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Measure X: County of Contra Costa Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance - YES

Vote YES on Measure X to issue a county-wide general .5 percent sales tax to provide 20 years of revenue for publicly provided services in Contra Costa County.

Measure X asks voters to approve a general sales tax of .5 percent to be added to sales within Contra Costa County to provide a 20-year revenue source to fund both essential community and public-provided services in a sustainable way. Exemptions for the proposed sales tax include: groceries, prescription medicines, utilities, health services, and many more listed here. Estimates predict that Measure X will bring $81 million annually to the county to help fund critical services that could face severe budget cuts with the onset of COVID-19. The County Board of Supervisors will deliberate on oversight frameworks proposed by the community by the end of 2020.

Why voting YES on Measure X matters:
  • Measure X will ensure steady revenue toward emergency services that face longer response times. For example, East Contra Costa Fire, which is responsible for over 120,000 residents, only has three fire stations, which places pressure on the neighboring Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.
  • Contra Costa’s regional hospital continues to experience staff reductions in the midst of a $70 million budget deficit, with a concerning potential of discontinuing services for thousands of people during a pandemic. Measure X will provide immediate relief for these financially depleted services.
  • Early childhood programs, mental-health services, and interpersonal violence services have all been severely affected by the budget crisis, even before the pandemic. Underfunded local nonprofits are seeing a tremendous increase in people requesting these services with the onset of COVID-19. Measure X will help meet the needs of these highly used community services. 
Top Funders
  • The top contributor fueling the campaign in support of Measure X is Service Employees International Union Local 1021. SEIU Local 1021 represents almost 60,000 employees throughout Northern California in governments, health-care programs, and nonprofit agencies.
  • No committees were formed in opposition to Measure X.

There is no prominent misinformation about Measure X.


Diane Burgis

Diane Burgis lives in Oakley with her family and has lived in Contra Costa County for most of her life. She has served as the Supervisor for District 3 for three years. According to campaign materials she is running for re-election to continue advocating for responsible environmental stewardship, improved transportation infrastructure, and effective delivery of county services. 

As the Supervisor for the County’s largest geographic district, Diane serves on over two dozen committees including the 2020 Census, the Delta Protection Commission, and the Contra Costa County Family Justice Center. Before her election to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, she served in the East Bay Regional Park District as the Ward 7 Director. While there, she managed a $205 million budget for over 120,000 acres in both Alameda and Contra Costa County. 

Diane Burgis is running against Paul Seger, who serves on the Board of Directors for the Diablo Water Project. Despite Paul Seger’s seemingly progressive agenda, Diane Burgis' notable strong support from local officials and organizations make her the stronger candidate. 

According to our analysis, Diane Burgis is the strongest choice for progressive leadership in office.