Dr. Ella Webster
Dr. Ella Webster photo

Democratic candidate Dr. Ella Webster received her Doctorate in Medicine from Dartmouth Medical School. Since 2010, she has worked for health districts all over the eastern region. Dr. Webster served as a United States Peace Corps Maternal Child Health Volunteer in the Central African Republic for two years in the 1990s after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Drew University. Dr. Webster served on the Gloucester County Public Library Board of Trustees from 2010 to 2019, when she was term-limited and has been on the Three Rivers Healthy Families Advisory Board since 2014.

Dr. Webster has professional experience with abortion services and believes choices about health care should be left to people and their doctors. She has voiced her concern about gun violence and seeks to create sensible gun laws.

Incumbent Republican Delegate Keith Hodges was elected into the House of Delegates in 2011 and voted to prohibit sanctuary cities in Virginia, allowing the use of local resources to do the job of the federal government and the separate of immigrant families. He also supports the controversial Atlantic Coast pipeline. He has rejected commonsense gun violence prevention measures.

Dr. Webster is the more progressive choice in this race.

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