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Snohomish County

Snohomish County Executive

Dave Somers
Dave Somers photo

Incumbent Dave Somers is running unopposed for re-election for Snohomish County Executive. Somers has supported measures to create parks and open spaces, ushered in commercial air service to Paine Field, invested in alternative fuels, and worked on salmon recovery. He also supported working with nonprofits to “un-develop” land in the county and restore it to its natural state with native plants. This year, Somers announced that he would be developing a Snohomish County Housing Task Force to help meet the affordable housing needs of the community through new policies or incentives, including middle-income, subsidized, and alternative housing.

Somers deserves your vote.

Snohomish County Superior Court

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge, Position #14

Paul W. Thompson photo

Paul Thompson was appointed to Snohomish County Superior Court Position 14 by Governor Inslee in 2018 and is running to retain his position. He has worked as a Public Defender in Eastern Washington and a trial attorney with the Snohomish County Public Defender's Office. Thompson has been a leader in the legal community by serving as President of the Washington Defender Association and a board member of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Thompson is determined to use his judicial position to make a difference in the lives of those who have struggled with lack of access to justice, and is calling for the thoughtful collaboration of Snohomish County stakeholders on improving the high cost of litigation, funding the mental health system, reforming the bail system, and tackling outdated mandatory sentencing restrictions. Thompson is endorsed by numerous progressive elected officials and organizations.

Thompson is being challenged by Cassandra Lopez-Shaw, a lawyer who has operated her firm since 2011. Lopez-Shaw has previously worked in the Whatcom Public Defender's Office and the Snohomish County Public Defender's Association.

While Lopez-Shaw does have impressive past experience, we believe Judge Thompson is the best choice for Snohomish County Superior Court Position 14.

Snohomish City Council

Snohomish City Council, Position #2

Judith Kuleta photo

A former fire chief in Alaska, Judith Kuleta is running for Snohomish City Council to prioritize parks, public safety, and affordable housing. If elected, she would focus on preserving the city's small-town character, maintaining public safety, supporting the youth council, and supporting walkability for pedestrians and cyclists. City Councilmember Karen Guzak, who is leaving Position 1 this year, has endorsed Kuleta.

Also in this race are Elizabeth Larsen and Don Baldwin. Elizabeth Larsen is a member of the Public Safety Commission, which is working on a report about homelessness and opioid use. She has worked for Snohomish County for nearly 15 years and is currently a project manager for the county's public works department. Don Baldwin is running to promote CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training and support neighborhood watch groups. A former pistol safety instructor, Baldwin does not have elected or political experience but cites his time shooting with an LGBTQ group as indicative of his ability to bring groups together.

Kuleta is the strongest choice for Snohomish City Council, Position 2. 

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