With all the changes to voting this year, we need your help to ensure that everyone can safely vote.

There are many opportunities available that you can volunteer for to make sure we’re able to vote for the representatives we trust to lead us into the future. Click on the links below to find in person and online volunteer opportunities. You can contribute your time to a specific campaign or volunteer to support election activities in your area.

Election Day Opportunities
Proposition Campaigns

In California, statewide proposition campaigns are generally flooded with misinformation by corporate or special interest donors. This is why we need people power to support the progressive positions on these positions. It’s through grassroots efforts that we combat misinformation and inform California voters about how to vote. We need your help to push CA forward through these propositions.

Prop 15 (Schools and Communities First) - Yes

Prop 16 (Restores Affirmative Action) - Yes

Prop 17 (Parolee Enfranchisement) - Yes

Prop 18 (Voting in Primaries at 17) - Yes

Prop 19 (Increase Housing Inequity) - No

  • No organized actions available

Prop 20 (Harsher Law Enforcement) - No

Prop 21 (Rent Control) - Yes

Prop 22 (Threatens Labor Rights) - No

Prop 23 (Protect Dialysis Patients) - Yes

Prop 24 (Threatens consumer data privacy) - No

Prop 25 (End Cash Bail) - Yes


Posted 2020-10-16