Loudoun County

Loudoun County

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State Senate

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below State Senate races on your ballot.

Senate District 013

State Senator

John J. Bell photo

Democratic Delegate John Bell served in the U.S. Air Force for almost 26 years. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and now leads a financial team in the private sector. Bell was previously a volunteer tennis coach for Freedom High School and now resides in Loudon County. Delegate Bell was elected to the House of Delegates in 2015.

Delegate Bell voted to expand Medicaid in Virginia and to increase teacher salaries. He is pro-choice and supports commonsense measures to prevent gun violence. He has sponsored legislation to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ individuals on the job and to make solar panels more affordable to Virginia families. He has also supported redistricting reform.

Bell’s opponent, Geary Higgins, is the Republican candidate. Higgins currently serves on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. He is a self-proclaimed conservative and opposes reproductive rights. He also opposes gun violence prevention measures, seeing them as a threat to Second Amendment rights.

John Bell is the progressive choice in this race.

Senate District 027

State Senator

Ronnie Ross III photo

Democrat Ronnie Ross III is a teacher, coach, and school administrator who lives in western Loudoun County. Ross’s top priorities include taking on Dominion and other powerful corporate interests. He vows to aggressively invest in green energy and examine our water reclamation and land use policies. 

Ross is passionate about improving the lives of our LGBTQ community. He promises to fight to end discrimination in public employment and housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

His opponent is incumbent Republican Senator Jill Vogel. Senator Vogel is an attorney whose practice focuses on partisan campaign committees and Super PACS. She has served as the Virginia state Senate since 2008. Senator Vogel sponsored a controversial bill in 2012 to require women to have a mandatory, transvaginal ultrasound before accessing an abortion. Senator Vogel also voted against allowing sanctuary cities in Virginia, which would put thousands of undocumented families at risk of being seperated and force localties to use local resources to do the job of the federal government. In 2019, she voted against raising the minimum wage in Virginia.

Ronnie Ross III is the more progressive choice because of his commitment to the environment and the LGBTQ community.

Senate District 031

State Senator

 Barbara Favola photo

Incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Favola is running unopposed. Prior to her election as a state Senator, she served on the Arlington County Board of Supervisors for fourteen years (1997-2011) and chaired that body three times. During her service with the county, Senator Favola was the Board's leading advocate for children, youth and families, and her contributions to the community include establishing mental health services in public schools.

Senator Favola’s priorities are women’s reproductive rights, health care access, K-12 education funding, workforce training, safety net programs, helping foster children, preventing domestic violence and sensible environmental policies. Favola sponsored numerous progressive bills including one requiring universities to create memorandums of understanding with local sexual assault crisis centers and to provide survivors with access to other community resources. She has also sponsored a Bar Bystander Bill encouraging bartenders and others who serve or sell spirits in an ABC licensed or permitted establishments to undergo training to help prevent risky situations from becoming sexual assaults. Lastly, she has been a leader on making higher education more accessible and affordable.

Senator Favola is the progressive choice.

Senate District 033

State Senator

Jennifer Boysko photo

Senator Jennifer Boysko and her husband, Glenn, have raised their two daughters in historic downtown Herndon, where they have lived since 1996. Senator Boysko has volunteered with numerous organizations in her community including serving on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. She was first elected to the House of Delegates in 2016 and won a special election to the state Senate in 2019.

Senator Boysko supported legislation to establish hate crime protections for individuals targeted for violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and has voiced opposition to conversion therapy. She has been a champion for immigrant families, carrying legislation to provide in-state tuition to residents regardless of immigration status and establish driving privilege cards so families can safely get to school, work, and worship. She has also prioritized protecting and expanding access to reproductive rights and supporting families through establishing paid family and medical leave.

Her conservative opponent, Republican Suzanne Fox, is anti-choice. Little is known about her stance on immigration, gun safety, and issues impacting members of the LGBT community. Fox has served on the Leesburg Town Council since 2014.

Senator Boysko the progressive choice in this race.

House of Delegates

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below House of Delegate races on your ballot.

House District 010


Wendy W. Gooditis photo

Incumbent Democratic Delegate Wendy Gooditis was elected in 2017. Health care access is an important issue for Delegate Gooditis because she lost her brother to a mental illness after he was denied Medicaid coverage. That experience motivated Gooditis’s vote to expand Virginia’s Medicaid program to 400,000 more Virginians. She also supports investments in renewable energy and clean air and water. She wants to increase teacher pay and ensure that Virginia public schools are the best they can be. She also supports fair redistricting reform so that everyone’s voice can be heard in our elections.

Her opponent, Republican Randy Minchew, was the Delegate for this district from 2012 to 2017. While a member of the House of Delegates, Minchew voted for bills that would make voting harder for some people by requiring a state issued photo ID. He also voted to defund Planned Parenthood and to require an ultrasound before a person can receive abortion care. He voted to repeal the one-gun-a-month law and is against gun violence prevention.

Delegate Wendy Gooditis is the more progressive choice because of her support for health care access and clean energy.

House District 032


David A. Reid photo

Incumbent Democratic Delegate David Reid supports gun violence prevention measures, is pro-choice, and wants to ensure the safety of our senior citizens. He supports further expanding Medicaid to more people to ensure that all Virginians have the opportunity for healthcare. Reid wants to reclaim more of our taxpayer money and invest it into education, transportation, and public safety. He believes in limited non-renewable energy, as well as holding companies accountable that pollute our air and water.

Delegate Reid is running unopposed, making him the progressive choice for the 32nd District.

House District 033


Mavis B. Taintor photo

Democratic candidate Mavis Taintor was the founder and Co-CEO of Callidus Capital Management. She and her husband now own and run a horse farm together. She lost her son to addiction and depression after our health care system failed him. Taintor felt called to run for office to ensure other parents don’t have to go through the same tragedy.

Affordable and accessible health care for everyone is at the center of Taintor’s campaign. She supports increased funding for mental health services and eliminating work requirements for Medicaid. She is pro-choice, supporting abortion access and funding for women’s health services. Taintor is also a strong supporter of Virginia’s workers and supports increasing the minimum wage to $15 and repealing the so-called right-to-work laws that prevent people from joining unions. As Delegate, Taintor would support equality for everyone and would vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. She would also vote to prevent employment discrimination for LGBTQ Virginians.

Incumbent Republican Delegate Dave LaRock was elected to the House of Delegates in 2013. He is strongly anti-choice and sponsored a bill that would require parents to opt-in their children for sex education in public schools. He has an A rating from the NRA and opposes common sense gun violence prevention legislation. Delegate LaRock opposed Medicaid expansion, which allowed an additional 300,000 Virginians to access affordable health care.

Mavis Taintor is the progressive choice for the 34th District because of her support of reproductive rights, Medicaid expansion, and increasing the minimum wage.

House District 034


Kathleen J. Murphy photo

Incumbent Democratic Delegate Kathleen Murphy has been a member of the House of Delegates since 2015. She is a member of the House Finance, Privileges and Elections, and Transportation Committees. Murphy is the mother of four children and two step-children. She and her husband, Bill Sudow, are long-time McLean residents. When the House of Delegates is not in session, Murphy serves as President of Johnson, Murphy, and Associates, a consulting firm. Before becoming a member of the House of Delegates, Murphy served as senior staff to Congressman Charlie Wilson, and she was once a co-writer and producer for Nickelodeon Television. She graduated magna cum laude from American University .

Delegate Murphy is a strong advocate for progressive values. She supports abortion access, believing that people should make decisions for themselves. Delegate Murphy is also a strong advocate for gun violence prevention. She was personally impacted by the issue when her brother was shot and killed by two gunmen. As a Northern Virginia resident, Delegate Murphy wants to come up with transportation solutions but does not support adding tolls to I-66. Delegate Murphy supports equitable education, including funding for pre-K programs and freezing tuition hikes at Virginia’s public colleges and universities. She also supports equal pay for women.

Running against Delegate Murphy is Republican Gary Pan. He is a business owner who supports reducing government regulations that keep us safe and healthy. Pan has chosen to remain silent on important issues like abortion access, gun violence prevention, paid family leave, and raising the minimum wage.

Delegate Murphy is the more progressive choice in this race because of her support of abortion access and increasing teacher pay.

House District 067


Karrie Delaney photo

Incumbent Democratic Delegate Karrie Delaney is dedicated to bringing innovative economic growth, world-class education, and healthcare for all to Northern Virginia. She is a mother of two and former Communications Director for Shared Hope International, a non-profit working to end sex trafficking.

A Delegate since 2017, Delaney has been fighting for Fairfax as an advocate for women and children. She sponsored a bill that would invalidate settlement agreements and NDA clauses when a sexual harassment victim is not represented by counsel.

Delegate Delaney is running unopposed and is the progressive choice for this seat.

House District 086


Ibraheem Samirah photo

Incumbent Democratic Delegate Ibraheem Samirah was born in Chicago. He’s a second-generation Palestinian-American whose parents were refugees. On February 20, 2019, he became the second Muslim elected to the Virginia General Assembly.

Delegate Samirah’s priorities are healthcare, transportation, education, and the environment.He believes that healthcare should and must be a right for all Americans. He voted to expand programs in the Virginia Department of Health and fights to preserve Medicaid expansion. He is also a strong advocate of expanding access to public transportation and decreasing the cost of tolls in the busy I-66 corridor. He defends school funding and advocates for universal pre-k. One of his top priorities is preserving the environment and Virginia’s natural beauty. Delegate Samirah promises to fight climate change, expand renewable energy sources, and vows to never accept money from Dominion Energy.

Delegate Samirah is running unopposed and is the progressive choice in this race.

House District 087


Suhas Subramanyam photo

Democratic candidate Suhas Subramanyam served on Capitol Hill as a health care and veteran’s policy aide. In that role, he worked to draft legislation to increase job opportunities and funding for veterans. He later earned his law degree with honors at Northwestern University School of Law, volunteering at the Center for Wrongful Convictions. Subramanyam also clerked for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, where he helped re-introduce the DREAM Act and worked on criminal justice reforms.

Subramanyam’s platform includes increased healthcare access, increased education funding, and common sense gun reform. He also wants to pass equality legislation such as anti-housing discrimination, anti-hate crime, and equal rights laws.

His Republican opponent, Bill Drennan, is an Air Force combat veteran and former presidential military aide to President Ronald Reagan. Drennan is campaigning on his desire to limit reproductive rights in Virginia. He also opposes common sense gun violence prevention legislation and raising the minimum wage.

Subramanyam is the more progressive choice in this race.

Loudoun County

Loudoun Supervisor Chairperson

Phyllis Randall photo

Chairwoman Phyllis Randall is a retired mental health therapist. She worked with incarcerated people who have substance abuse issues in a local adult detention center. She and her husband have lived in Loudoun since 2003, and they are the parents of two sons.

Randall was elected Chair at Large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in November 2015. She was the first woman of color in Virginia’s history to be elected chair of a County Board. As Loudoun’s Chair at Large, she represents Loudoun on various regional, state and national bodies including the National Association of Counties Health and Human Resources Committee. Chairwoman Randall has been outspoken against the Trump administration and has advocated for fair voting rights and universal kindergarten. Randall has also increased teacher pay and implemented green energy policies. She is also passionate about finding solutions to the opioid crisis and helped to reestablish a county Drug Court, prioritizing treatment over incarceration.

Former Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck is an attorney and proud Trump supporter. Ashburn attorney Robert Ohneiser, an independent candidate says he is running on the platform on lowering property tax rates, addressing traffic issues on Route 9 and Route 15 and improving coordination with Fairfax County to find lower costs for commodity materials needed by both counties.

Because of her commitment to racial equity, environment preservation, and ending the opioid crisis, Randall is the more progressive choice in this race.

Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney

Buta Biberaj photo

Buta Biberaj was raised in New York City. She attended Fordham University, and then transferred to George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Education in 1987 and received her J.D. from the George Mason University School of Law in 1993.

Biberaj has been a lawyer in Loudoun for 25 years and a substitute judge for more than 11 years. She cares deeply about reforming the criminal justice system to prioritize prevention and reformative justice. She wants to tackle criminal justice disparities and seek justice for victims, reductions in racial disparities, and offer treatment, education, and job training to low-level offenders rather than jail time. She vows to work collaboratively with police so that our resources are directed to the most serious crimes against people, including sexual assault, human trafficking, and homicide.

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney and Republican-endorsed candidate, Nicole Wittmann, has been a prosecutor for 25 years. Her platform does not discuss many progressive issues important to us such as mandatory minimums or prevention programs for at-risk populations.

Buta Biberaj has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee and is the more progressive choice because of her commitment to progressive criminal justice policies like prevention programs for at-risk populations and policies that decrease racial disparities within our justice system.

Loudoun Treasurer

Kannan Srinivasan photo

Kannan Srinivasan is the Democratic candidate for county Treasurer. He lives in Potomac Falls, Virginia with his wife, Jayashree. They both are active in NAACP Loudoun’s Education Committee. Kannan and his family have been residents of Northern Virginia since the mid 90s. He attended Old Dominion University (ODU) to earn his masters degree in Accounting where he specialized in cost/performance management for service industries and did research on government financial management.

He had a successful public accounting practice helping companies of all sizes improve operational efficiencies and tax functions. He worked for a global insurance leader in finance and performance management. Kannan now leads a team of operations professionals. His platform focuses on bringing transparency, innovation and accountability into the Treasurer's office.

H. Roger Zurn, Jr., a Republican, has been Treasurer for 24 years. Zurn's public service dates to 1990 when he was elected to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to represent the Sterling District. Zurn was raised in Baltimore, Md., and is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in bank management. He worked at several local banks until he reached the level of senior lending officer. He left banking to start a business with his wife before entering local politics.

Kannan Srinivasan is the more progressive choice because of his commitment to bringing transparency into the Treasurer’s office.

Loudoun Sheriff

Justin Hannah photo

Justin Hannah is an Army reserve intelligence officer Captain.Hannah lives in Aldie with his partner and their two children. He served in the National Guard while receiving degrees from Valley Forge Military Academy & College and The American University School of Public Affairs.

Hannah has called for better enforcement of current gun laws and for the passage of more effective gun laws. He wants to keep the influence of special interests, including the National Rifle Association, out of the Sheriff’s Office and its decision making process.

Hannah wants to replace Loudoun’s failed drug education programs and replace the ineffective D.A.R.E. program with one of the many more successful variants that are used across the country. He vows to implement extensive job training, GED, and higher education programs that will allow inmates to start a new life when they are released. Hannah also plans to minimize cooperation with ICE while maximizing public safety.

Hannah will face incumbent Sheriff Mike Chapman in November's general election. Chapman is seeking his third term as the county's chief law enforcement officer. He has faced criticism for his role in advancing the county’s cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and deport immigrants.

Hannah is the more progressive choice.

Loudoun School Board

Denise Corbo photo

Denise Corbo is a 33 year Loudoun County resident, 25-year LCPS teacher, and mother of 3 LCPS graduates. She received a master’s degree in elementary education from Marymount University. Corbo is president and founder of StoryBook Treasures, a nonprofit organization that aims to increase a love of literacy in children.

Corbo wants the county to bring more data and transparency to decision making. She also wants to hire diverse employees, require diversity training, and implement a culturally-responsive curriculum. Corbo has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Julie Sisson has lived in Virginia for 30 years and has two children. She is concerned about the school budget and has pledged to oppose increased funding. She has been endorsed by the Loudoun GOP.

Kenya Savage and Denise Corbo are both progressive choices because of their commitment to tackling inequality and their efforts to diversity staff recruitment.

Kenya Savage photo

Kenya Savage is a mother, community advocate, and Booz Allen Hamilton national security professional who graduated from Morgan State University. She has sat on county boards, commissions, and organizations across Loudoun. Her priorities are accountability, choice, training, and safety. She believes the district should promote annual mandatory implicit bias training to promote inclusiveness for all LCPS personnel and School Board members. She also advocates for diversity in staff recruitment and the implementation of a culturally-responsive curriculum.

District Offices

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below county races on your ballot.

Algonkian County District Offices

Algonkian Supervisor

Juli Briskman photo

Juli Briskman is a proud single mom of two teenagers who was thrown into the limelight after famously flipping off President Trump while riding her bike. Briskman has lived and worked in Loudoun County for more than 20 years. She worked professionally in journalism and communications and volunteered with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Galilee United Methodist Church.

Briskman supports a number of progressive issues including paid family and medical leave policy for all county staff, pay equity, and diversity in county employees. She also vows to fight for the county’s first responders by addressing their concerns about staffing standards, health care coverage disparities, cancer prevention, and mental health issues. She also supports paying teachers higher salaries and wants to address racial inequities in public school education.

Incumbent Suzanne Volpe was elected to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in 2011. Volpe campaigned for President Trump in 2016.

Juli Briskman is the more progressive choice in this race.

Algonkian School Board

Atoosa R. Reaser photo

Atoosa R. Reaser has worked as an educator and is endorsed by the Loudoun Education Association. Reaser is married with one son. She graduated from James Madison University, majoring in Modern Foreign Languages and minoring in Secondary Education, and obtained her Virginia Teaching License. She also earned a law degree from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. She has been very active in Algonkian and was appointed to the Community Policy and Management Team, which administers services provided to at-risk youth and families and the Executive Board of the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee ("MSAAC").

Reaser believes that receiving a great education allows children to reach their full potential and give back to their community. Since beginning her campaign, she has met with every school principal in Loudoun County and sat on numerous board meetings to better understand the issues impacting students. She vows to ensure every child receives an equitable education, regardless of learning ability or educational goals. School safety, an increase in salaries for educators, and an investment into infrastructure are some of her priorities. She will also work to improve transparency by making communication easier between school board members and community members.

Melanie F. Turner is a parent and activist and GOP-endorsed candidate. She will advocate for an increase in STEM and vocational programs. Turner also plans to implement school safety policies that wouldn’t burden educators and students. Transparency in the school system and competitive academic programming is important to her.

Reaser is the more progressive choice because of her commitment to increasing equity in education and her push for an increase in salaries for educators.

Ashburn County District Offices

Ashburn Supervisor

Mike Turner photo

Colonel Mike Turner is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and pilot. From 2003-2004, Col. Turner was a national military commentator for CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NPR, KQED radio, and Newsweek Online. Col. Turner received the Bronze Star Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Air Medal, and is credited with 14 saves as an air rescue helicopter pilot. He has a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a Master of Business Administration from Chapman University in California.

In a 2015 questionnaire, Turner discussed the importance of building affordable housing in Ashburn. He wants to develop a multi-modal transportation network using car, bike, pedestrian, and long and short-haul mass transit to better connect our communities. This public transportation transformation would make it easier for low-income people to go to work.

Col. Mike Turner is endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee and is running unopposed. He is the more progressive choice in this race.

Ashburn School Board

Eric D. Hornberger photo

Eric D. Hornberger grew up in San Diego, CA, and earned a B.A. in History/Political Science from Point Loma Nazarene University and a Master’s degree in International Affairs from American University. He has served as Executive Director of the Mustard Seed Foundation for twelve years. He lives in Ashburn with his wife and three children. Hornberger was first elected to the Loudoun County School Board in November 2011 and is endorsed by the Loudoun Education Association.

Hornberger’s priorities include increased salaries for educators, smaller class sizes, and increased investment in STEM and extracurricular programs. He is passionate about bringing innovation and creativity into public school education and providing students with personalized instruction. Hornberger believes that policies that prioritize mental health and school safety are essential to a well working school system.

Harris Mahedavi photo

Harris Mahedavi is a parent, soccer coach, and Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts. His priorities include an increase in salaries for educators, an investment in STEM programs, and increased communication between schools and parents. He has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Both Hornberger and Mahedavi are progressive choices because they support smaller class sizes, higher pay for educators, and investments into STEM and extracurricular programs.

Blue Ridge County District Offices

Blue Ridge Supervisor

Tia Walbridge photo

Tia Walbridge has received the endorsement of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee for Blue Ridge District seat on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. She is a farmer, small businesswoman, and wife with two daughters. She is a Governor's appointee to the Virginia Agricultural Council. She also serves on the board of Dandelion Meadow, a nonprofit that provides facilities for women battling addiction in Loudoun County. Walbridge vows to preserve our green spaces and invest in our public schools.

Walbridge’s opponent, incumbent Tony R. Buffington, Jr., was elected to represent the Blue Ridge District on the Board of Supervisors in 2015. Buffington is a Republican and serves on the Finance/Government Operations and Economic Development Committee. He also represents the Board of Supervisors on the Coalition of Loudoun Towns (COLT).

Tia Walbridge is the more progressive choice in the race.

Blue Ridge School Board

Ian J. Serotkin photo

Ian J. Serotkin is originally from Jericho, New York. He is married with two children, both Loudoun County Public School students. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Technology from Johns Hopkins University and currently works as a Senior IT Director.

Ian Serotkin was endorsed by the Loudoun Education Association PAC. His priorities include improving special education classes, decreasing class size, and implementing trade school programs. Serotkin understands that Loudoun County educators deserve more. He is advocating for higher pay, paid parental leave, and lactation rooms in school buildings. Serotkin has also advocated for school professionals to participate in implicit bias training in order to eliminate disproportionate and discriminatory student discipline. Ian is also a member of the More Recess for Virginians group, an advocacy group which successfully advocated at the state and county level to change our recess policy.

Ram Venkatachalam has lived in Loudoun County for ten years with his wife and children. Venkatachalam has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and a master’s degree in Computer Science. He currently works as an IT consultant. Venkatachalam advocates for smaller class sizes, increased STEM opportunities for students, and campus safety.

Ian J. Serotkin is the more progressive choice because of his commitment to providing paid parental leave to school staff, increased pay, and support of lactation rooms for new moms.

Broad Run County District Offices

Broad Run Supervisor

Sylvia Glass photo

Sylvia Glass is the Democratic nominee running for Broad Run Supervisor. Glass is passionate about her community. She believes her experience as a teacher, community advocate, and mother will make her a good Supervisor.

Glass has been a strong advocate for equal rights in the school system by supporting progressive education policies including protections for LGBTQ+ students and staff in our schools. She is also a member of the local teacher’s union and has pushed to fully fund Loudoun County schools. Glass is a member of the Loudoun chapter of Moms Demand Action, a grassroots movement that promotes gun safety measures through local and national legislation. She has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Jim Bonfils is the Republican nominee. Bonfils is a former Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and Trump supporter. Bonfils has not been very vocal on progressive issues we care about, and will likely work to promote conservative policies.

Sylvia Glass is the more progressive candidate in this race because of her commitment to diversity, gun violence prevention, and education.

Broad Run School Board

Leslee M. King photo

Leslee M. King is an advanced systems engineer and a software engineer. She has worked with all branches of the military as well as US Central Command, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, the U.S. Senate, various Intelligence Agencies, several colleges, State, and city groups.

She has voiced support for raising the cap on students allowed to attend Thomas Jefferson High School in the agreement between Fairfax County Public Schools and Loudoun. She also wants to update schools to make them safer, provide mental health counseling and encourage kindness. She has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Andrew T. Hoyler is a pilot and former football coach. He attended Loudoun Public Schools as a student, graduating from Briar Woods High School. His position on the agreement between Fairfax County Public Schools and Loudoun over allowing students to attend Thomas Jefferson High School is to fully support removing the cap of students allowed to attend and reinstating transportation options for students. Additionally, his platform has other equity proposals such as lowering extra curricular fees for parents so that finances aren’t a barrier to participation.

Leslee King is the more progressive choice in this race.

Catoctin County District Offices

Catoctin Supervisor

James Forest Hayes photo

James Forest Hayes has been endorsed for Catoctin Supervisor by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee. Hayes is a husband and father of two children. He served as staff on several U.S. House of Representatives subcommittees while working for Congressman Jose E. Serrano, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congresswoman Julia Carson and Congressman Peter Visclosky. He has also served as a consultant to local municipalities, non-profit organizations, and community development corporations.

Hayes plans to prioritize high-quality public school education for all. He supports small school modernization, a robust rural economy, workforce housing, universal broadband, and preserving open spaces.

Caleb A. Kershner has been endorsed by the Loudoun Republican Committee. Kershner is a Hamilton resident and local attorney who once represented a sheriff accused of body slamming a prisoner. Samuel Kroiz, an Independent nominee, is a full-time farmer concerned about rural land being used for business development.

James Forest Hayes is the more progressive choice.

Catoctin School Board

Jenna Alexander photo

Jenna Alexander has lived in Loudoun for 12 years. She is a parent and has been heavily involved in the PTA at her children’s school. She served as the Director of Loudoun’s county-wide PTA, overseeing 52 PTAs. Now, she works at the Virginia PTA as the Vice President of Advocacy.

Her platform includes expanding safety provisions, fixing infrastructure, and increasing support for teachers. She supports equity and opportunity with the schools. Her platform includes plans to protect small rural schools and to support homeschoolers who want to play sports.

Zerell S. Johnson-Welch photo

Zerell S. Johnson-Welch is an attorney and former chairwoman of the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Council. Her time on the council and her experience as a Loudoun parent pushed her to be vocal about expanding opportunities for minorities.

Similarly to Alexander, Johnson-Welch includes expanding safety provisions, fixing infrastructure, and increasing support for teachers on her platform. Johnson-Welch has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

John Beatty is an IT director and computer science teacher. He lives in Loudoun with his wife and four children. He is a member of the Waterford Citizens Association, the Loudoun Beekeepers association, and the Waterford Foundation. Beatty supports an agreement between Loudoun County Schools and Fairfax County Public Schools to send students to Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (TJ).

Both Jenna Alexander and Zerell S. Johnson-Welch are the progressive choices in this race.

Dulles County District Offices

Dulles Supervisor

Sreedhar Nagireddi photo

Democratic candidate Sreedhar Nagireddi is the father of two children, Loudoun Transit Advisory Board member, and Director of the non-profit VTSeva. Nagireddi was appointed as a commissioner for the 2020 Census by the Governor. In this capacity he will work to ensure that all citizens are counted during the 2020 Census. An accurate account of all residents ensures that communities receive the resources and representation that they need. Nagireddi is very active in the local Young Democrats group and participated in a vigil for recent mass shootings. He has also been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Republican Matthew F. Letourneau has been on the Board of Supervisors since 2012. He is originally from Central Massachusetts. He chairs the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC), which oversees public transit in Northern Virginia.

Nagireddi is the more progressive choice because of his commitment to making sure all citizens are counted during the Census 2020, ensuring that communities receive the resources and representation they deserve.

Dulles School Board

No Good Choices

Jeff Morse was elected to the School Board in 2011. He has been married to his wife Karen for 21 years. They have three children, two of whom are attending Loudoun County public schools and one studying at Virginia Tech. Morse grew up in Vienna, graduated from Virginia Tech, and was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. He served on active duty for 20 years, retiring as a Commander in 2006.

Morse’s campaign focuses on streamlining efficiencies and spending within the school system, like addressing shortcomings and inconsistencies in special education and English Language Learner services, perfecting personalized learning across the division, and removing distractions so that educators can teach to all students at a pace best suited for their optimal learning. He has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Republican Committee.

We recommend writing in a candidate of your choice due to Jeff Morse’s conservative platform.

Leesburg County District Offices

Leesburg Supervisor

Kristen Umstattd photo

Kristen Umstattd is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University with a B.A. in Russian and East European Studies. She holds a J.D. from Yale Law School and a Certificate in Chinese Studies from Cheng-chi University in Taiwan. She is married and is the mother of one daughter.

Kristen was elected to represent the Leesburg District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in November 2015. She serves on the Board's Transportation and Land Use Committee. She is also one of the Board's representatives on the Transportation Committee of the Virginia Association of Counties, as well as the Annexation Area Development Policy Committee, the Family Services Board, and the Potomac Watershed Roundtable.

Kristen Umstattd is running unopposed and vows to fight for lower taxes and water bills. She has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Umstattd is the more progressive choice.

Leesburg School Board

Beth Barts photo

Beth Barts has been a Leesburg district resident for 23 years and has two children in public schools. She received her teaching degree from Shepherd University and became a school librarian for Winchester City Schools and then Loudoun County Public Schools. She has served her community as a PTA officer, a classroom volunteer, and as a Girl Scout troop leader.

Barts is passionate about making sure all students have access to real-world curriculum experience. She wants to do this by utilizing School Business Partnerships, expanding career and technical education, and STEM education at every high school. She approaches education with a “whole child” strategy that supports and nurtures all areas of children’s development and learning. She has also supported increased staff compensation and smaller classroom sizes for all education professionals. She is endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Joseph J. Newcomer is a father and businessman in Leesburg. His platform includes a strong focus on fiscal responsibility, and he vows to improve and enhance student safety, including physical school security and additional School Resource Officers. He also plans to expand programs for Special and Gifted Education.

Beth Barts is the more progressive choice due to her “whole child” approach that focuses on policies, practices, and relationships that ensure each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Sterling County District Offices

Sterling Supervisor

Koran T. Saines photo

Democratic candidate Koran Saines is a Sterling native who graduated from the Indiana Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. He is a single father to a 13-year-old son, and he has been an assistant coach to his son’s baseball team for several years. He currently works at WGL as a human resource professional.

Saines is the current Supervisor for the Sterling District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. He was elected in 2015. He represents Loudoun on the Northern Virginia Manpower Consortium Workforce Investment Board and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments' Climate Energy and Environment Policy Committee. Saines has fought to expand access access to affordable health care by working with community organizations to help people sign up for the Affordable Care Act. He also fought to fully fund our public schools and increase funding for after-school programs.

Damien P. Katsirubas is the Independent nominee. He was born and raised in Northern Virginia and graduated from George Mason University. Katsirubas prioritizes lower spending and reducing property taxes.

Koran Saines is the more progressive choice because of his commitment to expanding access to affordable health care and his push for more after-school programs.

Sterling School Board

Brenda Sheridan photo

Brenda Sheridan was born and raised in upstate New York. She earned a BS in Criminal Justice from Rochester Institute of Technology and currently works as a Security Analyst. She has lived in Sterling for 21 years with her husband, Keith, and two children. She was a Loudoun County Public Schools substitute teacher between 2004 - 2011 and was Forest Grove Elementary School’s 2006-2007 Substitute of the Year.

Sheridan is passionate about equity and leads the newly formed Ad Hoc Committee on
Equity. She looks forward to making changes that directly impact the issues brought forward by the Equity Assessment. Equity and salary increases are central to her campaign. She is endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Mike Neely has been endorsed by the Loudoun GOP. He is married with five children and calls Sterling, Virginia home. Mike is committed to ensuring the School Board is accountable to students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers. He vows to work with community first responders to ensure a safe and welcoming school environment. He also plans to create fiscal efficiency and transparency.

Brenda Sheridan is the most progressive choice because of her participation in the Ad Hoc Committee on Equity which looks at topics such as diversity in hiring, disproportionate discipline, under-representation of certain minority groups in programming and curriculum.