State Senate

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below State Senate races on your ballot.

Senate District 038

State Senator

No Good Choices

Ben Chafin is the incumbent Republican State Senator in Senate District 38. Senator Chafin is a conservative and was first elected to the chamber in a special election in 2014. He is a beef cattle farmer and an attorney with a local practice. He received a 0% on NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s 2018 Legislative scorecard due to his history of supporting attacks on reproductive rights. He voted against same-sex marriage and commonsense gun laws. He ultimately voted to expand Medicaid in Virginia after years of opposition but voted against raising Virginia’s minimum wage.

His independent opponent, George McCall III, worked as an executive chairman of a local community bank and as a beef cattle farmer. He graduated from the University of Richmond in 1978. He is anti-choice, pro-gun, and supports the Trump agenda. He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Clinch Valley Medical Center and the Richlands Little League Baseball Treasurer.

There is no progressive option in this race. We encourage you to write in a candidate of your choice. Regardless, get out and vote. Please remember that there are other races that will be on the ballot.

Senate District 040

State Senator

No Good Choices

Delegate Todd Pillion was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2015 and is now running for the State Senate. Delegate Pillion and his wife, Amanda, currently reside in Abingdon with their four children. Delegate Pillion has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and has voted against commonsense gun laws, including mandating background checks for gun buyers. He also voted against allowing cities in Virginia to raise their local minimum wage. He opposed the establishment of sanctuary cities in Virginia, which would force localities to use their resources to do the job of the federal government and puts immigrant families at risk of separation. He has consistently opposed reproductive rights and abortion access.

Ken Heath is the Director of Community and Economic Development for Marion. He was previously elected twice to the Town Council. He is a graduate of Marion Senior High School, Wytheville Community College, and East Tennessee State University. Heath is running as an Independent and opposes commonsense gun laws. Little information is available about his platform.

We encourage you to write in a candidate of your choice. Regardless, get out and vote. Please remember that there are other races on the ballot as well.

House of Delegates

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below House of Delegate races on your ballot.

House District 001


No Good Choices

Delegate Terry Kilgore (R) has been a member of the House of Delegates since 1993. He is the Chairman of the House Commerce and Labor Committee. As a Delegate, Kilgore has voted against raising the minimum wage. He has also voted in favor of bills that would prohibit the establishment of sanctuary cities to protect undocumented immigrants and to limit abortion access.

Kilgore is running unopposed. There is no progressive choice on the ballot. However, we still encourage you to show up to vote and write in a name for this race and cast your vote in the other races on your ballot.

House District 004


Starla Kiser
Starla Kiser photo

Democratic candidate Starla Kiser is running against Republican William Wampler for an open seat in the 4th district. Kiser received two degrees from Harvard––a medical degree at Harvard Medical School and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School with a focus on international development and health policy. As a doctor, Kiser supports increased access to health care like Medicaid expansion. She believes Virginia should increase access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Kiser also supports increasing teacher pay and bringing more jobs to the district.

William Wampler is anti-choice, opposes clean energy initiatives, and is against commonsense gun violence prevention solutions. He is silent on other issues including raising the minimum wage, health care access, and fair redistricting reform.

Though we disagree with Kiser’s stance on guns and environmental issues, her support of health care access and increased teacher pay makes her the more progressive choice in this race.

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