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Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Re-elect State Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry to keep AD-04 on the right track.

About the Position

The California State Assembly has 80 districts. Each represents a population of at least 465,000 Californians. Representatives are elected to the Assembly for a four-year term. Every two years, all 80 seats are subject to election. Members elected before 2012 are restricted to three two-year terms (six years) in the Assembly. Those elected in or after 2012 are allowed to serve 12 years total across both the State Senate and Assembly. This term, Democrats currently hold a two-thirds supermajority of 61 seats in the California State Assembly, while Republicans hold 17 seats. One seat is held by an Independent and one seat is currently vacant.

About the District

California's 4th Assembly District includes parts of Colusa, Lake, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo Counties. Republicans held this district from 1992 to 2012, when Mariko Yamada won and flipped AD-04 from red to blue. The most recent election results show AD-04 voted for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 and Gavin Newsom for governor in 2018.

About the Race

In the primary, Democrat incumbent Representative Cecilia Aguiar-Curry led Republican challenger Matthew Nelson by a margin of 28.5 percent. Aguiar-Curry’s campaign has raised $497,477.67 and has taken no campaign finance pledges. Nelson’s campaign has raised $5,572. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry’s top campaign contributors are Trade and Public Sector Unions, while Matthew Nelson is a former law-enforcement officer and currently works in the fossil fuel industry.

About the Candidate

Rep. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is a former planning commissioner, city councilmember, and mayor of Winters, CA, her hometown. According to campaign materials, Rep. Aguiar-Curry is running for re-election to strengthen our public education system, protect our farmland and natural preserves, and fight for working families.

Rep. Aguiar-Curry’s priorities for AD-04 this year include wildfire relief and expanding care for Alzheimer’s patients. She currently sits on six committees: the Agriculture Committee, Transportation Committee, Emergency Management Committee, Health Committee, Governmental Organization Committee, and Local Government Committee (chair). Rep. Aguiar-Curry has sponsored 25 bills about family planning, wildlife conservation, and migrant/refugee service this year, of which two have successfully passed. She scores a Lifetime 77 out of 100 on Courage Score, our annual analysis of legislators’ progressive voting records. Based on our Courage Score analysis, Rep. Aguiar-Curry has supported the most progressive bills that made it to a vote. That said, Rep. Curry has not supported analyzing the economic impact of charter schools on local communities, early parole for offenders under 26 years old at the time of their offense, or a bill to reduce single-use packaging waste.

Prior to her election to the State Assembly, Rep. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry grew up in Winters, first serving her community as planning commissioner, then moving on the city council, and finally as mayor. During her tenure as mayor, she helped to enact a one-to-one laptop program for every sixth grader in the city and brought broadband internet to the area. Her family owns and operates an 80-acre walnut orchard. She is a longtime supporter of funding childcare services starting at birth, promoting smaller class sizes and a strong arts department in California’s public schools, promoting a 100 percent renewable energy market and recognizing the impact of climate change, and protecting retirement security.

Rep. Aguiar-Curry is endorsed by many progressive groups in the district. She is also endorsed by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office and the Napa County District Attorney’s office. However, the threat of Republican challenger and strong Trump supporter Matthew Nelson’s potential policies greatly outweighs Rep. Aguiar-Curry’s occasionally moderate voting record, problematic endorsements, and lack of campaign finance pledges. According to our analysis, Rep. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is the strongest choice for representative leadership in office.


Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry grew up in Yolo County and lives in Winters, CA. She is the incumbent, having served as Assemblymember for the 4th District in the State Assembly since 2016. According to campaign materials, she is running for re-election to continue to be a fierce advocate for Democratic values and for the small cities and towns that make up District 4.

During her tenure, Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry has worked to serve the interests of rural residents, farmers and agricultural workers, and local government. She has authored successful legislation to protect small family farm homesteads, improve the quality of recycling programs by local governments, and to improve voter registration in counties throughout the state. Through her efforts, she helped establish the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument to protect environmental lands across five counties. In the Assembly, Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry currently chairs the Local Government Committee and the Select Committee on Wine. She also currently serves as Chair of the Yolo Housing Commission, Vice-Chair of the Yolo County Water Association, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Council of Governments. Prior to her election to the State Assembly, Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry served as the first woman Mayor of Winters.

Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry is being challenged by Sophia Racke (D) and Matthew Nelson (R). Based on Courage Score, our annual analysis of a legislator's progressive voting records, Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry has a mixed record advocating for the needs of constituents and facing down corporate lobbyists and interest groups that exploit Californians. In 2019, she scored a 90 out of 100 on Courage Score. That said, in 2017, she received a 79, and in 2018, she received a 61. According to our analysis, Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry is the strongest choice for progressive leadership in office, although we will continue to closely watch her voting record.