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Vote YES on Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District Special Tax Zone 1 Measure C

Vote YES on Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District Special Tax Zone 1 Measure C to fund the continued effort to mitigate the wildfire risk in the region. 
Measure C asks voters in Sonoma County to support Fire Protection District operations through the adoption of new parcel taxes. If the measure is adopted, Measure C would allow the Fire Protection District to create the new Special Tax Zone 1 and to levy the authorized parcel taxes on property within that zone. The tax levels will be dependent on the land type and use: $400 annually for an occupied residential parcel, $400 annually for a Commercial Recreational use parcel, and $50 annually for a vacant parcel. This updated funding structure is expected to provide $50,000 annually to the Fire Protection District for an 8-year period. The funds would be subject to an annual audit, and would be used specifically for wildfire-hazard-reduction services within the Special Tax Zone 1. This measure requires a two-thirds supermajority voter approval to pass.

Why voting YES on Measure C matters:

  • Large portions of the Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District have been designated by CalFire as being at High or Extremely High risk for wildfire. While the Fire Protection District has identified mitigation opportunities and established a Vegetation Management Program, the cost of consistently operating this service is high. Measure C would provide funding for vegetation-management equipment and maintenance, ultimately helping to mitigate the risk of wildfire across the district. 
  • In addition to vegetation management and equipment, Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District plans to use the raised tax funds to pay personnel costs and fund contracted services in the district. To ensure that the funds are appropriately allocated, the district will be held accountable through the submission of annual written reports that outline the amount of tax revenue that has been collected and spent, and the status of any project that has been authorized to be funded by the tax. Additionally, a special Advisory Committee of residents and property owners within the Special Tax Zone 1 will be created to advise the district on all annual projects and service priorities. Measure C will require that the district provide taxed citizens with oversight and public accountability, and that the raised funds will be concentrated on wildfire mitigation and management.  


Top Funders
The committee in support of Measure C has yet to file any contributions with the Sonoma County Elections Office. We are unable to provide monetary information until contributions are filed. 

There is no prominent misinformation about Measure C.