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Nikki Otero Lockwood is a public schools advocate and community activist running for Spokane School Board Director, Position 1. She has served as chair of a Montessori parent group, as well as a member of the Human Growth and Development Committee and the Superintendent’s Work Group on Restorative Practices. She currently works as an organizer for the ACLU trying to reform the school to prison pipeline. As a mother of two, including a child with autism, she has advocated for special needs children as a member of the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee. As part of her commitment to equitable policies and fully-funded education, she would push to reform school discipline, address systemic racism and inequality in schools, and ensure the accessibility of mental health workers for students.

Lockwood is running against Brian Trimble and Katey Randall Treloar. Trimble is the Executive Director of the Herzog Family Center, an early learning academy. He is the father of three children, one currently in the school system. Trimble is focusing on mental health support for students, supporting all socio-economic populations, and providing services for special needs students with inclusion models. However, most of his endorsements are from businesses and in our local council interview, we were concerned by his comments about running the school board like a business. 

Treloar is a former elementary school teacher who has served on the steering committee for At the Core and as program coordinator for Bite-2-Go, both programs focused on ending weekend hunger for children who receive free or reduced meals at school during the week. Treloar is running to address budget shortfalls, hold principals and administrators accountable for their conduct, and support community nonprofits that support students. In our local council interview, we were disappointed in her equity analysis and belief that solutions that worked for most kids should be supported (such as her suggestion to arm resource officers) instead of designing solutions that worked for the kids who are struggling the most.

Lockwood is the best candidate in this race.

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