Issaquah Proposition 3

Proposition No. 3 is a new levy for the Issaquah School District and is aimed at securing new buses and retiring old and more costly-to-operate vehicles.

Issaquah Proposition 2

Modern facilities and up-to-date technology are critical to learning. If approved Proposition No. 2, the Renewal Capital Levy, will renew the expiring levy to continue funding technology, building safety repairs and maintenance, and the construction of a new high school.

Issaquah Proposition 1

Every child deserves a quality education, and the three propositions on this year's ballot will ensure that all Issaquah School District students can thrive. If passed, Proposition No.

Spokane Proposition 1

When a loved one is having an emergency, the last thing you want to consider is whether emergency services have enough funding to respond. But according to the Spokane Fire Department, by the end of this year, levy funds for the city of Spokane's emergency medical services will run out, forcing cuts to advanced and basic life support services, in addition to losing 20 fire and medic companies.


Tacoma School District No. 10 Proposition No. 2

Proposition No. 2 is the Tacoma School District's Replacement Levy for Technology Improvements and Upgrades. Like Proposition No. 1, this is a continuation of the community's current investment in our schools.