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SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW represents more than 28,000 nurses, healthcare employees, and mental health workers in hospitals, agencies, and clinics statewide. Recommendations from SEIU Healthcare 1199NW are based on candidate interviews, questionnaires, and voting records.


State Legislature

16th Legislative District

Danielle Garbe Reser photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Garbe Reser is running for the state Senate seat in the 16th Legislative District, which is open after Sen. Maureen Walsh's retirement. Reser has served in several leadership roles in the community, including on Whitman’s Presidential Advisory Board and the Walla Walla YWCA’s Nominating Committee and Community Council’s Governance Committee. She notes that she has worked for both Democratic and Republican administrations through her 14-year career as a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State. She calls her platform, which focuses on community recovery and resiliency, both fiscally responsible and community-driven. She wants to help get people back to work by modernizing the electric grid and supports additional investments in early learning, affordable housing, and quality healthcare.

Garbe Reser is running against Republicans Perry Dozier and Rep. Bill Jenkin. Former Walla Walla County Commissioner Dozier is running on a pro-business, anti-regulation platform. He has seized on the coronavirus crisis as a way to criticize the governor and advance a conservative agenda. Dozier previously faced controversy for his efforts to pump water from agricultural zones to bottle and sell elsewhere.

Jenkin has served as a state representative for the 16th Legislative District for two terms. Like most Republicans, he is focused on the economic recovery of the state after the initial COVID outbreak but suggests nothing about shoring up the state's health system. He even suggested that parts of the state re-open before the first peak of the virus in April. His other campaign priorities include education and reducing regulations on farming. In the House, Jenkin cast bad votes on a slate of progressive policies, including establishing a state office of equity, reducing pollution and greenhouse gases, and funding affordable housing.

Garbe Reser is the best choice for state Senate from the 16th Legislative District.

17th Legislative District

Daniel Smith photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Daniel Smith is challenging Republican incumbent Sen. Lynda Wilson in the 17th Legislative District. Smith has been a social worker for more than two decades and currently manages the southwest Washington office for Community Health Plan of Washington, a local non-profit. If elected, he wants to put his career in health care to work by advocating for more social services and better mental health care, as well as more affordable housing and early childhood education.

Incumbent Sen. Wilson has already established a long track record of bad votes in her first term alone, including voting against regulations for domestic violence crimes, police use of force laws, establishing background checks for firearm transfers, and much more. Wilson has been bad on health care and reproductive rights and even said that the science on whether vaccines are safe is "not settled" while her district faced a measles outbreak. Wilson also generated controversy recently when she told The Columbian that she was storing 100 coronavirus antibody tests in her home.

The 17th Legislative District deserves better representation than Lynda Wilson. Daniel Smith is the clear choice for state Senate.

25th Legislative District

Julie Door photo

Evergreen Future

Puyallup mayor and local small business owner Julie Door is running for state Senate in the 25th Legislative District. Prior to being elected as mayor this year, Door served on the council for seven years, where she supported the purchase of the Van Lierop farm to create a new park, implemented a Safe Routes to Schools initiative, and worked on securing adequate shelter for homeless people in inclement weather. She was the community services chair of the Puyallup Kiwanis Club and is a board member of the South Sound 911 Board, among other community involvement. If elected, Door would prioritize improving expanding health care access and mental health treatment, pushing for living-wage jobs in the district, and promoting more equity and investment in the classroom.

Door is running against Republicans Emmett Smith and Rep. Chris Gildon. Though he does not appear to have a website or detailed platform available as of mid-July, Smith is an attorney who has also worked extensively with drilling companies and oil corporations. He states that everything costs too much and he would use his financial and legal experience to navigate the current medical and economic crisis.

Gildon is one of several Republican legislators who called for leaving re-opening decisions up to local governments, despite the fact that, as of late-July, the pandemic is continuing to grow across the state. Gildon voted against creating a statewide office of equity, requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to zero by 2050, and reducing transportation pollution.

Door is the best choice in this race.

27th Legislative District

Jeannie Darneille photo

Sen. Jeannie Darneille is running for re-election in the 27th Legislative District. Sen. Darneille has been a strong advocate in her 12 years in the House and six years in the Senate, particularly for families who are struggling to make ends meet. She is a champion of women, people with disabilities, health care access, and expanded economic opportunities for all. This year, Sen. Darneille sponsored legislation requiring schools to incorporate curriculum on local tribal history and voted to prohibit discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status.

Also in this race is Republican Kyle Paskewitz. Paskewitz is the Executive Director of Parentalink, a nonprofit organization. He is anti-choice and wants to cut taxes rather than reform our upside-down tax code. Paskewitz's campaign social media includes pictures of the protests to recklessly re-open Washington state before it was safe to do so.

Sen. Darneille is a strong progressive and has earned your vote.

4th Legislative District

Lori Feagan photo

Evergreen Future

Nurse practitioner Lori Feagan is running to bring progressive values to Olympia from the 4th Legislative District. One of her top priorities is improving health care, including lowering the cost of prescription drugs and holding price-gougers accountable when it comes to vital medications like insulin. In light of I-976 passing and future cuts to infrastructure projects across the state, Feagan promises to prioritize improvements like the Henry Road overpass and road separation projects.

Feagan is running against Republicans David Whitehead and Bob McCaslin. Whitehead, who joined this year's race with an hour left to go on the filing deadline, is a teacher and former volleyball coach at Mt. Spokane High School. He does not have a website or platform details available but says he will work with local businesses to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Incumbent Bob McCaslin has voted against a slew of progressive reforms and is one of most far-right members of the Legislature. Along with Rep. Matt Shea, McCaslin has supported splitting Washington into two states, creating a new conservative state called "Liberty."

The local Fuse interview committee was extremely impressed with Feagan's determination to improve health care access, ensure living wages, and be a progressive force in Olympia. The range of endorsements for Feagan from our partners and from elected officials reflects her potential to bring people together for change. Feagan is the best choice in this race.

22nd Legislative District

Laurie Dolan photo

Incumbent Rep. Laurie Dolan is running for re-election for the 22nd Legislative District, Position 1. As an educator with more than 30 years of classroom and area director experience with Spokane Public Schools, Dolan has served as the vice chair of the Education and State Government Committees where she fought for workers' rights and to fully fund education. Some of her recent legislative highlights include funding for mental health experts in schools and transparent salary history laws that benefit women and people of color. If re-elected, Dolan states that she will continue her work on safe schools, protections for workers, and expanding affordable healthcare.

Dolan is running against Libertarian Allen Acosta and Socialist Johnny Meade. Acosta does not have a strong campaign platform or presence. His voter guide statement includes that he is against continued taxation and regulation, and for conservation education. Socialist Johnny Meade is running to bring working-class issues to the forefront. Meade has worked in a variety of industries and volunteered for political campaigns, a background which he says makes him similar to the community he represents. Meade has an extensive list of priorities that he would take to Olympia if elected, including expanding unemployment benefits, investing in public housing, and fully funding remote K-12 access.

Dolan has received the majority of support from progressive organizations and is the best choice in this race.

24th Legislative District

Mike Chapman photo

Rep. Mike Chapman is a moderate Democrat running for re-election for the 24th Legislative District, House Position 1. First elected in 2016, Chapman has fought for economic policies that create jobs in rural communities and protect the environment. This year, he was a co-sponsor of a major environmental bill to reduce state greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Chapman is also focused on producing solutions for families concerned about the quality of K-12 education and supporting economic opportunity in Washington.

Chapman is running against Daniel Charles Svoboda and Republican Sue Forde. Svoboda, who has no official affiliation but states that he is a Trump Republican, has one of the more atrocious platforms of any candidate in Washington this year. His priorities include eliminating abortion and ending legal protections for people with disabilities. Forde's campaign is focused on crime prosecution, Second Amendment rights, and reducing regulations.

Chapman is the clear choice in this race.