual orientation and gender identity to Virginia’s hate crimes statute.

Her opponent, Republican Jen Kiggans, is a Navy veteran and nurse practitioner. She is anti-choice and has been vocal in her stance against abortion. She opposes gun violence prevention measures.

Cheryl Turpin is the progressive choice in this race.

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