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Karen Stratton

Karen Stratton is running for re-election to Spokane City Council in District 3. In her time on the council, she has served on the board of the Spokane Regional Health District, the Spokane COPS board, the board of Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs (SNAP), the Community, Housing and Human Services Board, the Spokane Arts Board, and the board of Priority Spokane. Stratton is running to continue her work advocating for residential street and alley repairs, as well as increasing affordable housing for all income levels and services for low-income families, seniors, and veterans.

Stratton is running against Jeff Martin, Andy Rathbun, Christopher Savage, Jeffrey Rugan, and Ken Side. Martin is a Republican whose number one campaign priority is public safety. Rathbun was a navigator in the U.S. Air Force and the Washington Air Guard and served as Vice President on the West Central Community Center's Board of Directors. He is running a "safety-first" campaign. Savage is a Lyft driver and Rugan is an Express Employment Account manager, though neither of them has a strong campaign presence. Side is a former Pend Orielle County Sheriff's deputy whose campaign website states that "the left wing radical progressive socialist PC crowd is assaulting our gun rights and killing our babies."

Stratton is the best choice for Spokane City Council District 3.

General Progressive: Fuse
Other: Spokane County Democrats, Spokane Regional Labor Council, Spokane Education Association

City of Spokane

City of Spokane

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Spokane County Ballot Measures

Spokane County Measure #1


Vote Yes for Spokane County Measure 1

Spokane County Measure 1 would renew a 0.1 percent sales tax dedicated to public safety and criminal justice for the next 10 years. Revenue from Measure 1 would be limited to funding police, jails, the court system, domestic violence programs, and programs to relieve the overcrowding of jails and the courts.

Measure 1 would allocate 60 percent of the funding to the county and the remaining 40 percent to local cities on a per-capita basis. A third of the funding must be spent on criminal justice and the rest is discretionary. While we have broader concerns about the amount of money devoted to incarceration, this measure would help alleviate overcrowding in local jails. In addition, activists have the ability to provide input about how the discretionary funding is allocated. 

We recommend a yes vote on Spokane County Measure 1.

Spokane County Proposition #1


Vote YES for Spokane Libraries!

As Spokane continues to grow, public libraries remain centers of equity where all people can learn and benefit from educational resources and classes. Unfortunately, the demand for materials and services at the library has exceeded the funding available. 

Spokane County Library District Proposition No. 1 would restore the property tax levy that funds maintenance and daily operations of the Spokane County's 11 libraries. If Proposition No. 1 is approved, the levy rate would increase from approximately 43 cents to 50 cents per $1,000 assessed value. This increase would cost the average Spokane homeowner less than $17 per year. New funding revenue is necessary not only to cover current expenses but future ones as well for the survival of Spokane County libraries. Vote Yes on Spokane County Library District Proposition No. 1! 

Spokane Mayor

Spokane Mayor

Ben Stuckart photo

Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart is running for mayor. Stuckart has been a champion for working people and the environment. He led the charge in passing a quality jobs package that encouraged the use of local contractors for city contracts and increased access to family-wage jobs through apprenticeship opportunities. Stuckart has also been a leader on protecting clean air and clean water, paid sick and safe leave, and protecting immigrants in our communities.

Stuckart is running against former news anchor Nadine Woodward, small business owner Jonathan Bingle, West Central Neighborhood Council chairman Kelly Cruz, and firefighter Shawn Poole. Foremost among these is Woodward, a conservative candidate who has posted videos on her campaign page criticizing homeless people at the library. She believes public safety needs to be the first priority of the government and says she prioritizes business owners when it comes to oversight.

Poole wants to increase the number of firefighters and police officers in Spokane and is very critical of our homeless neighbors. Cruz is Chair of the West Central Neighborhood Council as well as Spokane C. O. P. S., a nonprofit dedicated to crime prevention and safety. He wants to increase accountability for the homeless and believes property crime in the community is up because of drug trafficking. Bingle founded Bingle Enterprises in 2010 and has been a pastor at Genesis Church in North Spokane since it was founded in 2017. Bingle wants increased accountability for the homeless, a more business-friendly Spokane, and fewer taxes.

Stuckart is the most progressive choice in this race and will be a great next mayor of Spokane.

General Progressive: Fuse
Social Justice: Housing Action Fund
Other: Spokane County Democrats, Spokane Regional Labor Council, Spokane Fire Fighters IAFF Local 29, <a href="" target="_blank">Civic Alliance for a Progressive Economy (CAPE) Rating</a>: 3.75 stars <img src="" width="25"> <img src="" width="25"> <img src="" width="25"> <img src="" width="25">

Spokane City Council

Spokane City Council, Council President

Breean Beggs photo

Spokane City Councilmember Breean Beggs is a strong champion of smart justice and criminal justice reform. He has a long track record of holding corporations accountable and protecting the rights of low-income residents. Beggs is the former Executive Director of the Center for Justice in Spokane and has recently pushed to increase safety protections for coal and oil trains that run through downtown Spokane. In his time on Spokane City Council, Beggs updated Spokane's Title 18 (Freedom from Discrimination) ordinance, established civilian oversight of police actions, expanded the Multi-Family Tax Exemption to increase opportunities for housing for every income level, and increased funding for traffic-calming projects, including the construction of new sidewalks and paving unpaved streets.

Beggs is facing Councilmember Mike Fagan, Phil Tyler, and Cindy Wendle in this race. Fagan has been the most conservative member of the council and has frequently aligned himself with Tim Eyman. Fagan is skeptical about climate change and the need for vaccines. Wendle is co-owner of Northtown Square and was on the advisory board of the Washington Policy Center, a right-wing think tank. She cites her opposition to the presence of homeless camps as the main reason she is running. Tyler, a campus security officer at Gonzaga, is facing accusations of abuse and harassment from three of his ex-wives and during his time as a corrections officer at the Spokane County Jail. Tyler has denied all allegations.

Beggs is a progressive leader and the best choice for Spokane City Council President.