Tim Hickey
Tim Hickey photo

Democratic candidate Tim Hickey is an educator, husband, and father running to represent the people of Virginia's 59th District. Providing quality education for children from Pre-K to college and supporting vocational education for the jobs of the future is a major component of his campaign. Hickey would vote to expand access to quality, affordable health care and increase the minimum wage. He also wants to expand broadband internet to every corner of the district.

Hickey is running against incumbent Republican Delegate Matt Fariss, who was elected in 2011. He is a conservative who opposes abortion access and refuses to support bills to improve the lives of LGBTQ Virginians. Fariss also opposes commonsense gun violence prevention reforms like universal background checks. Fariss voted against expanding Medicaid in Virginia to 400,000 low income individuals.

Tim Hickey is the more progressive choice in this race.

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