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Progressive Democrats of America was founded in 2004 to transform the Democratic Party and our country. We seek to build a party and government controlled by citizens, not corporate elites-with policies that serve the broad public interest, not just private interests.


State Senate

State Senator, 7th District

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Marisol Rubio is a second-generation American, raised by a single mother who was a public school teacher. She now lives in San Ramon with her daughter. According to campaign materials, Rubio is running to fight for accountability from our legislature, and to demand that our biggest and wealthiest corporations pay their fair share so we can provide the support blue-collar, working people of California deserve.

Rubio is a scientific researcher, health care provider, and advocate for high-need students. Her passion for science and discovery was fueled by her personal experiences as a young single mother of a chronically-ill disabled daughter who is an early childhood brain cancer survivor. As she explored solutions to support her own daughter’s health and wellbeing, Rubio came to understand how we can best support families experiencing hardships through the advancement of innovative and proven healthcare, educational, and socioeconomic policies.

Rubio also brings a strong track record and relationships in progressive politics and public service. As Co-Chair of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Issues Committee, Rubio has co-authored two resolutions that were adopted by the California Democratic Party and helped pass several progressive bills and resolutions including the Green New Deal for California, a call for a Climate focused Presidential Debate, and support for the public banking movement, which gives localities the ability to open banks to serve residents not well served by traditional banks. She has also served as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention and is an SEIU Local 2015 member.

Rubio is challenging incumbent Steve Glazer (D), who has consistently opposed progressive priorities by siding with corporate lobbyists and failing his constituents on criminal and juvenile justice reform and healthcare. Other candidates include Julie Mobley (R). Rubio is the strongest choice because of her track record as a champion for the disabled community and their caretakers, and as an advocate for her region’s priorities in the Democratic Party.

Voting for Rubio is an opportunity to elect a legislator who will accurately represent the perspective and priorities of her district in Congress. Courage California strongly endorses Marisol Rubio for Congress.

Last updated: 2020-02-25

Superior Court

San Francisco County Superior Court

San Francisco County Bar Association ranking: QUALIFIED

Maria Evangelista has been a Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco for 16 years. Evangelista is a San Francisco native and was born to undocumented parents in SoMa. Evangelista received her undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University and her law degree from Vanderbilt University. 

Evangelista is one of the Deputy District Attorneys in San Francisco’s Collaborative Court, specifically in the Veterans Court. She is running on a platform that is concerned with disparities in criminal justice. As a judge, she “would be the protector of the Constitution for all people.” She ran unsuccessfully for judge in 2018 on a slate with three other District Attorneys. 

Last updated: 2020-02-28

San Francisco County Bar Association ranking: QUALIFIED

Michelle Tong has spent over 16 years as Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco County. Prior to joining the Public Defender's office, she was Eviction Defender at the Eviction Defense Collaborative. Prior to law school, she also worked at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus on immigration and employment issues. 

Tong is running to address inequities in the justice system and the “well-documented disparities that exist in our courts by addressing the implicit biases on our judiciary.” She wants to support a “system that focuses on making victims whole through restorative justice principles.” 

Tong received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz and her law degree from McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific. 

Last updated: 2020-02-19

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San Francisco County Bar Association ranking: QUALIFIED

Carolyn Gold serves as the Director of Litigation and Policy at the Eviction Defense Collaborative. Gold has spent over 20 years as a tenants rights lawyer and advocate. 

The Eviction Defense Collaborative provides support for low-income residents, including renters facing eviction and residents of homeless shelters funded by the city. She previously served as supervising director of the Bar Association of San Francisco's Justice and Diversity Center and as Judge Pro Tem for the San Francisco Superior Court. 

She is a graduate of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and she earned her J.D. from U.C. Hastings College of the Law. 

Last updated: 2020-02-20