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OneAmerica Votes

OneAmerica Votes is a membership organization with a mission to promote democracy and build power in immigrant and refugee communities by advocating for policies, developing leaders and electing candidates that strive for justice. All endorsed candidates have demonstrated leadership on issues that increase opportunities and improve the lives of immigrants, refugees and communities of color. OneAmerica Votes’ position on ballot measures and initiatives indicates whether an issue aligns with our values of strength in diversity; personal responsibility and shared accountability; and democracy and justice for all.



7th Congressional District

Pramila Jayapal photo

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is running for re-election in the 7th Congressional District. She has a long history of civic leadership on immigration reform, economic justice, and civil liberties. Rep. Jayapal founded OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone) in 2001 and built it into the largest immigrant rights organization in the state and a national model. She also played a key role on the Mayoral Advisory Committee that created Seattle’s $15 minimum wage.

Since her election to Congress in 2016, Rep. Jayapal has resisted the Trump administration at every turn and provided a voice for progressives across the country. She has supported the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for young DACA recipients. She has also fought back against the Trump administration's inhumane policy of separating families seeking asylum, and introduced legislation that paves a pathway towards a universal health care system. This year, Rep. Jayapal introduced legislation to expand collective bargaining and provide relief to workers and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. She has held nearly 100 town halls during her time in Congress and is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Also in this race are Democrat Jack Hughes-Hageman, Independent Rick Lewis, and Republicans Scott Sutherland and Craig Keller. Hughes-Hageman wants to repeal federal marijuana prohibition with universal amnesty and seems to be very progressive but does not have any elected experience. Independent Lewis has a background in military intelligence and says he has the resume of a "highly competent James Bond villain." He is not a serious candidate. Sutherland's platform includes promoting renewable energy and proposing a constitutional amendment requiring all members of Congress to handwrite all proposed laws. Keller claims legislators have "lavished" billions of dollars "upon illegal aliens and their profiteer employers." He is neither progressive nor qualified for Congress.

Jayapal has been an outstanding progressive leader for the 7th Congressional District and the entire country. She has earned your vote for re-election.

State Legislature

28th Legislative District

T'wina Nobles photo

Evergreen Future

T'wina Nobles is challenging Republican Senator Steve O'Ban. Nobles is the President and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League, an educator, and the University Place School Board Director. She has worked in education for 15 years as an instructor, PTA leader, School Board member and is endorsed by numerous Democratic elected officials. Nobles has three kids in public schools and one who graduated from Curtis High School. She wants to increase pay for teachers, reduce class sizes, and work to make schools more inclusive and equitable. Nobles knows more needs to be done to ensure families in the 28th are healthy and safe. She wants to reform our upside-down tax structure and fight for better wages and affordable housing for working people.

Sen. O'Ban is a notorious conservative who has previously sued the state to prevent Washington women from having access to birth control at some pharmacies. Likewise, he has fought against equality for the LGBTQ community, including leading the opposition to marriage equality. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, O'Ban pushed to re-open the economy long before it was safe. This year, he opposed establishing the Washington State Office of Equity and voted against prohibiting discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status.

Nobles is the clear progressive choice in this race and would make a great state senator.

17th Legislative District

Tanisha Harris photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Tanisha Harris is challenging far-right incumbent Republican Rep. Vicki Kraft for the Position 1 state representative seat. Harris spent a decade working for the Evergreen School District and now works as a Court Appointed Special Advocate program specialist with the YWCA Clark County. Her priorities include supporting low-income and workplace housing to tackle the state's homelessness and housing affordability crisis, reducing gun violence, and making additional investments in education.

Her opponent, Rep. Kraft, worked for the virulently anti-worker Freedom Foundation and spent the early months of the pandemic trying to re-open the state months before public health experts said it was safe. In the Legislature, Kraft has one of the most far-right voting records in the House. This session, she was a leading opponent of comprehensive sex education and broader vaccination of students. Kraft is zealously opposed to abortion and voted against legislation requiring insurance companies to cover all women's health care. In addition, she opposed several LGBTQ equality bills and the Washington Voting Rights Act.

Kraft's battle against common-sense public health standards is appalling but especially bad during a pandemic. Harris, on the other hand, has the overwhelming support of labor, reproductive rights organizations, environmental groups, and more, and is by far the best choice in this race.

30th Legislative District

Jamila Taylor photo

Electeds For Justice
Evergreen Future

Jamila Taylor is running for the 30th Legislative District, House Position 1 to succeed Rep. Mike Pellicciotti, who is running for state treasurer. Taylor is an attorney who advocates for crime victims and has an extensive record of volunteer service. She served as the statewide advocacy counsel for the Northwest Justice Project, where she managed a network of legal aid attorneys, and has worked on youth intervention programs and other violence reduction efforts. Taylor's progressive campaign platform includes increasing affordable housing, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and improving transparency in government.

Taylor is running against Democrat Cheryl Hurst, Republican Janis Clark, and Independent Republican Martin Moore. Hurst runs a community drive called the March of Diapers through her nonprofit Do The Right Thing. Clark is running on a conservative platform of reducing property taxes and funding education without offering any detailed plans for doing so. Moore is a Federal Way City Council member and the Executive Director of Audiobook Ministries. While running as an Independent, Moore has a conservative platform. In particular, he has sometimes aligned himself with socially conservative former Sen. Mark Miloscia, who lost his race after years of inflammatory comments about abortion and LGBTQ members of the community.

Jamila Taylor is the best choice in the race for the 30th Legislative District, House Position 1.

Jesse Johnson photo

Evergreen Future

Rep. Jesse Johnson is running for re-election to the 30th Legislative District, House Position 2. Rep. Johnson previously served as a member of the Federal Way City Council before being appointed to the legislature in January. He also works as a staffing analyst in workforce planning and development for Highline Public Schools and has sponsored multiple bills to support at-risk youth. This year, Johnson sponsored legislation to prohibit race-based hair discrimination and supported gun safety legislation, as well as establishing a student loan program for undocumented students.

Johnson is running a strong re-election campaign promoting equitable access to quality education for every student, affordability for working families and seniors, and improving services to help homeless and housing-unstable individuals.

Johnson is running against Republicans Mark Greene, Jack Walsh, and Chris Dowllar. Greene is using his campaign social media to call for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and is not a serious candidate. Walsh owns an ice cream shop in Federal Way and has twice led advisory vote campaigns to prevent retail marijuana shops from expanding to Federal Way. Dowllar does not have a campaign website or platform available as of mid-July. 

Rep. Johnson is a strong progressive and deserves your vote.

41st Legislative District

Tana Senn photo

Evergreen Future

Rep. Tana Senn is running for re-election to the 41st Legislative District, House Position 1. Senn is a former member of the Mercer Island City Council and a reliable progressive advocate in Olympia. She has worked to pass legislation to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work and sponsored common-sense gun regulation that would allow the state patrol to destroy confiscated firearms. This year, Senn supported legislation to establish the Washington State Office of Equity and require the state to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Senn is running unopposed and deserves your vote.

29th Legislative District

Sharlett Mena photo

Evergreen Future

Democrat Sharlett Mena is challenging incumbent Rep. Steve Kirby for the 29th Legislative District, House Position 2. Mena currently serves as Special Assistant to the Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology, and has also worked in the Governor's Office. She previously worked on immigration policy in Congress and as a communications specialist in the Washington state Legislature, where she established Spanish language resources. She also worked in the Governor's Office and currently serves as Special Assistant to the Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Her impressive campaign platform includes bold action to equitably combat the climate crisis, reducing homelessness and increasing affordable housing, and reforming our upside-down tax code by cutting sales taxes and passing a capital gains tax to finally make the wealthy pay their share.

We are recommending Sharlett Mena for new leadership for the 29th Legislative District.

47th Legislative District

Pat Sullivan photo

Evergreen Future

Rep. Pat Sullivan is running for re-election to the 47th Legislative District, House Position 2. Sullivan was going to retire after this term but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, House Speaker Laurie Jinkins asked him to re-consider to help craft a path forward for the budget.

In his time as a legislator, Sullivan has focused on helping working families by improving access to child care and protecting affordable health care. This year, he supported requiring the state to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, gun safety legislation, and prohibiting race-based hair discrimination as well as discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status. Sullivan was heavily involved in crafting the 2008 budget and we sincerely hope that he uses his influential role as Majority Leader to prevent knee-jerk cuts in the coming months.

Also in this race are Republicans Ted Cooke, Peter Thompson Jr., and Joseph Cimaomo Jr. Thompson Jr. does not have elected or community leadership experience, and is not running a serious campaign. Cimaomo Jr. has been a member of the Covington City Council for six years. He is running on a platform of using public and private organizations to solve our affordable housing crisis and provide tax relief, yet he fails to offer any ideas for bringing progressive revenue to the state. Cooke's campaign platform includes insisting Washington unsafely open up in the face of the coronavirus epidemic and lowering taxes. None of these challengers are progressive.

Rep. Sullivan is the clear choice in this race and deserves your vote.