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Caressa Milgrove is a hospitality auditor who is running to bring back more community events and meetings with the school board. As a parent advocate concerned that her son only had fifteen minutes to eat lunch, she worked with child nutritionists and state representatives to pass a bill through the state legislature that will help districts across the state create better lunchtime practices. Milgrove also seeks to improve the district's environmental practices, increase recess time, and expand project-based learning.

Milgrove is running against Thomas Higdon, incumbent Dale Q. Rice, and Kyle Sproul. Higdon, a retired promoter and essayist who does not have experience with Vancouver schools, is seeking a "tradition-rich education" which emphasizes English so that schools can "dramatically reduce such illiteracy as has characterized so many contemporary graduates." Board Vice President Rice is an investment advisor representative who has served on the board since 1990. He is running to continue leveraging his financial background into fiscal responsibility and budget management. Sproul is a business professional who is running to close the achievement gap and to support dual language education in the district.

Milgrove has been widely endorsed by the community and is the best choice in this race.

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