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    Shervin Aazami

  • Elect Shervin Aazami to push CD-32 in the right direction.



    The Position

    Congressmembers represent and advocate for the needs of their district constituents at the United States Capitol. They are responsible for creating, debating, and voting on legislation that addresses issues within their district.

    The United States is divided into 435 congressional districts, each with a population of about 710,000 individuals. Each district elects a representative to the House of Representatives for a two-year term. California has 53 congressional representatives. There is no term limit for this position.





    The District

    California’s 32nd Congressional District includes parts of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Democrats typically hold this district. Of the registered voters in this district, 19% are Republican and 50% are Democrat, and the district’s demographic breakdown is 20% Latino, 12% Asian, and 5% Black. After the 2021 redistricting process, CD-32 is 1% less Democratic than it was during the 2020 general election cycle. The most recent election results show that CD-32 voted for Joe Biden for president in 2020 by 39 points and Gavin Newsom for governor in 2018 by 40 points.





    The Race

    There are six candidates running for this seat, including Democrat Shervin Aazami and Democratic Incumbent Representative Brad Sherman and Republican Challenger Melissa Toomin. Rep. Sherman’s campaign has not committed to any pledges and is funded by the real estate industry, defense manufacturers, and corporate interests, like Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs. He has also accepted thousands of dollars in corporate PAC money from the banking, investment banking, financial services, and payday-lending industries, respectively. Aazami’s campaign has raised $134,148 and is not funded by fossil fuel money, real estate money, police unions, or corporate PAC money.





    The Recommendation

    Shervin Aazami, a public-health advocate, was born in Italy to Iranian refugees, and moved to Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley when he was a toddler. According to campaign materials, he is running for election because he thinks corporate-backed politicians like incumbent Brad Sherman have done little to protect and support the most vulnerable populations, and actively oppose meaningful progressive change. Aazami has not run for office previously.

    Aazami works in public health and also worked in national Indigenous health-care advocacy, helping to pass legislation that reduced the financial burden of health care for Native American veterans, devoted funding to opioid-related care and behavioral health, and secured direct funding for tribal governments to respond to COVID-19. Aazami’s platform supports progressive policies like Medicare for All, criminal-justice reform, decriminalizing immigration, and the Green New Deal. His policy proposals also center racial and economic justice, from calling for reparations to abolishing cash bail and civil-asset forfeiture to outlawing exclusionary zoning to raising the federal minimum wage to $15.

    Aazami has the endorsement of many progressive groups in the district, including Progressive Democrats of America, Ground Game LA, Healthcare for All LA, Sunrise Movement LA, and Youth Climate Strike LA. Based on our analysis, Aazami’s track record and policy positions demonstrate that he will be a progressive champion for the constituents of CD-32 and will govern effectively in the best interest of this diverse district.



    Last updated: 2022-05-11

    Shervin Aazami

    Elect Shervin Aazami to push CD-32 in the right direction.



    Shervin Aazami

    Elect Shervin Aazami to push CD-32 in the right direction.



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