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Kevin Mullin

Re-elect State Assemblymember Kevin Mullin to keep AD-22 on the right track.

About the Position

State Assembly Members form part of the California State Legislature, and work alongside the governor to establish laws and a state budget. They hold the power to pass bills that affect public policy, set state spending levels, raise and lower taxes, and uphold or override the governor’s vetoes. The California State Assembly has 80 districts. Each represents a population of at least 465,000 Californians. Representatives are elected to the Assembly for a two-year term. Every two years, all 80 seats are subject to election. Members elected before 2012 are restricted to three two-year terms (six years) in the Assembly. Those elected in or after 2012 are allowed to serve 12 years total across both the State Senate and Assembly. This term, Democrats currently hold a two-thirds supermajority of 61 seats in the California State Assembly, while Republicans hold 17 seats. One seat is held by an Independent, and one seat is currently vacant.

About the District

California's 22nd Assembly District includes the majority of San Mateo County. Democrats typically hold this district. The most recent election results show 75.2 percent of AD-22 voted for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, and 74.4 percent for Gavin Newsom for governor in 2018.

About the Race

In the primary, Democrat incumbent Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Kevin Mullin led Republican challenger Mark Gilham by a margin of 75.7 percent. Mullin’s campaign has raised $538,122 so far. While his campaign is not funded by fossil fuels, he has accepted significant amounts from police and corporate PACs. Assemblymember Mullin has not taken the pledge to refuse fossil fuel, police, or corporate PAC money. Gilham’s campaign records have not been electronically filed with the Secretary of state.

About the Candidate

Assemblymember Mullin, a lifelong public servant, is a San Mateo County native residing in South San Francisco. Prior to his election to the State Assembly, he served on the South San Francisco City Council from 2007–2012 and as mayor in 2011. Additionally, he served as a political director for former State Assembly member Gene Mullin, as well as district director for former State Senator (now Congresswoman) Jackie Speier. He is a longtime supporter and advocate for public transportation. According to campaign materials, Assemblymember Mullin is running for re-election to strengthen our democracy through elections reform.

Assemblymember Mullin’s priorities for AD-22 this year include affordable housing, transportation infrastructure, climate change, and voting. He currently sits on five standing committees: Budget, Budget Subcommittee No. 3 on Resources and Transportation, Business and Professions, Elections and Redistricting, and Revenue and Taxation. Assemblymember Mullin has sponsored 36 bills about elections, transportation, and housing this year, of which nine have been successfully chaptered. He scores a lifetime score of 95 out of 100 on Courage Score, our annual analysis of legislators’ progressive voting records. Based on our Courage Score analysis, Assemblymember Mullin has supported the most progressive bills that made it to a vote. That said he has also supported AB 1366, which would eliminate critical oversight of telecom companies. Considering he has accepted $3,000 from telecom giant AT&T, that is not surprising.

Assemblymember Mullin is endorsed by a strong majority of progressive groups, such as California Teachers Association, NARAL Pro-Choice California, and several local elected officials. At this time, Assemblymember Mullin does not have any problematic endorsements. Republican challenger Gilham’s potential policies greatly outweighs Assemblymember Mullin’s lack of campaign finance pledges. According to our analysis, Assemblymember Mullin is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office.

Kevin Mullin

Kevin Mullin is from San Mateo County and lives in South San Francisco. He is the incumbent, having served in this position since 2013. According to campaign materials he is running for re-election to continue to build bi-partisan cooperation around election reform and improve economic opportunity and infrastructure.

In the State Assembly, Mullin has authored 52 bills that were signed into law. Much of his legislative work is focused on election reform, including enhancing vote-by-mail operations, strengthening campaign disclosure laws, automatically registering eligible Californians to vote, and moving the 2020 California presidential primary election earlier in the primary cycle. He has served as Assembly Speaker pro Tempore since 2014, and serves on four other committees. Prior to his election to the Assembly, Mullin was an entrepreneur, founding KM2 Communications to produce public affairs programming and documentaries for local television. Mullin was also a state legislative staffer, and was elected to the South San Francisco City Council where he served as Mayor.

Mullin is being challenged by Mark Gilham (R) and Bridget Mahoney (R). He scores a lifetime 95 out of 100 on Courage Score, our annual analysis of a legislators’ progressive voting record. Based on our Courage Score analysis, Mullin has consistently shown great courage advocatig for the needs of constituents and facing down corporate lobbyists and interest groups that exploit Californians.

According to our analysis, Kevin Mullin is the strongest choice for progressive leadership in office.