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The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund believes that protecting the environment is a bedrock American value that should rise above partisan politics. We seek to strengthen our core environmental laws, support lawmakers from all political parties that believe in a healthier environment, and to hold accountable any politician regardless of party who does not.


Board of Supervisor Races

Los Angeles County

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State Senator Holly Mitchell is a third-generation Angeleno and continues to live in Los Angeles, where she serves as a State Senator for California's 30th Senate District. According to campaign materials, Mitchell is running to represent District 2 on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in order to meet the real needs of local communities in Los Angeles County -- the largest county in the nation, with over 10 million residents.

Senator Mitchell was elected to the state Assembly in 2010 and moved to the Senate in 2013. She is currently serving her final term as a State Senator, where she serves as Chair of the Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. During her tenure, Senator Mitchell proposed a set of criminal justice reforms that were signed into law. Together, these 10 laws reduce barriers for Californias impacted by the criminal justice system by reducing sentence enhancements for low-level drugs, removing court fees for the innocent, sealing arrest records for people not convicted, ending the sentencing of juveniles to life without parole, and other advancements. She has been a notable progressive influence in other areas as well, including homelessness, mental health, children’s rights, and job protections. 

In office, Senator Mitchell has scored an overall 98 out of 100 on Courage Score, our annual analysis of a legislator's progressive voting record. Based on our Courage Score analysis, Senator Mitchell has consistently shown great courage advocating for the needs of constituents and facing down corporate lobbyists and interest groups that exploit Californians. Most recently, Senator Mitchell has taken a stand on a problematic statewide housing bill, working with a coalition representing low-income communities to demand stronger protections for low-income people, people of color, and other vulnerable people most strongly affected by the housing crisis. 

Senator Mitchell is running against Herb Wesson, president of the Los Angeles City Council, and Jan Perry, a former council member who once ran for mayor. Other candidates include Jorge Nuño, Albert Robles, Rene Rigard, and Jake Jeong. In a crowded field, Senator Mitchell is the best progressive choice because of her track record as a champion for underrepresented and marginalized communities in California and her reputation as an unapologetically progressive legislator.

Voting for Senator Mitchell is an opportunity to elect a transformational leader as supervisor, one who will courageously represent the perspective and priorities of her district in LA County. One day she would make an excellent candidate for Governor of California. Courage California strongly endorses Senator Mitchell for Supervisor.

Last updated: 2020-04-15

San Luis Obispo County

Ellen Beraud photo

Ellen Beraud is challenging incumbent Debbie Arnold for District 5 Supervisor in San Luis Obispo County. Beraud is running on a platform to address the housing crisis--particularly addressing the needs for workforce housing--as well as the promotion of renewable energy, sustainable groundwater management, sensible cannabis regulation, improving infrastructure, and job growth. She has resided in San Luis Obispo County for 20 years. 

Beraud has been critical of the board’s inaction on a variety of issues. She is calling for a transparent groundwater use plan as communities have been negatively impacted by drought. She wants the county to provide more funding to address the homeless crisis, including providing mental health and addiction services. 

While campaigning, Beraud has expressed concerns about potential local job losses with the closure of Diablo Canyon. She supports sensible cannabis regulation to provide stable jobs for the county, as well as investments in renewable energy and infrastructure, including off-shore wind farms and exploring the use of Diablo Canyon for renewable energy generation. 

Beraud has a long history of public service. She is a former Atascadero mayor and City Council member. Prior to her election to the city council in 2006, she served on the Atascadero Planning Commission. She is also a registered dietician, working at local hospitals, and she and her husband own a small electrical contracting business. As a council member and mayor, she opposed the expansion of a Walmart Supercenter, citing the harm it could cause to local businesses. 

District 5 includes Atascadero, Creston, Pozo, and Santa Margarita, as well as portions of Templeton and San Luis Obispo. While this is a non-partisan race, this seat has been referred to as the “swing seat” on the board, as this district is the most evenly split in the county, with roughly 1,100 more registered Republicans than Democrats. Beraud is a registered Democrat and the incumbent, Arnold, is a registered Republican. 

Based on her track record of public service, commitment to address the housing and homeless crisis, and progressive stances on a range of issues, Beraud is the strongest choice for this office. 

Last updated: 2020-03-02

Santa Barbara County

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Builds Representation

Supervisor Joan Hartmann has lived in Santa Barbara for over 20 years. She is the incumbent, having served in this position since 2017. According to campaign materials, she is running for re-election to maintain the quality of life and scenic beauty of Santa Barbara County for future generations.

On the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors, she has helped enhance disaster response, fought for the expansion of mental health facilities and clean energy programs, and advanced government transparency and accountability. Prior to her election, she served as a Special Advocate in the foster care system, as a professor at Oberlin College, Claremont College and USC, and helped restore coastal rivers and wetlands with the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project.

Supervisor Hartmann is being challenged by Karen Jones, Jessica Alvarez Parfrey, and Bruce Williams. Hartmann is the best progressive choice due to her environmental vision for Santa Barbara County and her track record of people-first policy in regard to public safety, health care, and energy.

According to our analysis, Hartmann is the strongest choice for progressive leadership in office.

Last updated: 2020-02-27