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Trudy Berry
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Democratic candidate Trudy Berry is a veteran of the US Air Force and earned a degree in criminal justice from Longwood University in Farmville. She is a mother of 5 and a grandmother to 13. As Delegate, Berry would ensure that every Virginian has access to quality, affordable health care. She would also vote to increase the minimum wage and to ensure everyone has access to paid sick days. Berry believes that every household in rural Virginia should have access to the Internet and cell phone service.

Her opponent, incumbent Republican Delegate Thomas C. Wright III, has been in office since 2000. He doesn’t support commonsense gun violence prevention laws like universal background checks. Delegate Wright voted for legislation that would prohibit the establishment of sanctuary cities, putting members of Virginia’s immigrant community at an increased risk of family separation and deportation. Delegate Wright also supported HB 773, which would allow individuals, businesses, and organizations to discriminate against LGBTQ community members.

Because of her commitment to affordable health care, increasing the minimum wage, and ensuring everyone has paid sick days, Trudy Berry is the more progressive choice in this race.

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