United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 21 is the largest private-sector union in Washington, with over 43,000 members working in grocery store, retail, health care, meat processing and other industry jobs. UFCW 21 represents more retail and grocery employees and more professional and technical health care employees than any other union in the state.



10th Congressional District

Beth Doglio photo

Progressive champion and current state Rep. Beth Doglio is running for the 10th Congressional District seat vacated by the retirement of Rep. Denny Heck. Prior to running for office, Doglio worked as the Climate Solutions Campaign Director and was the founding executive director of Washington Conservation Voters. While in the Legislature, Doglio advocated for numerous climate and environmental bills, as well as legislation to protect sexual assault survivors and increase funding for affordable housing.

Doglio is running for Congress on a platform of climate justice, supporting working families, and gun safety. In her Fuse interview, she said she wants to work to pass progressive reforms like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Overall, Doglio laid out the most progressive policy agenda among the leading candidates and has earned the sole endorsement of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Doglio's background in organizing and fighting for solutions to climate change would be a valuable addition to our congressional delegation.



Marko Liias photo

State Senate Floor Leader Marko Liias was first elected to the Mukilteo City Council in 2005 before being appointed to the state House in 2007 and finally the state Senate in 2014.

In the Legislature, Liias has been a strong progressive advocate for all families. As the Democratic Senate Floor Leader, Liias has led the fight on LGBTQ equality and created a student loan bill of rights. His past legislation includes a ban on the inhumane practice of conversion therapy. This year, Liias sponsored legislation requiring informed consent to perform a pelvic exam and creating a new state financial aid program for undocumented students.

In his interview with Fuse, Liias said he would use the bully pulpit of the office to connect with voters across the state about progressive issues, including fixing our upside-down tax code. In addition, he laid out a strong set of proposals for how to increase police accountability. If elected, Liias would be the first openly gay statewide official in Washington history.

Mike Pellicciotti photo

Mike Pellicciotti has served in the Washington state House representing the 30th Legislative District since 2016 and is now running for Treasurer. Pellicciotti has never accepted corporate campaign donations and has led efforts to make the Legislature's records open for public view. He also wrote the Corporate Crime Act, which increases financial penalties for corporate crimes by 100 times, and has successfully supported laws reducing property taxes.

Pellicciotti is challenging incumbent Republican Duane Davidson. In 2016, incumbent Jim McIntire retired, leaving the seat open. Because of the crowded primary, two Republicans made it through to the general election, giving them control of the Treasurer's office for the first time since 1957. Davidson previously served as the Benton County Treasurer from 2003 to 2016. In his term, he has been a traditional Republican and has referred to the state Legislature "raiding" the Rainy Day Fund. He has also only attended 3 of 18 critical pension meetings since fall 2017.

Pellicciotti has been a solid legislator and is the best choice in the race for Washington State Treasurer.

State Legislature

5th Legislative District

Ingrid Anderson photo

Evergreen Future

Progressive nurse Ingrid Anderson is challenging Sen. Mark Mullet in the 5th Legislative District. As a nurse, Anderson will bring an important perspective to Olympia as legislators craft a public health and economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If elected, Anderson would also prioritize keeping East King County affordable for working families, strengthening our K-12 education system, and balancing our state's upside-down tax code. As the mother of a son with asthma, Anderson understands the importance of protecting our clean air and will work to pass strong environmental protections for Washington.

Mullet is a small business owner and business-oriented Democrat who has been an obstacle to progress on many issues during his eight years in Olympia. He has taken thousands of dollars from oil and coal companies and hasn't been willing to vote for critical environmental bills. We need to address climate change and salmon and orca recovery, but Mullet has shown he won't support the solutions we need. In addition, Mullet voted against addressing the gender pay gap, opposed childcare assistance for working families, and even voted to cut teacher pay.

It's time for new leadership for the 5th Legislative District. Anderson is the clear progressive choice in this race.

17th Legislative District

Daniel Smith photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Daniel Smith is challenging Republican incumbent Sen. Lynda Wilson in the 17th Legislative District. Smith has been a social worker for more than two decades and currently manages the southwest Washington office for Community Health Plan of Washington, a local non-profit. If elected, he wants to put his career in health care to work by advocating for more social services and better mental health care, as well as more affordable housing and early childhood education.

Incumbent Sen. Wilson has already established a long track record of bad votes in her first term alone, including voting against regulations for domestic violence crimes, police use of force laws, establishing background checks for firearm transfers, and much more. Wilson has been bad on health care and reproductive rights and even said that the science on whether vaccines are safe is "not settled" while her district faced a measles outbreak. Wilson also generated controversy recently when she told The Columbian that she was storing 100 coronavirus antibody tests in her home.

The 17th Legislative District deserves better representation than Lynda Wilson. Daniel Smith is the clear choice for state Senate.

Tanisha Harris photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Tanisha Harris is challenging far-right incumbent Republican Rep. Vicki Kraft for the Position 1 state representative seat. Harris spent a decade working for the Evergreen School District and now works as a Court Appointed Special Advocate program specialist with the YWCA Clark County. Her priorities include supporting low-income and workplace housing to tackle the state's homelessness and housing affordability crisis, reducing gun violence, and making additional investments in education.

Her opponent, Rep. Kraft, worked for the virulently anti-worker Freedom Foundation and spent the early months of the pandemic trying to re-open the state months before public health experts said it was safe. In the Legislature, Kraft has one of the most far-right voting records in the House. This session, she was a leading opponent of comprehensive sex education and broader vaccination of students. Kraft is zealously opposed to abortion and voted against legislation requiring insurance companies to cover all women's health care. In addition, she opposed several LGBTQ equality bills and the Washington Voting Rights Act.

Kraft's battle against common-sense public health standards is appalling but especially bad during a pandemic. Harris, on the other hand, has the overwhelming support of labor, reproductive rights organizations, environmental groups, and more, and is by far the best choice in this race.

10th Legislative District

Suzanne Woodard photo

Electeds For Justice
Evergreen Future

Suzanne Woodard is an active union member and a registered nurse with 38 years of experience who is now running for the 10th Legislative District, House Position 1. She was inspired to run for office after testifying at a hearing in Olympia and seeing that very few members of the Legislature have a background in health care. If elected, her top three priorities would be expanding access to health care, rebuilding the economy, and creating more local educational opportunities for students and workers seeking training. In addition, she's committed to balancing our state's upside-down tax code and maintaining essential services during the pandemic.

11th Legislative District

Zack Hudgins photo

Electeds For Justice
Evergreen Future

Rep. Zack Hudgins has become a strong progressive leader in the Legislature. Throughout his tenure, Hudgins has focused on standing up for vulnerable Washingtonians, strengthening election transparency, and making effective investments into our state economy. In particular, Hudgins played a lead role in passing automatic voter registration legislation and increasing the number of ballot drop boxes in 2018. This year, he organized bipartisan support for legislation to restrict the use of facial recognition software. Hudgins is running for re-election on a platform of preventing budget cuts due to the economic downturn, addressing affordable housing and homelessness, and continuing to support stronger privacy laws.

19th Legislative District

Clint Bryson photo

Democratic Rep. Clint Bryson is challenging Republican Rep. Jim Walsh for the 19th Legislative District, House Position 1. Bryson is a Montesano City Council member and a third-generation electrical worker whose priorities include COVID-19 recovery, improving the health care system, especially rural hospitals, and protecting the region’s fishing, crabbing, and oyster farming industries. In addition, Bryan wants to incentivize public-private partnerships to build additional affordable housing, support trade apprenticeships alongside 2- and 4-year degrees, and foster a community-centered approach to climate action.

Walsh is a conservative, two-term Republican who has voted against efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Washington, against prohibiting bump stocks and background checks for firearm transfers, against prohibiting sexual orientation conversion therapy on minors, and more. Walsh has emerged as one of the most inflammatory members of the state House, undermining his ability to work together to get things done.

Also in this race is self-identified progressive Democrat Marianna Hopkins Everson. Everson is running on a platform of "universal healthcare, safe and affordable housing, fully-funded education, fair taxes, and a healthy economy with living-wage jobs." Her extensive policy ideas also include comprehensive criminal justice reform, infrastructure upgrades, protecting labor unions, and free point-of-care health care.

While Everson is very progressive, Bryson is running a strong campaign and has earned the overwhelming support of our progressive partners in this race. Bryson is the best choice for state House.

26th Legislative District

Carrie Hesch photo

Evergreen Future

Carrie Hesch is challenging Republican Rep. Jesse Young for the 26th Legislative District, House Position 1. Hesch works at the Washington Corrections Center for Women and serves as a Director on the Key Peninsula Community Service Board. Hesch is running on a strong platform of making the tax code more equitable, health care reform, and protecting workers, including making sure front-line employees get the personal protection equipment (PPE) that they need.

Young voted against the creation of the Washington Office of Firearm Violence Prevention and opposed making it easier for young people to vote. He is a vocal opponent of the age-appropriate sex education bill that passed this year and has devoted time and energy to repealing it. Also in this race is Democrat Drew Darsow, who does not have a strong campaign presence or website available.

Hesch is the clear choice in this race and deserves your vote.

42nd Legislative District

Alicia Rule photo

Evergreen Future

Alicia Rule is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Luanne Van Werven for the 42nd Legislative District, House Position 1 seat. Rule serves on Blaine City Council, launched and served as president of the Blaine Downtown Development Association, and owns a therapy practice. She is running on a platform that includes tackling the affordable housing crisis by building more housing, bringing more living-wage jobs to Whatcom County, and providing support and services to veterans. Her top priority in the Legislature would be to keep local families safe, healthy, and secure. Rule will support our mental health system as well as agriculture and has numerous endorsements including from local nurses and teachers.

Van Werven is a conservative who this year voted against gun safety legislation, a much-needed Clean Fuel Standard, and prohibiting LGBTQ conversion therapy. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Van Werven has been spending her time criticizing Gov. Inslee for keeping Washingtonians safe and promoting the initiative designed to repeal comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education.

Rule would be a much stronger and more progressive representative than Van Werven and deserves your vote.

22nd Legislative District

Jessica Bateman photo

Evergreen Future

Olympia Mayor Pro Tem Jessica Bateman is running for the 22nd Legislative District, House Position 2 to fill the seat vacated by Beth Doglio. Bateman has been a tireless progressive advocate on the council, working toward equitable housing solutions, protecting our green space, and ensuring no one is left behind. Accomplishments from her first term include co-chairing the Home Fund, a campaign to provide safe housing and essential services for vulnerable homeless community members, and sponsoring a resolution to make Olympia a sanctuary city.

28th Legislative District

Dan Bronoske photo

Evergreen Future

Dan Bronoske is running for the 28th Legislative District, House Position 2, to succeed the retiring Rep. Christine Kilduff. Bronoske has worked as a firefighter in Pierce County and Lakewood for almost two decades. As an active union member, he has experience working in Olympia advocating for policies that protect all workers. If elected, Bronoske will prioritize supporting working families, addressing the opioid epidemic, reducing health care costs, and improving our transportation system.

Bronoske is running against Republicans Jamie Michaud and Chris Nye. Michaud is a real estate broker who is running on a conservative platform including "quickly" re-opening Washington state. Nye has previously served on the University Place City Council and currently owns a marketing and listing service for real estate owners. His campaign emphasizes the fiscal challenges Washington will be facing in the coming years but does not offer any proactive solutions for solving these challenges.

Bronoske is the best choice in this race.

36th Legislative District

Liz Berry photo

Electeds For Justice
Evergreen Future

Democrat Liz Berry is running for the 36th Legislative District, House Position 2 to replace Rep. Gael Tarleton, who is running for secretary of state. Berry is the director of the Washington State Association of Justice. She previously served as the president of the National Women's Political Caucus and on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington.

If elected, her priorities include rebuilding our economy so it works for everyone, affordable childcare, health care reform, and an end to systematic police violence against Black people. Berry has numerous endorsements from progressive partner organizations and elected officials including Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Berry's experience and strong support from progressive advocates make her the best choice in this race.

37th Legislative District

Other Candidates

Democrat Andrea Caupain suspended her campaign on June 29 and endorsed Salisbury but will remain on the primary ballot. Caupain is the chief executive officer of Byrd Barr Place, formerly CAMP, that helps low-income Seattleites with essential services like food, housing, and financial assistance. She suspended her campaign to focus on providing direct services to the community, saying: 

“As we’ve seen rising cases of COVID-19 and the disproportionate impacts on Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, immigrants and refugees, persons with disabilities, and people experiencing poverty, I feel my service is most urgently needed at Byrd Barr Place.”

We hope to see Caupain run for office again in the near future. 

44th Legislative District

April Berg photo

Evergreen Future

April Berg is running for the 44th Legislative District, House Position 2. Berg is a former small business owner who now serves as a director at the Everett School District and a planning commissioner for the City of Mill Creek. Her platform is very strong and includes ensuring workers have safe conditions and living wages, affordable child care, increasing support for early learning, and reducing disparities in graduation and discipline rates for students of color. Berg wants to support the Housing Trust Fund to build more affordable housing and reduce barriers for shelters. She has endorsed a Clean Fuel Standard and pledges to advocate for environmental justice in underrepresented communities.

Berg is running against Democrat Anne Anderson and Republican Mark James. Anderson is the Executive Director of Victim Support Services and was previously Executive Director of the Lake Stevens Community Food Bank. Anderson is strongly pro-choice and wants to invest more in communities to help them during the economic downturn. In her Fuse interview, she stated that the police officers she works with would welcome more training if only they had the funding for it. James is a member of the Marysville City Council, veteran, and local business owner who does not have a detailed platform.

Having a strong progressive in this seat is incredibly important, and Berg has the experience and progressive ideas to be a fantastic leader in Olympia. Berg is the best choice in this race.