Seattle School District No. 1 Proposition No. 2

The board of the Seattle School District has proposed Proposition No. 2, the Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics Levy Renewal, to create safe and modern classrooms and school facilities.

Lake Washington School District No. 414 Proposition No. 3

The final measure of the trio of levies for Lake Washington School District is Proposition No. 3, the Building Excellence Levy. The district notes that it has grown tremendously in recent years, with 7,300 new students and an anticipated 3,500 more by 2030.

Federal Way School District No. 210 Proposition No. 2

Federal Way School District Proposition No. 2 aims to maintain critical resources for students, including school nurses, counselors, special education, and music and athletic programs. Like Proposition No. 1, it is a renewal of the existing levy that's set to expire.

Federal Way School District No. 210 Proposition No. 1

The pandemic has made access to computers and modern more important than ever to students' learning. If passed, Proposition No. 1 would allow Federal Way School District to continue funding critical technology needs for students, including laptops and network security.