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San Francisco, Initiative, Prop E

Prop E is a measure that provides part of the solution towards San Francisco’s housing crisis. Sponsored by Todco, a nonprofit that manages affordable housing developments, the measure ties the city’s ability to approve new office development plans to the creation of affordable housing. Prop E would modify an older law, Prop M, which imposed an annual limit on office development. Prop M passed in 1986 after a number of tall towers abruptly changed the city skyline. Prop M limits the city to only 875,000 square feet in new large office projects per year, and Prop E would limit that growth further, reducing it by whatever amount the city falls short on its state-mandated affordable housing goals. 

Advocates of Measure E -- which include numerous progressive allies of Courage California -- believe that the growth of commercial space is part of what is driving up the cost of housing and has to be slowed unless affordable housing is added, as well. While more and more businesses flock to the city of San Francisco, creating jobs, there is no where for the employees to live. It is not unusual to hear of SF employees commuting in from as far as Merced -- spending the majority of their day getting to and from work. 

The measure’s opposition includes developers and city officials. Together they claim Prop E will simply raise the cost of commercial space and limit job growth in the city. The city controller’s analysis expands upon that claim by estimating that Prop. E. would cause the city to lose out on 10 million square feet in office space, 47,000 jobs, and 8.6 percentage points in economic growth in the next 20 years. However, considering that office development is increasing while affordable housing development is stagnating, it is unclear who those jobs and city’s funds will go to when only the super rich can afford to live in San Francisco. When we consider that, plus the fact that the measure is supported by Courage’s closest allies that work daily on affordable housing issues, it leads us to recommend you support the measure. 

Vote YES on Prop E.

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Initiative 976

Initiative 976 is Tim Eyman's latest attempt to cut billions of dollars in funding from badly-needed transportation projects across the state. I-976 would derail our ability to fix dangerous roads, retrofit outdated bridges and overpasses, complete voter-approved light rail, provide transit for riders with disabilities, and more. More than $12 billion would be slashed from state and local projects with no plan for replacing any of the funding.


Initiative 1634 would prevent cities and counties in Washington from passing new taxes on sugary beverages. Such taxes are aimed at discouraging people from buying sweetened drinks that have been linked to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and tooth decay.


Last year, more people in Washington were killed in encounters with law enforcement than in 45 other states, and almost one-third of them were experiencing a mental health crisis. Initiative 940 would improve de-escalation, first aid, and mental health crisis training for law enforcement and help save lives.


Initiative 1639 is the most comprehensive gun violence prevention measure put forward in Washington state history. It's a commonsense initiative that will reduce gun violence and keep our schools and communities safe. I-1639 would raise the age to purchase semi-automatic assault rifles from 18 to 21 and require enhanced background checks and safety training for purchasing these particularly lethal weapons.


Initiative 1631 is our best opportunity to accelerate clean energy solutions and build healthier communities for everyone in Washington.

Initiative 124

Initiative 124 would protect hotel housekeepers from sexual harassment and improve working conditions. While it protects people of all genders, more than 80 percent of hotel housekeepers are women, and a majority are immigrants or people of color. They are consistently subject to the threat of harassment and assault while working alone in hotel rooms. I-124 would provide hotel housekeepers with a “panic button” they could press for help in a dangerous situation.

Opportunity for Olympia

Initiative 1, known as Opportunity for Olympia, ensures that every future high school graduate in Olympia has access to at least one year of free community college or job training courses at a technical college. This initiative raises millions of dollars for Olympia’s college grant fund from a small (1.5 percent) tax that only applies to the wealthiest 3 percent of households in Olympia.

Vote YES for Initiative 1 to create a better educated workforce, attract more businesses, create more good paying jobs, and ensure a legacy of opportunity in Olympia.

Initiative 1464: Integrity Washington

Initiative 1464, known as Integrity Washington, aims to give ordinary people a stronger voice in our government. I-1464 prohibits lobbyists and government contractors from making big contributions to the candidates they are trying to influence. Notably, I-1464 also features an innovative public financing system that will allow candidates to focus their campaigning and fundraising on ordinary voters rather than the wealthy and well-funded special interests.