Evergreen School District No. 114 Proposition No. 5

No matter where we live and what we look like, we all believe every child deserves a quality education. Proposition No. 5, an educational and operations levy renewal proposed by the Evergreen School District's board of directors, will help ensure that our kids thrive for years to come.

Lake Forest Park Proposition 1

Lake Forest Park Proposition 1 was placed on the ballot by city council in order to fund public infrastructure and green spaces. With support from the mayor and the entirety of the city council, the proposed 2022 levy is a slight increase from the previous property tax rate, allowing the city to invest in a higher quality of life for all Lake Forest Park residents. This new rate would not affect qualifying seniors, veterans, and disabled homeowners.

Arapahoe County 1A

The Parks and Trails Sales Tax Extension Measure would make permanent the Arapahoe County sales and use tax authorized in 2003. This measure provides revenue for maintaining parks and wildlife areas, trails, local farms, and water conservation projects. Since its institution, this measure has created 160 parks, trailheads and heritage-area projects; conserved 31,000 acres of open spaces; and in collaboration with partners, has completed 70 miles of trails.

Boulder Initiative 300

Boulder Ballot Initiative 300 would increase occupancy limits for renters so that up to four unrelated people would be allowed to live together in a three-bedroom house, up to five unrelated people would be allowed to live together in a four-bedroom house. The city of Boulder has an inaccessible housing market and a considerable homelessness problem. Young people and students living in Boulder face many barriers due to the current restrictions that are in place. This initiative would bring more housing access to the city of Boulder by breaking down barriers.

Denver Question 2B

The Denver Housing and Sheltering System Bonds would provide $38.6 million funding for shelters and facilities for people experiencing homelessness while not altering Denver's tax rate. It will fund the purchase of the 48th Avenue shelter, support the purchase, conversion, or construction of up to 300 motel rooms in Denver to function as shelters, create over 400 jobs, and fund improvements to existing shelters. This will continue efforts to address the homelessness crisis in Denver which has seen an increase in residents experiencing homelessness due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

City of Bellingham, Proposition 2021-17

Similar to other measures on the ballot this year, Bellingham’s Proposition 17 asks voters to approve or reject an amendment to the City of Bellingham Charter to reduce the number of signatures required to propose an initiative.

City of Bellingham, Proposition 2021-16

City of Bellingham’s Proposition 16 would reduce the number of signatures required to amend the city charter, allowing greater voter input in the charter and municipal government. Proposition 16, which represents the City of Bellingham Proposed Charter Amendment No. 2021-01, is a step towards making city government more accessible to and informed by the residents it serves.

City of Mukilteo Resolution No. 2021-08

Mukilteo’s Resolution 8 is an advisory vote asking the public whether the city should encourage “high-density” housing options. Though written vaguely, and unattached to any real policy, the advisory vote is an opportunity to let the city government know that all options should be considered to address the housing crisis in Mukilteo.