Sierra Club

Sierra Club

If you want laws protecting our environment, the only way to get them is to elect good lawmakers. The Washington State Chapter of the Sierra Club interviews candidates running for public office, endorsing those it believes will be environmental leaders. The committee then supports endorsed candidates with funds from Sierra Club Political Action Committees (PAC), either by direct contribution to candidates, or through Sierra Club volunteer-powered campaigns.


County Commission Races

Thurston County Commission

Carolina Mejia photo

Carolina Mejia is a judicial assistant for the Thurston County Superior Court. As an immigrant who moved to the U.S. as a youth, Mejia became interested in law and immigration advocacy from a young age. She has worked with organizations such as One America, El Centro de la Raza, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and Centro Integral Educativo Latino de Olympia. Mejia is also currently the treasurer of the Washington State Democratic Latino Caucus.

Mejia's top priorities are the county budget, affordable housing, environment, and inclusive government. She wants to support the Housing Trust Fund, which provides homes for low- and moderate-income families as well as seniors, people with disabilities, and others. She would also look to innovative sources of revenue rather than property taxes or levies. Mejia wants to balance the needs of all, including communities of color, Indigenous people, and farmers. In light of the coronavirus, Mejia is pushing for proactive preparedness, stocking medical facilities with the equipment they need, and securing additional funding for medical testing and prevention services. Because she works for the county's judicial system, Mejia cannot put forth her opinion on the courthouse debate, but she emphasizes that she wants to bring transparency and accountability to the budget process.

Endorsed By: Sierra Club , Thurston Environmental Voters, Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund

Jefferson County Commission

Lorna Smith photo

Lorna Smith is a longtime conservationist who is running for Jefferson County Commission, Position 2. Smith's family first moved to Jefferson County in 1903 as lighthouse keepers, which has given her a deep appreciation for the local land she calls home. She is currently the Executive Director for Western Wildlife Outreach. Previously, she worked as an environmental and land use manager and helped establish a National Wildlife Refuge on Protection Island. If elected, one of Smith's top priorities would be to support local businesses and non-profits building a sustainable recovery from COVID-19. In addition, she wants to continue her work preserving farmlands, forests, and shorelines for future generations.

Smith is running against Democrats Heidi Eisenhour and Amanda Rae Funaro. Eisenhour is running a strong campaign focused on providing essential services for families struggling during the pandemic. She wants to improve access to food, internet, and education during this challenging time. Funaro works as the operations officer at Good Man Sanitation and is prioritizing economic development and affordable housing.

Smith is the best choice in this race because of her long track record of fighting for progressive causes and her support from our Progressive Voters Guide partner organizations.