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Don Scott
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Democratic candidate Don Scott is a former United States Naval Officer. Scott graduated from Texas A&M University and obtained his law degree from Louisiana State University. He serves on several boards and commissions, including as the 1st Vice President of the Southeastern Employment and Training Association, as a Commissioner for the Portsmouth Economic Development Association, and a member of Future of Hampton Roads. He previously served as the chair of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, on the board for the California Workforce Association, and as a member and board member of 200+ Men Hampton Roads.

Scott’s campaign prioritizes economic equality, education, and criminal justice reform. He promises to defend the environment in Virginia and to protect the air, water, and open spaces. He has also voiced his support of fair redistricting in Virginia so that everyone can have an equal voice in the democratic process.

Both Republican Jim Evans and Independent Ryan Collin Benton lack a thorough campaign proposal that focuses on the critical issues impacting the Commonwealth. Evans wants to make Virginia more business friendly and supports change in Virginia’s transportation system. Benton would like to decriminalize marijuana and believes the best way to reduce crime is to promote economic development, vocational education, and support programs that keep our youth on a positive track.

Don Scott is the more progressive choice in this race.

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