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James Bible photo
James Bible

James Bible, a civil rights attorney and the former president of the King County NAACP, is running for Bellevue City Council, Position 7. Bible was a public defender with the King County Public Defender's Office while serving on a task force with the Minority Executive Director's Coalition. Bible wants to focus on affordable housing, increasing wages for service workers, and improving education for kids like his 6-year-old son, who is a student in Bellevue public schools.

City of Bellevue

City of Bellevue

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King County Ballot Measures

King County Proposition #1


Vote YES For Parks For All

The King County Council is seeking approval of Proposition No. 1, which would provide funding for local parks, open spaces, trails, recreation, public pools, zoo operations, and an aquarium capital project. Renewing and replacing the County Parks levy is crucial for protecting thousands of acres of forest, investing in parks of all sizes, and expanding access to recreation and learning for underserved communities.

All children in King County deserve fun and safe places to play, and preserving our open spaces now will help combat climate change as well as protect air and water quality for generations to come. Proposition No. 1: Parks for All will cost the average homeowner less than $8 per month and will ensure King County's parks and other open spaces will continue to thrive. Vote yes on Proposition No. 1. 

Other: Washington Trails Association, The Nature Conservancy, the Trust for Public Lands, Seattle Parks Foundation, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, and many local Democratic district organizations.

Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle, Port Commissioner, Position #2

Preeti Shridhar is a devoted environmental advocate who would bring decades of public affairs experience to the Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 2. Shridhar has worked in a variety of relevant government positions throughout King County and is passionate about ensuring that the interests of all King County communities are represented. She helped launch the City of Seattle’s Climate Protection Initiative and worked to improve relations between immigrant communities and the City of Renton, where she now works. Shridhar is focused on building regional partnerships and creating good jobs at the port while protecting the environment.

Sam Cho photo

Sam Cho, the co-founder of an international export company, is now running for Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 2. He served on Gov. Jay Inslee’s Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs and previously worked on trade issues for a member of Congress. As the son of South Korean immigrants, Cho is running to make the Port of Seattle work better for all people in King County, from reducing congestion at SeaTac Airport to supporting low-income families south of the airport who are impacted by noise and air pollution. He also wants to use the port as an economic engine to create opportunities for the county’s rapidly growing population.

Port of Seattle, Port Commissioner, Position #5

Incumbent Fred Felleman is an environmental consultant and marine biologist. He is running to retain his seat on the Seattle Port Commission to continue fighting climate change and increasing the port's green energy jobs. He has been a leader on the commission in protecting orcas, publicly opposing the dangerous Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, and promoting transparency at the port while advocating for well-paying jobs. The port faced criticism following the Trump Muslim Ban when some protesters on the light rail were forced to skip the airport station. However, Felleman was among numerous leaders who released a statement condemning the ban and calling for an evaluation of the numerous government agencies’ response at the airport.

Felleman is being challenged by Garth Jacobson and Jordan Lemmon. Attorney Jacobson's priorities include pausing cruise line terminal growth until pollution cleanup efforts are further along, finding a way to eliminate the bus shuttles from the car rental facility, and installing availability lights in the airport parking structure. Lemmon is a theatre supervisor who was inspired to run to encourage voting and is using his campaign to engage the voter base prior to the 2020 election. He has no detailed campaign information available.

Felleman is the best choice for Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 5. 

Bellevue City Council

Bellevue City Council, Position #1

John Stokes photo

Incumbent John Stokes is running for re-election to Bellevue City Council, Position 1. Stokes was first elected to the council in 2011 and served as mayor from 2016 through 2017. He is a leading advocate for housing affordability and has pushed Bellevue to offer additional services to people experiencing instability and homelessness. Stokes is also a strong proponent of expanding transit options, led the passage of the Downtown Livability Initiative, and is committed to protecting the region's clean drinking water.

Stokes is running against Martin Acevedo and Holly Zhang. Acevedo is a member of the Bellevue Civil Service Commission but does not have a robust campaign presence. Zhang runs Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery in downtown Bellevue. Zhang's campaign leans conservative and emphasizes fiscal responsibility and prioritizing family.

John Stokes is the progressive choice in this race and deserves your support.

Bellevue City Council, Position #3

Jeremy Barksdale is running for Bellevue City Council, Position 3, currently held by John Chelminiak, who is retiring this year. Barksdale is a user experience researcher with a strong background in tech and computer sciences. He currently serves as Chair of the Planning Commission for the City of Bellevue and a board member of Fuse.

Barksdale is running on a progressive platform focused on creating vibrant neighborhoods, supporting economic development, and promoting job growth in the City of Bellevue. Barksdale's background in technology and business combined with his roles in the community give him the right perspective to help navigate Bellevue's rapid growth.

Barksdale is running against East Bellevue Community Councilmember Stephanie Walter and Kya Michael Aati. Walter has opposed efforts to improve housing affordability and has been an obstacle to addressing homelessness in Bellevue. Aati is a real estate developer who does not have a strong campaign presence but wants to prioritize affordable housing, foster responsible growth, and preserve the character of Bellevue.

Barksdale is the clear choice for Bellevue City Council, Position 3.

Bellevue City Council, Position #5

Janice Zahn photo

Incumbent Janice Zahn is running for re-election to the Bellevue City Council, Position 5. Zahn is a strong progressive who brings years of experience in transportation, infrastructure, emergency management, and public policy to the city council. She has proposed innovative policies like low-interest loans to cope with Bellevue's expanding transportation needs and wants to increase affordable housing. Before being elected, Zahn was an active community volunteer, including serving four years on the Bellevue Transportation Commission.

Zahn is facing JD Yu and Mark Wilson in her re-election campaign. Yu is a T-Mobile engineer running on a platform of fiscal responsibility and neighborhood safety. Wilson is the Managing Director of Wilson Accounting & Consulting whose platform includes "combating the unfortunate increase in criminal activity that the city is experiencing" and managing the city's growing financial demands.

Zahn's numerous endorsements, deep roots in the community, and volunteer and elected experience make her the strongest choice for this seat.

Economic Justice: SEIU Local 925
Social Justice: APACE
Other: King County Democrats, Transportation for Washington

Bellevue City Council, Position #7

James Bible photo

James Bible, a civil rights attorney and the former president of the King County NAACP, is running for Bellevue City Council, Position 7. Bible was a public defender with the King County Public Defender's Office while serving on a task force with the Minority Executive Director's Coalition. Bible wants to focus on affordable housing, increasing wages for service workers, and improving education for kids like his 6-year-old son, who is a student in Bellevue public schools.

Marguerite "Margie" Ye is a faculty member at Youthlink University who was appointed to the Bellevue Diversity Advisory Board. She believes her professional experience as a project manager has prepared her for tackling the challenges associated with growth by bringing together stakeholders to find common ground.

Other Candidates

Bible and Ye are running against Randy Grein and Jennifer Robertson. Grein, the chair of the 48th Legislative District Democrats Rules Committee, was running a very progressive campaign. In late June, Grein suspended his campaign and endorsed Bible. 

Conservative incumbent Jennifer Robertson is running for re-election after opposing the expansion of homelessness services last year. Robertson was part of the conservative block on the city council that sought to block the expansion of light rail to Bellevue, and she opposed strengthening the city's ethics code. Robertson is often mentioned by Republicans as a potential candidate for higher office. 

We lean toward Bible for Bellevue City Council, Position 7.