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You are viewing content from a previous election (August 7th, 2018). You can view information for the current election here.

Lynden Smithson

Lynden Smithson photo
For the past fifteen years, Lynden P. Smithson has served as an Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Spokane. As a public servant, Smithson has worked on hundreds of cases predominantly focused on domestic violence, DUI, and misdemeanor offenses. He has been a strong advocate and champion for victims.

Also in this race is former Spokane County District Court Commissioner Randy Brandt and Deputy Prosecutor Patrick T. Johnson. Brandt is running again after losing his 2014 race to Judge Aimee Maurer. Although both are qualified, neither candidate has earned as much support from progressive advocates.

Smithson is the best choice for Spokane District Court Position 1.

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