Caroline County

Caroline County

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th

The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility. Please share this guide with your friends and family.

Senate District 004

State Senator

Stanton Scott photo

Democratic candidate Stan Scott is a military veteran who moved to Virginia after retiring from the Army in 2002. He went to George Washington University, pursuing doctoral work in international relations and public policy. Scott now resides in Mechanicsville and has been a member of the Hanover Democratic Committee for over ten years.

Scott believes in healthcare accessibility and supports Medicaid Expansion. In his campaign, he has prioritized completely closing the healthcare gap that still remains. Scott urges investment in universal pre-kindergarten and equal funding for all schools. He wants to increase teacher pay, make college tuition more affordable, and better fund community colleges. He supports commonsense gun violence prevention measures, including closing the gun show loophole. Scott also supports clean energy and wants to force polluting utility monopolies to pay for the damage they do.

Incumbent Republican Senator Ryan McDougle voted against expanding Medicaid to 400,000 Virignians. He opposes gun violence prevention measures and has voted to expand gun rights in Virginia. Senator McDougle is anti-choice. He voted for legislation that scapegoats immigrants and opposed state ratification of the ERA. He voted against legislation that would prohibit discrimination in housing based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Scott is the progressive choice in this race.

House of Delegates

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below House of Delegate races on your ballot.

House District 054


Neri Canahui-Ortiz photo

Democratic candidate Neri Canahui-Ortiz is the President of Local 1665 Carpenters Union. Canahui-Ortiz may be new to politics but he is not new to serving his community. He has been an advocate for policies that impact all Virginians, including our immigrant community. He is also outspoken on the atrocities occurring at the border and vows to fight for sensible gun laws.

His opponent is Delegate Robert Orrock Sr., a far-right conservative who was elected to the House of Delegates in 1990. He voted to notify ICE when undocumented Virginians are in police custody, even for low-level and non-violent offenses. He was also a staunch opponent of Medicaid expansion in Virginia. Orrock is also anti-choice and believes politicians should insert themselves between people and their doctors when making medical decisions.

Canahui-Ortiz is the progressive choice in this race due to his support of unions, the immigrant community, and gun violence prevention.

House District 055


Morgan Goodman photo

Democratic candidate Morgan Goodman has a master's degree in environmental and natural resource policy. Her professional experience includes working in the state and federal government and working for nonprofits. She serves on the PTA and as a co-leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

Goodman is centering her campaign on environmental protection, and she supports protecting and restoring Virginia’s waterways. She has vowed to protect the civil liberties all Virginians by prohibiting discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation, ensuring equal pay for equal work, and making it easier for Virginians to exercise their right to vote. She also supports public schools and raising teacher pay.

Goodman is running against incumbent Republican Delegate Buddy Fowler Jr., who opposed expanding Medicaid for Virginia families. He is also against increasing the minimum wage.

Morgan Goodman is the more progressive choice in this race.

House District 099


Francis Edwards photo

Democratic candidate Francis Edwards, a retired international CEO of QVC, graduated from the University of Cambridge with honors. He earned a masters degree in engineering and a postgraduate degree in business administration. He is originally from London and came to America seeking the American dream of ‘'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

Edwards’ campaign platform includes ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, fair redistricting reform, and enacting automatic voter registration. He also vows to bring broadband internet to all areas of Virginia.

Incumbent Republican Delegate Margaret Ransone was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2011 has constantly shown us that progressive issues are not her priority. She is a strong supporter of Virginia’s Right to Work laws, policies that are designed to destroy labor unions. She has opposed legislation to protect reproductive rights, and voted against expanding Medicaid in Virginia.

Francis Edwards is the more progressive choice in this race.