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The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility. Please share this guide with your friends and family.

Statewide Ballot Measures

Initiative 1366

No on Tim Eyman's I-1366

Initiative-1366 from Tim Eyman orders the legislature to send a constitutional amendment to the voters next year requiring a two-thirds supermajority vote to close tax loopholes or raise revenue. If legislators refuse, Eyman’s initiative would create an $8 billion hole in our state budget over the next six years by cutting the sales tax by a full 1 percent.

The timing for I-1366 is very bad. Our state is being fined $100,000 a day for failing to fully fund education, yet Eyman’s initiative would make it nearly impossible to close wasteful corporate tax loopholes or fix our state’s upside down tax system. Not surprisingly, Initiative 1366’s largest donors are big developers and Wall Street interests who have given Eyman hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect their special tax loopholes.

Eyman proposed nearly the exact same initiative last year and it was broadly criticized. The Spokane Spokesman-Review referred to his previous effort as Eyman’s “worst ever” idea. Others called this initiative “extortion” (Walla Walla Union Bulletin) and “disingenuous” (Everett Herald), saying it is simply a ploy to keep Eyman’s initiative promotion business up and running.

We oppose I-1366 because it would prevent us from fixing our state’s upside down tax system or fully funding our kids’ schools. Join this broad coalition listed below and vote NO on I-1366.

Initiative 1401

Vote Yes on Saving Animals from Extinction

Initiative 1401 seeks to help save endangered animals from extinction by making the selling, purchasing, trading, or distributing of animals threatened with extinction punishable by law. From African Elephants to the Javan Tiger, animals are disappearing from our planet at an alarming rate. Passing Initiative 1401 means that our last remaining elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards, pangolins, marine turtles, sharks, and rays will at least be somewhat protected from the illegal animal trade here in our home state.

Help save animals facing extinction: vote YES on Initiative 1401.

Advisory Vote 10

Vote "Maintain" on Tax Advisory Vote No. 10

Legislators voted nearly unanimously for new oil train safety regulations, including directing some oil taxes to help pay for oil-train spill response. Senate Bill 1449 passed the legislature 141 to 1 with 5 excused. Thanks to a Tim Eyman initiative, the state legislature is required to submit any bill it passes that closes tax loopholes or raises revenue to a non-binding advisory vote. Vote to "maintain" this measure.

Advisory Vote 11

Vote "Maintain" on Tax Advisory Vote No. 11

A bipartisan majority of legislators came together earlier this year to clarify that the marijuana excise tax should also apply to medical marijuana sales. There are a number of progressives who disagree with this tax, but unfortunately, the time to lobby against it was during the 2014 legislative session. Senate Bill 5052 passed the legislature 101 to 44 with 2 excused. Per Eyman’s initiative, the state legislature is required to submit any bill it passes that closes tax loopholes or raises revenue to a non-binding advisory vote. Even if 100 percent of voters rejected this advisory measure, it would remain a tax, as Eyman's advisory votes are purely intended to push an anti-tax message. Vote to "maintain" this measure, and push back against Eyman's anti-tax message.

Advisory Vote 12

Vote "Maintain" on Tax Advisory Vote No. 12

A broad majority of legislators voted for a comprehensive transportation bill to improve state and local roads, transit, bike paths, and pedestrian walkways. The package was funded with a small increase in the gas tax. Senate Bill 5987 passed the legislature 91 to 51 with 5 excused. While we were not thrilled with some aspects of the final transportation package, we still recommend a non-binding vote to "maintain" this measure. Per Eyman’s initiative, the state legislature is required to submit any bill it passes that closes tax loopholes or raises revenue to a non-binding advisory vote. Vote to “maintain” this measure.

Advisory Vote 13

Vote "Maintain" on Tax Advisory Vote No. 13

A large majority of legislators voted to close $150 million in unnecessary tax loopholes in order to generate revenue for education funding. This legislation, Senate Bill 6138, passed the legislature 95 to 48 with 4 excused. Per Eyman’s initiative, the state legislature is required to submit any bill it passes that closes tax loopholes or raises revenue to a non-binding advisory vote. Vote to "maintain" this important measure.

King County Ballot Measures

King County Charter Amendment #1

Vote YES on Charter Amendment No. 1: Civilian oversight of law enforcement

Across the U.S., people are demanding more oversight of law enforcement. Accountability, transparency, and discipline are needed to rebuild trust in many communities, particularly in communities of color.

For more than a decade, King County has sought to expand a civilian-led oversight agency called the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight. The committee advises the sheriff and county councilmembers on matters of equity and social justice related to law enforcement, receives complaints from the community, and examines use of force by law enforcement officials.

We are lucky here in King County to have Sheriff John Urquhart, who has fired seven officers for misconduct and has made accountability a priority. However, King County residents should vote YES on this charter amendment to ensure that civilian oversight of law enforcement remains a priority in our county for decades to come.

King County Proposition #1

Vote YES on King County Proposition 1: Best Starts for Kids

Every child deserves to be safe, well-fed, and have a roof over their head. Unfortunately, not all kids are born with the full range of tools to succeed.

That's where Best Starts for Kids comes in. This is a six-year levy led by County Executive Dow Constantine that would raise about $65 million per year to invest in families and kids. King County currently spends 75 percent of its general fund on the criminal justice system. This initiative will use proven prevention and early intervention strategies to increase access to healthy food, affordable housing, and disease prevention for many of King County's most vulnerable children--preventing substance abuse, homelessness, and worse further down the line.

About 50 percent of the revenue would go to programs targeting children under 5 and pregnant women, 35 percent would be focused on children and youth from 5-24, and the remaining funds would go towards safe and healthy communities, tracking outcomes, and data. Vote YES on Best Starts for Kids to ensure babies are born healthy, the journey to adulthood is safe, and to create healthier communities across King County.

King County

King County Assessor

John Wilson photo

John Wilson was the chief of staff to former King County Executive Ron Sims and a former King 5 TV journalist who is running for King County Assessor. Wilson worked under his opponent, incumbent assessor Lloyd Hara, for four years before the two split ways. Wilson is widely credited with revamping technology in the department. He has made housing affordability a central focus of his campaign, proposing changes in tax assessment practices to support affordability. He also pledges to ensure all taxpayers pay their fair share and continue to revamp technology to make the office more accessible and save the county money. Wilson would take a more activist approach to the office – engaging the office in tax policy debates, and is endorsed by a number of our labor partners.

If you’re looking for innovative change in the Assessor’s office, Wilson would be a good choice.

Lloyd Hara photo

Lloyd Hara is running for re-election to his position as the King County Assessor. Hara has an extensive and varied background in public office. He was elected four times as Seattle's Treasurer and also served as King County Auditor and on the Seattle Port Commission. Reflecting his long history in politics, many progressive and conservative legislators have endorsed him, as well as a majority of the Democratic legislative district groups. However, several of our labor partners oppose Hara because of conflicts over his handling of contract work with non-union employees.

Hara's experience leading an office that is generally well run and his support from community leaders makes him a good choice.

Endorsed By: Filipino American Political Action Group of Washington, SeaTac Firefighters, Seattle Firefighters

King County Elections Director

Zack Hudgins photo

Zack Hudgins is currently a State Representative in the 11th Legislative District and the chair of the House Government Oversight Committee who is running for King County Elections Director. Hudgins is running to increase accountability, improve access for underprivileged voters, and add more tools for ballot tracking and security. He has been a thoughtful and effective leader in the legislature who has been endorsed by a wide variety of our progressive partners. Hudgins has experience leading fair elections projects internationally, including Iraqi elections. In addition, his technology background at both Amazon and Microsoft make him extremely qualified for this position.

Hudgins’ opponent is long time King County Deputy Elections Director Julie Wise. The King County Elections office has a history of inadequate performance and problems with voting access and ballots. They provide far fewer permanent ballot drop boxes for voters and reject a much higher percentage of votes than other urban counties in Washington. As a result, we believe Hudgins is the best choice for fair and accountable elections.

King County Council

King County Council, District #2

Larry Gossett photo

Born and raised in Seattle, Larry Gossett has devoted his career to social change. He continues to demonstrate strong leadership on the King County Council as the Chair of the Law, Justice, and Human Services Committee and the Budget & Fiscal Management Committee. Gossett is running unopposed.

King County Council, District #4

Jeanne Kohl-Welles photo

Longtime state Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles is running to replace retiring King County Councilmember Larry Phillips. Kohl-Welles has been a progressive leader in the fight against human trafficking and has long championed gun safety measures such as criminal background checks. She also worked hard on legislation that would have aligned the medical and non-medical marijuana markets. Her opponent, Rufe Orr, is running on an anti-government platform. Kohl-Welles is the best choice in this race.

King County Council, District #6

Claudia Balducci photo

Bellevue Mayor Claudia Balducci has provided strong and thoughtful leadership during a time of fast growth on the Eastside. As a leader on regional boards and commissions, she has tirelessly advocated for light rail and practical transportation solutions. Balducci will also bring her experience as Director of King County Jails, where she maintained public safety in the face of recession-era cutbacks, and improved the treatment of individuals with mental illness who were in the jails. Balducci would bring fresh leadership and innovative ideas to the King County Council.

Balducci is running for King County Council District 6 against 20-year incumbent Jane Hague. Hague is a conservative who has been a reluctant supporter on important votes like emergency funding to preserve Metro service. Balducci is the clear choice in this race.

King County Council, District #8

Joe McDermott photo

Progressive King County Councilmember Joe McDermott is running for re-election in District 8. McDermott is working with the legislature to push a jobs agenda and supports an expansion of the Convention Center. He also supports increased transit funding and played a lead role in helping replace the South Park bridge. Backed by all corners of the progressive community, McDermott is running unopposed and deserves your vote.

Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle, Port Commissioner, Position #2

Courtney Gregoire is running for re-election to Seattle Port Commission, Position 2. Gregoire was appointed to the Seattle Port Commission in February of 2013 and won election to a full term that November. She brings substantial international trade experience from both the public and private sectors to the Port of Seattle, including having served as the first Director of the National Export Initiative at the U.S. Department of Commerce under President Obama. She is passionate about connecting younger generations with good jobs, protecting our environment, and tourism, and she rightly questioned the decision to park the Shell Oil Arctic drilling rig in Seattle.

Her opponent, Goodspaceguy, is a perennial candidate who is not running a competitive campaign and claims that Tim Eyman is one of his "greatest heroes". Gregoire is the best choice in this race.

Port of Seattle, Port Commissioner, Position #5

Fred Felleman is an environmental consultant and marine biologist who is running for Seattle Port Commission, Position 5. Felleman brings a commitment to fighting climate change and increasing the Port's green, clean energy jobs. He has many years of experience working for marine environmental protection and lobbying the Port to bring about environmental cleanup. Felleman will challenge business as usual and promote transparency at the Port, while also being an advocate for a working waterfront that supports good paying jobs.

Felleman faces Marion Yoshino in this race. Yoshino is also a progressive, and she brings many years of experience advocating for South King County residents near the airport. She is a former economic development manager in Des Moines and former City Councilmember of Normandy Park who has a more even-tempered style than Felleman.

We believe the Port needs a commissioner who is willing to assertively challenge the way it does business behind closed doors on issues ranging from executive pay to approving the Terminal 5 lease with Shell Oil and its Arctic drilling. Felleman's extensive endorsements reflect his lengthy experience with Port issues and his ability to be a force for change at the Port. Felleman is the best choice in this race.

Bellevue City Council

Bellevue City Council, Position #1

John Stokes photo

John Stokes is running for re-election to his seat on the Bellevue City Council. Stokes was first elected in 2011 and has served on the Council while Bellevue finalized a successful light rail alignment with Sound Transit. He has also been a committed supporter of parks and outdoor spaces in the city and a strong advocate for completing the Bellevue Downtown Park. Stokes is running unopposed and deserves your vote for Position 1.

Bellevue City Council, Position #3

John Chelminiak is running for re-election to the Bellevue City Council. Chelminiak has served on the Council since 2003 and has been a committed voice for Bellevue's neighborhoods and transportation options, including light rail. He is seeking another term to ensure a strong education system, to continue to build Bellevue's economy, and to ensure that there is affordable housing for all families.

His opponent, Don Davidson, wants to drag Bellevue backwards and keep re-fighting the light rail issue rather than moving forward. John Chelminiak is clearly the best choice for Bellevue City Council Position 3.

Bellevue City Council, Position #5

Vandana Slatter is a clinical pharmacist in Global Scientific Affairs who is running for Bellevue City Council, Position 5. She has served on several boards, including Overlake Hospital and social business incubator Global Social Business Partners. While serving on the state's Pharmacy Board, Slatter was a key vote in ensuring access to reproductive options by requiring pharmacies to stock Plan B. Slatter will advocate for affordable housing, light rail and other transportation options, as well as economic development.

Her opponent, Michelle Hilhorst, is a conservative and former anti-light-rail candidate. We recommend Slatter because she will bring a new perspective to the City Council that reflects Bellevue's increasingly diverse population.

Bellevue City Council, Position #7

Conservative Jennifer Robertson is running for a third term on the Bellevue City Council in Position 7. Robertson has consistently aligned herself with the right-wing of the council and was one of the main opponents of extending light rail service to Bellevue. She also opposed important reforms to the City of Bellevue’s ethics code. However, she has received the endorsements of a number of our progressive partners.

Robertson is opposed by Lyndon Heywood, a progressive activist who is not raising any money for his campaign. Robertson is the most viable candidate in this race.