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Welcome to the Fuse Progressive Voters Guide to the 2019 primary election! The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information you need to make decisions about the races on your ballot based on your values.

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Lacey City Council

Lacey City Council, Position #1

Sarah Jean Morris photo

Sarah Jean Morris

Realtor Sarah Jean Morris is running for Lacey City Council Position 1 to bring integrity, transparency, and her ability to be a peacemaker to the council. She plans to run a "zero waste" campaign without yard signs or door hangers. The three key points of her campaign are waste management, helping the homelessness without "enabling" them, and fiscal responsibility. Morris wants to be on the forefront of re-negotiating the contract with Waste Connections, Inc. (WCI) and maintain Lacey's strong S&P rating.

Also in this race are Troy Kirby, Malcolm Miller, and Jesse Orndorff. Kirby is a small business owner and Lacey Parks Commissioner who has been endorsed by mostly moderates and Republicans. He is running to preserve family wage jobs and is running a pro-business campaign. Kirby has expressed interest in ending the divisive nature of politics but does not offer any other progressive ideals in his platform aside from his view that to solve homelessness the city will need more affordable housing. Miller, a loan officer who has worked with the Thurston County Coalition against Trafficking, unfortunately does not have a strong campaign presence. In a video interview with the League of Women Voters, Miller also stated that the major cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. Orndoff is running on a platform of no new taxes and fiscal responsibility. His website advertises a Homeless Action Plan but there is no actual proposal available at this time.

While we're unsatisfied with her lack of details on a plan to help the homeless, Morris's views on reducing waste and switching to renewable energy make her the most progressive choice for Lacey City Council, Position 1.

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