SEIU 775

SEIU 775

SEIU 775 represents 43,000 long-term care workers throughout Washington State and Montana. Our mission is to improve the lives of workers and their families, and to lead the way towards creating a more just and humane society. We endorse candidates based on their records and positions on issues important to long-term care workers, seniors, and people with disabilities.



1st Congressional District

Suzan DelBene photo

Rep. Suzan DelBene is running for re-election in the 1st Congressional District. DelBene is a former executive at Microsoft who has used her technology background to become a leader in protecting privacy rights against government surveillance. She was first elected in 2012 and has been an advocate for creating family-wage jobs in industries like aerospace, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy as well as advocating for reproductive justice. She also supports raising the federal minimum wage and passing comprehensive tax reform to ensure that corporations and the wealthy pay their share. This year, DelBene urged the Trump administration to send Washingtonians resources and use science to combat the coronavirus crisis and has pushed for relief for workers and small businesses.

DelBene is running against Republicans Derek Chartrand and Jeffrey Beeler, Sr., Libertarian Steven Skelton, Robert Dean Mair, Matthew Heines, and Justin Smoak. Chartrand considers himself a "Compassionate Capitalist" and wants to cut costs but has no other ideas for generating revenue. Beeler is a conservative running on a platform of term limits for elected officials and pushing our state to re-open unsafely in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Skelton is a consultant who believes that Democrats and Republicans "agree on just about everything that matters" and is not qualified for Congress. Heines ran for state Senate in 2018 as a New Republican. Mair has no policy ideas available as of mid-July and Smoak is running to quickly re-open the state in light of the "sensationalism" of COVID.

Rep. DelBene is the clear choice in this race and deserves your vote for her re-election.

8th Congressional District

Kim Schrier photo

Rep. Kim Schrier was elected to represent Washington's 8th Congressional District in 2018. Schrier serves on the Education & Labor and Agriculture Committees and prioritized gun violence prevention, health care (including reducing the cost of prescription drugs), and reproductive justice in her first term. Prior to running for office, she worked as a pediatrician in Issaquah for two decades. She is the first Democrat to hold this seat.

Rep. Schrier's strong re-election platform includes encouraging sustainable agriculture, addressing the climate crisis, safeguarding our elections, and protecting endangered species and lands. She is the only woman doctor in Congress and her perspective is incredibly valuable, especially during this unprecedented pandemic. Schrier held more than 50 town halls in her first term and is endorsed by numerous progressive partner organizations and Democratic elected officials.

Also in this race are Democrats James Mitchell and Keith Arnold, Independent Corey Bailey, Republicans Jesse Jensen and Keith Swank, Trump Republican Dave Saulibio, and Ryan Dean Burkett, who states he has no party preference. Mitchell is an anti-choice Democrat who describes himself as "old school" and believes vaccines are dangerous. Arnold is a perennial anti-choice candidate who has been on the ballot in every election since 2008. Bailey wants to prioritize re-opening Washington state, which public health experts agree is not safe.

Jensen is a manager at Amazon and a former Army captain who was recruited by Republicans to run in this district. He claims he will protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and lower the cost of health care but doesn't offer any substantial policy ideas. Swank is a police officer and commander of the Metro Special Response Section who wants to make the Trump tax cuts that benefited big corporations permanent. Saulibio also ran for Congress in 2018 and pledges to support all legislative actions that support Trump. Burkett is running to institute term limits and move the U.S. to the metric system. He is not a serious candidate. 

Rep. Schrier is the clear choice in this race and deserves your vote.

10th Congressional District

Beth Doglio photo

Progressive champion and current state Rep. Beth Doglio is running for the 10th Congressional District seat vacated by the retirement of Rep. Denny Heck. Prior to running for office, Doglio worked as the Climate Solutions Campaign Director and was the founding executive director of Washington Conservation Voters. While in the Legislature, Doglio advocated for numerous climate and environmental bills, as well as legislation to protect sexual assault survivors and increase funding for affordable housing.

Doglio is running for Congress on a platform of climate justice, supporting working families, and gun safety. In her Fuse interview, she said she wants to work to pass progressive reforms like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Overall, Doglio laid out the most progressive policy agenda among the leading candidates and has earned the sole endorsement of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Doglio's background in organizing and fighting for solutions to climate change would be a valuable addition to our congressional delegation.

Kristine Reeves photo

First elected in 2016, former state Rep. Kristine Reeves is also running for the open 10th Congressional District seat. She is the Director of Economic Development for the Military and Defense sector for Washington state, where she has helped secure millions of dollars for small businesses and local infrastructure. In the Legislature, Reeves has been a champion for paid family and medical leave, gun safety, and making childcare more affordable. She took a more cautious approach than Doglio to several pieces of legislation, including voting against taxing polluters and increasing protections for tenants. 

In her Fuse interview, Reeves said her life experience would guide her priorities and decision making in Congress. She is motivated to address affordable housing and homelessness by her experience growing up as a foster child and being homeless herself at times. She supports universal health care and points to her own health care emergency that nearly left her bankrupt as a young adult. Reeves also stated that she is the only leading candidate in the race with foreign policy experience.

If elected, Reeves would be the first Black person elected to Congress from Washington in our state's 131-year history.

9th Congressional District

Adam Smith photo

Rep. Adam Smith has been a reliable vote in Congress on progressive issues from taxation to immigration reform. He represents Washington's most diverse district, which is home to 30 percent foreign-born residents and large Asian, Hispanic, and Black communities. Smith is an advocate for greater equality, and supports a path to citizenship for immigrants, reforming the tax code, and Medicare for All. Recently, Rep. Smith spoke out against President Trump's call for the military to intervene and stop the "insurrection" of demonstrators protesting police brutality. He supported the $3 trillion coronavirus pandemic relief package and is supporting the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to dramatically increase accountability and transparency.

Also in this race are Libertarian Jorge Besada and Republicans Joshua Campbell and Doug Basler. Campbell believes that all Americans should "pick a side" and unite under one party while stating that voting for Trump was a good choice. Basler has challenged Rep. Smith before, making it to the general in 2014 and 2016 but losing to Sarah Smith in the primary in 2018. He does not have a strong campaign platform but has always run as a Republican and believes the Democratic caucus has "literally held Americans hostage" during the coronavirus pandemic. Besada is running on a platform including making taxes voluntary but does support reforming the criminal justice system.

Rep. Smith is the clear choice in this race and deserves your vote for Congress.

3rd Congressional District

Carolyn Long photo

Carolyn Long has taught Southwest Washington’s students for 24 years at WSU Vancouver. She is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler. Long ran against Herrera Beutler in 2018 and is well-positioned to build off that strong campaign and win this year.

Long's platform includes critically-important health care policies, including protecting people with pre-existing conditions, defending the Affordable Care Act, and providing substantive and equitable health care for those with addiction and mental health issues. She is also prioritizing treating gun violence as a public health crisis, caring for veterans, reforming the tax code to make it more equitable for working families, and protecting Medicare and Social Security.

Long's opponent, Herrera Beutler, is a conservative Republican who votes with Trump more than 80% of the time. Despite taking a few key votes to appear more moderate, Herrera Beutler is actually very conservative. While she voted against one bill that would have repealed the Affordable Care Act, she has stated she still wants to overturn the law, which provides health care to millions of Americans. Herrera Beutler was also the only member of Congress from Washington to support the Trump administration's cruel immigration bill and she refused to vote for the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Herrera Beutler has been criticized by her constituents in the past for her refusal to hold town halls and be held accountable for the harmful votes she has taken. More recently, she voted against the COVID-19 relief in the HEROES Act, denying her constituents needed additional cash payments, funding for additional testing and treatment, support for the Postal Service, hazard pay for medical and frontline workers, and expanded SNAP benefits.

Also in this race are Democrats Devin Gray and Davy Ray, as well as Martin Hash, who states he does not have a party preference. Ray wants to prioritize creating jobs after the pandemic, making health care a right not a privilege, and dismissing the Electoral College. Hash does not have a strong campaign presence but does believe liberty means suffering the consequences of your own actions. Gray did not submit any information to the Voters Guide and has no campaign information available.

Long is the best choice in this race and deserves your vote.

6th Congressional District

Derek Kilmer photo

Rep. Derek Kilmer is running for re-election in the 6th Congressional District. He is a moderate Democrat who is a reliable supporter of creating jobs and improving infrastructure. Kilmer has been a leader on small business development and protecting Puget Sound during his four terms in Congress. A former state Senator, he previously worked as a business consultant and economic development official.

In Congress, Kilmer is a sponsor of a clean Dream Act in support of immigrants who arrived in the country as children with their undocumented parents. He supports common sense gun safety legislation and co-sponsored the Voter Empowerment Act, an online voter registration act that helps keep voting rights equitable. Kilmer has also worked on several environmental bills, including the Wild Olympics Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. This year, he supported coronavirus relief as well as the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act.

Kilmer has been a reliable vote in Congress and has earned strong support from progressive advocacy organizations for his re-election. Kilmer is the best choice for the 6th Congressional District.

7th Congressional District

Pramila Jayapal photo

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is running for re-election in the 7th Congressional District. She has a long history of civic leadership on immigration reform, economic justice, and civil liberties. Rep. Jayapal founded OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone) in 2001 and built it into the largest immigrant rights organization in the state and a national model. She also played a key role on the Mayoral Advisory Committee that created Seattle’s $15 minimum wage.

Since her election to Congress in 2016, Rep. Jayapal has resisted the Trump administration at every turn and provided a voice for progressives across the country. She has supported the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for young DACA recipients. She has also fought back against the Trump administration's inhumane policy of separating families seeking asylum, and introduced legislation that paves a pathway towards a universal health care system. This year, Rep. Jayapal introduced legislation to expand collective bargaining and provide relief to workers and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. She has held nearly 100 town halls during her time in Congress and is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Also in this race are Democrat Jack Hughes-Hageman, Independent Rick Lewis, and Republicans Scott Sutherland and Craig Keller. Hughes-Hageman wants to repeal federal marijuana prohibition with universal amnesty and seems to be very progressive but does not have any elected experience. Independent Lewis has a background in military intelligence and says he has the resume of a "highly competent James Bond villain." He is not a serious candidate. Sutherland's platform includes promoting renewable energy and proposing a constitutional amendment requiring all members of Congress to handwrite all proposed laws. Keller claims legislators have "lavished" billions of dollars "upon illegal aliens and their profiteer employers." He is neither progressive nor qualified for Congress.

Jayapal has been an outstanding progressive leader for the 7th Congressional District and the entire country. She has earned your vote for re-election.



Gael Tarleton photo

Former port commissioner and progressive state Rep. Gael Tarleton is now running for Secretary of State, who serves as the state's chief elections officer, among other roles. First elected to the Legislature in 2012, Tarleton has been a strong advocate for environmental causes such as Governor Jay Inslee's initiative to reduce carbon pollution. She sponsored bills during her first term in the House to strengthen the maritime industry, improve access to health care, and ensure gender pay equity.

Tarleton is running for Secretary of State to expand access to voting in Washington while safeguarding our elections against attacks "foreign and domestic." She wants to improve digital security and increase funding for county auditors to safeguard local elections from hacking attempts in the wake of the 2016 election. She would also expand audits of the state and local systems to identify any weaknesses that could be exploited.

Tarleton is challenging incumbent Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who has faced a bumpy road during her time in office. Last year, Wyman's office released a new $9.5 million voter registration database that was riddled with errors and led to a backlog of tens of thousands of registrations. King County elections director Julie Wise described the release as "irresponsible" and "not even functioning." In addition, Wyman was slow to support the Washington Voting Rights Act, same-day voter registration, and postage-paid ballots, and she has failed to condemn the president's relentless attacks on voting by mail.

Also in this race are Independent Ed Minger and Progressive Party candidate Gentry Lange. Minger wants to prohibit candidates from running paid ads, which is blatantly unconstitutional, and Lange wants to end voting by mail in Washington, a particularly confounding position during a pandemic.

We need a progressive leader in the Secretary of State's office who is fully committed to protecting our elections and removing every barrier to participation in our democracy. Tarleton is the clear progressive choice in this race.

Mike Pellicciotti photo

Mike Pellicciotti has served in the Washington state House representing the 30th Legislative District since 2016 and is now running for Treasurer. Pellicciotti has never accepted corporate campaign donations and has led efforts to make the Legislature's records open for public view. He also wrote the Corporate Crime Act, which increases financial penalties for corporate crimes by 100 times, and has successfully supported laws reducing property taxes.

Pellicciotti is challenging incumbent Republican Duane Davidson. In 2016, incumbent Jim McIntire retired, leaving the seat open. Because of the crowded primary, two Republicans made it through to the general election, giving them control of the Treasurer's office for the first time since 1957. Davidson previously served as the Benton County Treasurer from 2003 to 2016. In his term, he has been a traditional Republican and has referred to the state Legislature "raiding" the Rainy Day Fund. He has also only attended 3 of 18 critical pension meetings since fall 2017.

Pellicciotti has been a solid legislator and is the best choice in the race for Washington State Treasurer.

State Legislature

17th Legislative District

Daniel Smith photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Daniel Smith is challenging Republican incumbent Sen. Lynda Wilson in the 17th Legislative District. Smith has been a social worker for more than two decades and currently manages the southwest Washington office for Community Health Plan of Washington, a local non-profit. If elected, he wants to put his career in health care to work by advocating for more social services and better mental health care, as well as more affordable housing and early childhood education.

Incumbent Sen. Wilson has already established a long track record of bad votes in her first term alone, including voting against regulations for domestic violence crimes, police use of force laws, establishing background checks for firearm transfers, and much more. Wilson has been bad on health care and reproductive rights and even said that the science on whether vaccines are safe is "not settled" while her district faced a measles outbreak. Wilson also generated controversy recently when she told The Columbian that she was storing 100 coronavirus antibody tests in her home.

The 17th Legislative District deserves better representation than Lynda Wilson. Daniel Smith is the clear choice for state Senate.

No Good Choices

There are no good choices in this race. Incumbent Republican Rep. Paul Harris is running to keep regulation and taxes low on business. As the Republican Caucus Chair, Harris will continue pushing for conservative priorities in Olympia. His challenger, Republican Bryan White, does not have a campaign website with any details available.

Write in a candidate of your choice for the 17th Legislative District, House Position 2.

27th Legislative District

Jeannie Darneille photo

Sen. Jeannie Darneille is running for re-election in the 27th Legislative District. Sen. Darneille has been a strong advocate in her 12 years in the House and six years in the Senate, particularly for families who are struggling to make ends meet. She is a champion of women, people with disabilities, health care access, and expanded economic opportunities for all. This year, Sen. Darneille sponsored legislation requiring schools to incorporate curriculum on local tribal history and voted to prohibit discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status.

Also in this race is Republican Kyle Paskewitz. Paskewitz is the Executive Director of Parentalink, a nonprofit organization. He is anti-choice and wants to cut taxes rather than reform our upside-down tax code. Paskewitz's campaign social media includes pictures of the protests to recklessly re-open Washington state before it was safe to do so.

Sen. Darneille is a strong progressive and has earned your vote.

49th Legislative District

Annette Cleveland photo

Sen. Annette Cleveland is running for re-election in the 49th Legislative District. She is an advocate for education, small businesses, health care access, and veterans. Her work experience ranges from small business advocacy with the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce to work for U.S. Sen. Patty Murray on WSU Vancouver funding as well as services for veterans and military families. This year, Cleveland sponsored legislation to require public companies to have gender-diverse boards of directors and supported new gun safety laws and legislation to combat the climate crisis. Unfortunately, Cleveland was an obstacle last year to passing legislation that allows hard-working nurses to take uninterrupted meal and rest breaks. 

Cleveland is running against Rey Reynolds, a police officer who also sings the national anthem at community events. Reynolds is running as an Independent Republican and believes issues like addiction, homelessness, and crime can be solved with "compassionate accountability." Reynolds also states that as a biologist he understands environmental issues, but does not mention anything about the climate crisis or specific ideas for conservation.

Sen. Cleveland deserves your vote for her re-election campaign.

4th Legislative District

Lori Feagan photo

Evergreen Future

Nurse practitioner Lori Feagan is running to bring progressive values to Olympia from the 4th Legislative District. One of her top priorities is improving health care, including lowering the cost of prescription drugs and holding price-gougers accountable when it comes to vital medications like insulin. In light of I-976 passing and future cuts to infrastructure projects across the state, Feagan promises to prioritize improvements like the Henry Road overpass and road separation projects.

Feagan is running against Republicans David Whitehead and Bob McCaslin. Whitehead, who joined this year's race with an hour left to go on the filing deadline, is a teacher and former volleyball coach at Mt. Spokane High School. He does not have a website or platform details available but says he will work with local businesses to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Incumbent Bob McCaslin has voted against a slew of progressive reforms and is one of most far-right members of the Legislature. Along with Rep. Matt Shea, McCaslin has supported splitting Washington into two states, creating a new conservative state called "Liberty."

The local Fuse interview committee was extremely impressed with Feagan's determination to improve health care access, ensure living wages, and be a progressive force in Olympia. The range of endorsements for Feagan from our partners and from elected officials reflects her potential to bring people together for change. Feagan is the best choice in this race.

35th Legislative District

Colton Myers photo

Evergreen Future

Colton Myers is running against Republican Rep. Dan Griffey for the 35th Legislative District, House Position 1. Myers is a senior health care analyst who is running on a much more progressive platform than Griffey, including closing the gaps in our health care system and bringing more family-wage jobs to the region. He has taken the "No Fossil Fuel Money" Pledge and wants to hold corporate polluters accountable and promote environmental justice and public health. Myers rightly criticized Griffey for his votes against LGBTQ rights and immigrant rights, as well as his refusal to affirm that Black Lives Matter.

This year, Griffey was an opponent of legislation to combat the climate crisis and voted against establishing the Washington State Office of Equity. He has served in the 35th Legislative District since 2015 and previously voted against raising the minimum wage and allowing all workers to earn sick leave.

Myers is the clear choice in this race.

36th Legislative District

Noel Christina Frame photo

Evergreen Future

Rep. Noel Frame is running for re-election for the 36th Legislative District, House Position 1. Frame has served the district since 2016 and has put her organizing skills to use as a strong advocate for funding public schools and reforming our state's regressive tax system. She previously served as the Washington State Director of Progressive Majority, where she worked to recruit and elect progressive candidates from underrepresented communities.

Rep. Frame's re-election platform includes continuing to fight for tax reform, funding our public schools, and moving our society towards a world that values all people through policies that remove discrimination and barriers to people of color. This year, Rep. Frame sponsored legislation to prevent race-based hair discrimination and requiring the state to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Rep. Frame is running unopposed and has earned your vote.

38th Legislative District

Emily Wicks photo

Electeds For Justice

Emily Wicks is running to retain the Legislative District 38, House Position 1, which she was appointed to recently when June Robinson was appointed to the Senate. Wicks is the president of the National Women's Political Caucus of Washington and worked as a legislative aide for Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib while he served in the Legislature. She has more than a decade of experience in government affairs and communications, and founded a small business in 2019. Her campaign platform includes economic recovery that benefits everyone and strengthening our public health system. Wicks has served as a communications consultant, including for the Tulalip Bay Fire Department, and wants to work with local governments to support front-line workers.

Wicks is facing Democrat Lacey Sauvageau, Libertarian Jorge Garrido, and Republican Bert Johnson. Sauvageau is a 911 operator who states that she will focus on the environment and smaller class sizes, among other priorities. She states that while she supports police accountability she doesn't believe they should be taken out of communities, saying "our communities need to be protected against criminals." Garrido does not have a campaign website or detailed policies available as of mid-July, but says that he is running for limited government solutions. Johnson is a perennial candidate who previously challenged Rep. Mike Sells and June Robinson. He ran as an independent in 2016 and 2018 but is currently running as a Republican. He states that he will provide accountability, push back against sex education, carbon taxes, and tolls.

Rep. Wicks is the best choice in this race and deserves your vote.

9th Legislative District

No Good Choices

There are no good choices in this race as incumbent Rep. Joe Schmick is running unopposed for this position. Schmick rarely faces challenges to his seat, which is unfortunate because he often votes against progressive bills such as an expansion of solar energy projects available to renters and a bill to increase racial equity in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

Write in a candidate of your choice.

37th Legislative District

Other Candidates

Democrat Andrea Caupain suspended her campaign on June 29 and endorsed Salisbury but will remain on the primary ballot. Caupain is the chief executive officer of Byrd Barr Place, formerly CAMP, that helps low-income Seattleites with essential services like food, housing, and financial assistance. She suspended her campaign to focus on providing direct services to the community, saying: 

“As we’ve seen rising cases of COVID-19 and the disproportionate impacts on Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, immigrants and refugees, persons with disabilities, and people experiencing poverty, I feel my service is most urgently needed at Byrd Barr Place.”

We hope to see Caupain run for office again in the near future. 

48th Legislative District

Amy Walen photo

Evergreen Future

Rep. Amy Walen is running for re-election to the 48th District, House Position 2. Walen previously served as the mayor of Kirkland. Her campaign is focused on fixing Washington's upside-down tax code to ensure lower-income families don't pay more than wealthy families. She is also promoting gun safety legislation to raise the age of purchase for semi-automatic weapons, treat homelessness and addiction as public health crises, and prevent discrimination.

Walen is running against Democrat Morgan Puchek and Republican Tim Hickey. While Puchek is running as a Democrat, his platform emphasizes fiscal conservatism and partnerships with corporations. He does not have any meaningful endorsements. Hickey is running to fund police officers and fire departments as a response to homelessness and "senseless attacks on our persons and our property," as well as to reject comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education, lower all taxes for businesses, and fight socialism.

Rep. Walen is the clear choice in this race and deserves your vote.