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Linda Deos

Elect Linda Deos to push Yolo County in the right direction.

About the Position

Each of the 58 counties in California is governed by a five-person board of supervisors. A board of supervisors has legislative and executive power to manage county services and resources, including courts, jails, public health, and public lands. They also have quasi-judicial powers, which gives them the right to hold hearings, conduct investigations, and make decisions in a manner similar to judicial courts. Laws passed by Boards of Supervisors are generally called ordinances. Because counties include both incorporated cities, which are administered by their own city councils and unincorporated areas, which are directly administered by the county, ordinances may or may not apply in different areas of the county. Supervisors are typically ‎limited to three terms, or 12 years in office total.

About the District

Yolo County is California's 27th most populous county. Yolo County’s Board of Supervisors oversees the needs of 220,000 people and manages an estimated budget of $419 million for the 2019–2020 session. The county is governed by a board of five district supervisors as well as the local governments of its four incorporated cities: Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland.

About the Race

In the primary, challenger Linda Deos trailed incumbent Supervisor Jim Provenza by a margin of 10.9 percent. Deos’s campaign has raised $99,578 and has not committed to any campaign pledges. Provenza’s campaign has raised $29,635 and has also not committed to any campaign pledges.

About the Candidate

Linda Deos, a consumer protection attorney, lives in Davis, CA. According to campaign materials, Deos is running to take action on housing, jobs, and sustainability.

Linda Deos’s priorities for Yolo County this term include matching the City of Davis’s commitment to achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2040, diverting county funds toward childcare assistance, and building residences for farmworkers and the unhoused.

Linda Deos began her involvement in progressive causes early, helping to found the Monterey County Domestic Violence Hotline and organizing fundraisers for Sacramento WEAVE, the primary provider of crisis-intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County. After being fired from the Foreign Service for her sexual orientation, she was motivated to attend law school to protect people like herself. In addition to her work as a consumer protection attorney, Deos has served on the Davis Utilities Commission, the Cannabis Business Tax Citizens’ Advisory Committee, and the Yolo County Health Council. She is a longtime supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights.

Linda Deos is endorsed by many progressive groups in the district. According to our analysis, Deos is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office.


Linda Deos

A long-time resident of the City of Davis, Linda Deos originally intended to run for Davis City Council. She was inspired to run for Yolo County Supervisor after conversations with residents and activists made it clear issues like criminal justice reform and immigration were county-wide issues.

Linda Deos is a consumer protection attorney who has effectively defended clients in bankruptcy, student loans, and debt collection. She is running on a platform of criminal justice reform, housing, and sustainability. Deos wants to make Yolo a “Rural Innovation Hub” to attract higher paying jobs, affordable housing for all, non-incarcerative justice, and a local Green New Deal. She also volunteers at Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals’ Know Your Law Clinics, and as a mediator for ADA disability access cases for the Eastern District of California. She also serves on the Davis Utility Rate Advisory Commission, the Cannabis Tax Citizens’ Advisory Committee, and the Board of Directors for the Yolo Basin Foundation.

Linda Deos is running against David Abramson, a local activist, to unseat incumbent Jim Provenza. Linda Deos is the best progressive choice because of her strong, well-rounded vision for Yolo County.

According to our analysis, Linda Deos is the strongest choice for progressive leadership in office.