Public Utility District 1(Whatcom County PUD)


Christine Grant

Submitted by alexwhite on Mon, 10/05/2020 - 15:34

Christine Grant is challenging incumbent Jeffrey McClure to become the first woman commissioner of Public Utility District (PUD) 1 of Whatcom County. Grant is a first-time candidate who has spent 12 years becoming an industry expert, consulting for rural electric cooperatives, utilities, and government agencies. She also serves on the board of directors for Spark Northwest.

Grant is running to modernize the policy objectives of Whatcom's PUD. Specifically, she wants to build long-overdue infrastructure for accessible and widespread internet, guarantee affordable electricity, and integrate sustainability and stewardship into PUD projects. Grant has earned a number of notable endorsements from progressive organizations and leaders.

Incumbent commissioner and architect Jeffrey McClure has held a position on the Whatcom Public Utility District since 2008. McClure has been a diligent member of the Whatcom PUD. However, as we face a climate crisis and the economic opportunity that it presents, we need bold and innovative leaders to keep our county competitive and our rates low.

Christine Grant will fight for the progressive change that Whatcom needs from its public utility district. She is the best choice in this race and deserves your vote.