Luc Jasmin III photo

Luc Jasmin III is the owner of a childcare center that serves low-income families and the president of the board of Washington Childcare Centers Association. As a Haitian-American who experienced poverty as a child, Jasmin is determined to reduce the disparity between students from different communities served by Spokane Public Schools. He seeks to foster partnerships with local agencies to provide on-site mental health, speech, and occupational therapy services to students. Jasmin also wants school staff to participate in implicit bias training, provide community connections to serve their highest need students, and prioritize early learning. 

Also in this race is educator Kellilin "Kelli" MacFarlane, who works as a substitute teacher in Spokane and has taught since 2005. She is running to get teachers’ voices heard. Unfortunately, MacFarlane did not return an election questionnaire and does not have detailed platform information available as of early July.

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