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  • Virginia’s new 24th State Senate district encompasses parts of Newport News City, York County, Williamsburg City, Poquoson City, and parts of James City County. With over 147,000 registered voters, this is a competitive district that does not lean one way or another.

    This election will be held on November 7, 2023. Incumbent Democratic Senator Monty Mason is facing a challenge from Republican candidate Danny Diggs in the general election for Virginia’s new 24th State Senate district. Senator Mason has served in the State Senate since 2016, and previously served in the House of Delegates from 2014 to 2016. 
    Incumbent Senator Monty Mason has served in the State Senate since 2016, and previously served in the House of Delegates from 2014 to 2016. He serves on several committees, including Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Commerce and Labor, General Laws and Technology, Privileges and Elections, and Rehabilitation and Social Services. Senator Mason lives in Williamsburg with his wife and children.

    Senator Mason believes that the right to abortion is a fundamental right. He vowed to defend that right against conservative legislators who aim to weaken access to abortion. During the 2021 General Assembly, he voted to allow Virginia Health insurance plans to cover abortion care. He votes consistently in support of abortion access bills and against legislation aimed at creating barriers to that access. He is endorsed by REPRO Rising Virginia, Roe Your Vote Virginia, and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia.

    Senator Mason advocates for strong gun violence prevention legislation, particularly when it comes to school safety. He supports background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons, and stronger firearms storage policies. During the 2023 General Assembly, he was a chief co-patron of a bill that focused on safe storage in homes where children live. In light of the recent incident of gun violence, he introduced a budget amendment to help secure classrooms in Richneck Elementary. Additionally, he is a strong supporter of extreme-risk protection orders. Senator Mason is endorsed by Giffords, an organization dedicated to gun violence prevention.

    Senator Mason believes in quality public education. He has advocated for raising teacher pay and increasing funding for public schools and early childhood education programs. He is endorsed by the Virginia Education Association. Through his advocacy for gun violence prevention, he works to keep schools safe. In 2022, Senator Mason received a Distinguished Service Award from the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities.

    Senator Mason is a proponent of environmental justice legislation. He supported the Clean Economy Act and criticized Governor Youngkin’s removal of Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. He advocates for renewable energy. Once a year, Senator Mason hosts an annual creek clean-up. He has stated that flooding and the damages from it should be a policy priority. He received a 100 percent on the Virginia League of Conservation Voters legislative scorecard.

    Incumbent Democratic Senator Monty Mason is facing a challenge from Republican candidate Danny Diggs in this race. Diggs has 45 years of experience as a law enforcement officer. He was the sheriff of York County and Poquoson for more than 20 years. He supports Governor Youngkin’s 15-week abortion ban. Diggs praised the Supreme Court for striking down student loan debt forgiveness.

    Because of his commitment to protecting abortion access, gun violence prevention, and protecting the environment, Senator Mason is the progressive choice in this race.
  • Virginia’s new 86th House of Delegates district encompasses parts of Hampton City, parts of York County, and Poquoson City. With almost 60,000 registered voters, this district leans Republican.
    This election will be held on November 7, 2023. Incumbent Republican Delegate A.C. Cordoza is facing a challenge from Democrat Jarris Taylor in the general election for Virginia’s new 86th House of Delegates district. Delegate Cordoza has served in the House of Delegates since 2022.
    Dr. Jarris Louis Taylor Jr. is running for the 86th District with the theme of "Service Before Self." His vision for the district is to provide world-renowned representation in the General Assembly for all members of the district with an emphasis on five key priorities: education, healthcare, veterans, environment, and transportation. Dr. Taylor is a veteran, educator, and leader who has held numerous executive leadership positions while serving the nation and the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is committed and dedicated to community service and is a member of National Security Leaders for America and a Board of Trustees member of the Virginia Veterans Services Foundation.

    Dr. Taylor does not have any positions or issues listed on his website, but he does have a few endorsements. He received a nod from Eric Holder and the National Resource Defense Council, the Virginia Education Association, LiUNA!, the Virginia AFL-CIO, Giffords PAC, VoteVets, Moms Demand Action, and Planned Parenthood of Virginia.

    Giffords PAC endorsed Dr. Taylor because he is “continuing his mission to keep Americans safe at home by working to end gun violence throughout Virginia. Having experienced the power of assault weapons in his military service, Dr. Taylor knows that there is no use for this type of weaponry on the Commonwealth’s streets or in its schools. If elected, he’ll advocate for legislation to ban assault weapons, strengthen Virginia’s background check laws, fund community violence intervention programs, and make sure that responsible gun owners like himself safely store their weapons. With so much on the line this fall, voters must mobilize like never before to send gun safety champions like Jarris Taylor to Richmond—lives depend on it.” Dr. Taylor pledges to be the kind of leader that will fight to make us all safer.

    Dr. Taylor’s opponent is incumbent Republican A.C. Cordoza, an Air Force veteran who works in cybersecurity and serves as vice-chairman of the Hampton Republican Party. He opposes common-sense gun safety legislation, and supports using taxpayer money to fund private education through school voucher programs. Cordoza does not believe that the rich and wealthy corporations that have benefitted from our communities should have to pay their fair share in taxes.

    Based on the limited information we were able to find on Dr. Taylor's stances and Delegate Cordoza's voting record, Dr. Taylor is the more progressive choice in this race.