Depending on where you live, you may have the below city races on your ballot.

No Recommendation

We do not have a recommendation for Pasco City Council, District 3, where Councilmember Saul Martinez is not running for re-election. This is a relatively low-information race with four candidates: Nikki Torres, Irving Brown Sr., Steven Martinez, and Leo Perales.

Torres is one of the only candidates with a website but she is not progressive and does not have a strong platform. She was previously the president of the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber and currently works as a partnerships manager for Western Governors University. Brown Sr. is the human resources manager for a hotel and the executive director for the Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council. He does not have a detailed platform or any elected experience. Perales also does not have a detailed platform or any elected experience but has been involved with the Tri-Cities Community Work Group on Community Policing. Martinez works in job analysis with Local 69 Associated Western Pulp & Paper Workers. He also helps to coordinates a yearly sneaker and backpack drive, but he does not have a campaign website or platform.

Write in a progressive of your choice for Pasco City Council, District 3.