City of Williamsburg

City of Williamsburg

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th

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Senate District 001

State Senator

T. Monty Mason photo

Incumbent Senator Monty Mason is a longtime Virginian. He graduated from the College of William and Mary and has worked in real estate in Williamsburg for the last 25 years. Before becoming a Senator, he served as the Delegate for the 93rd District. He has supported reproductive rights by voting in favor of lowering taxes on menstrual products and voting against medically unnecessary ultrasounds. He also opposed a bill that would have removed state funding for abortions.

Senator Mason has also supported gun violence prevention. He opposed a bill that would have allowed emergency responders to carry concealed weapons on duty. Senator Mason is also passionate about job opportunities and accessible education, including for families of civilians and veterans. His platform includes ensuring that senior citizens are receiving the best care possible when entering care systems.

Sen. Mason is running unopposed, and because of his strong progressive stances on issues like the environment, gun safety, and reproductive healthcare, he is the progressive choice in this race.

House District 093


Mike Mullin photo

In Delegate Mike Mullin's (D) first year as a legislator, he passed four bills---more than any other freshman legislator in the House of Delegates that year. He is a private practice attorney and resident of Newport News. He is passionate about ending the school-to-prison pipeline and ensuring equal pay for equal work.

Delegate Mullin was a strong supporter of expanding Medicaid in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is also committed to making sure we have an environment that protects our region’s natural beauty and encourages job creation.

His conservative opponent, Heather Cordasco (R), has been consistently and proudly anti-choice. Her opposition to employer-provided contraception, abortion, and Planned Parenthood make her dangerous to the health of all Virginians if she is elected.

Delegate Mullin is the more progressive choice in this race.