Guy Tower
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Guy Tower has lived in Virginia since 1979. He started in Virginia Beach in 1979, and has been in the Beach District since 2014. Tower is a retired lawyer, mediator, and educator. His partner for the past three decades is a retired judge of the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court, and they have four children.
Tower was appointed to serve as an interim member until the special election this November. If elected to continue his service, he wants to ensure the safety of the residents. One of his priorities is restructuring the funds for stormwater. Tower also believes in transparency and equity. He wants to ensure that residents from every demographic and neighborhood have the opportunity to succeed through fair hiring practices and contracting.
Richard Kowalewitch is one of Tower’s opponents. Kowalewitch believes that crime is the biggest threat to the county, and more police officers will eliminate the issue. Kowalewitch is a proud supporter of President Trump.

Rosemary Wilson is also running. Wilson objected to Colin Kaepernick's protests to draw attention to the treatment of Black Americans, calling it a "disrespect" and "an embarrassment." She aligns with the other candidates in her concern about the environment but she fails to hold equity and inclusion as similarly important. Wilson’s website addresses gun violence, but her solution revolves around increased funding for police rather than pushing for common sense gun laws. 

Tower is the most progressive choice for this race.

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