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Bainbridge Island City Council

Bainbridge Island City Council, District #2, North Ward

Kol Medina photo

Attorney and current mayor Kol Medina is the president/CEO of the Kitsap Community Foundation. He is a former executive director of the West Sound Wildlife Shelter and served on the boards of nonprofits One Call for All and Community Energy Solutions. He was elected to this seat when he ran unopposed in 2015.

In his time on the council, Medina has worked on affordable housing, stating that he would be uncomfortable extending the island's building moratorium past its current deadline in October. After multiple extensions to work more on design guidelines, affordable housing, and other issues, Medina stated that continued extensions may hurt the development of more affordable housing on the island. Recently, he stated that he does not support the sale of 550 Madison Apartments, an affordable housing complex, to a private developer. If elected again, he will prioritize affordable housing and addressing the effects of climate change.

Medina is running against Kevin Fetterly and Ashley Mathews. Fetterly is an electrical engineer who ran in 2017 for the District 7 position on the Bainbridge Island City Council. He is running to prioritize better budgeting, increase alternative energy sources, and support more sidewalks and trails in the city's transportation budget. He stated in a radio interview that he's running to focus on local issues and taking "virtue signaling" out of the council on national issues and to focus on fiscal responsibility. Mathews, who serves on the Board of Directors at Treehouse for Kids, is a marketing specialist with Coldwell Banker. She is running to support youth programs and listen carefully to constituents. According to the Kitsap Sun, Mathews has withdrawn from the race as of late July, though her name will still appear on the ballot.

Medina is the best choice in this race for Bainbridge Island City Council in District 2 North Ward.