Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th

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Senate District 022

State Senator

Dakota Claytor photo

Democrat Dakota Claytor was born and raised in the 22nd state Senate district and hopes to be the youngest legislator in Virginia’s history. Claytor is a 22-year-old freelance hair stylist and private music educator. He has also been actively involved in community theater where he can often be found on stage.

Clayor supports various progressive priorities. He wants to work with small companies to expand broadband access to rural areas in the district in order to foster a better-connected workforce. Healthcare reform is important to him because of his mother’s significant health issues and her struggle for nearly twenty years before being granted disability benefits. After witnessing first-hand the crippling effects of a broken healthcare system in Virginia, Clayor is determined to improve it.

Clayor is running against Republican incumbent Senator Mark Peake who won a special election in 2017. Peake is anti-choice and has voted against commonsense gun laws. He opposed Medicaid expansion and voted against raising the minimum wage in Virginia. The majority of his platform is geared towards decreasing regulations put in place to protect Virginians.

Dakota Claytor is the more progressive choice because of his commitment to Medicaid expansion and our rural communities.

House District 060


Janie Zimmerman photo

Democratic candidate Janie Zimmerman was born on Andrews Air Force Base while her dad was serving in the Vietnam War. She wholly supports and understands veterans, their families, and the challenges they face. Zimmerman has been a teacher for almost 30 years and currently teaches at a juvenile detention center in Prince Edward County.

She is passionate about increasing education funding, including afterschool programs and free community college tuition. She also knows the importance of providing broadband internet to rural communities. Zimmerman is an outspoken advocate for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and hopes to tackle the Commonwealth’s environmental issues head-on.

Her opponent, incumbent Republican Delegate James Edmunds, prioritizes gun and hunting rights. He has routinely opposed commonsense gun violence prevention measures. He supported anti-choice legislation and opposed expanding Medicaid to 400,000 low income Virginians.

Janie Zimmerman is the more progressive candidate in this race due to her support of equity and environmental preservation.