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You are viewing content from a previous election (August 7th, 2018). You can view information for the current election here.

Laurie Jinkins

Laurie Jinkins photo

Democratic Representative Laurie Jinkins has been a passionate and effective champion for progressive values, particularly in her fight for women, equality, and closing tax loopholes. She was the first lesbian to serve openly in the state Legislature, and helped pass marriage equality. Rep. Jinkins also sponsored bills to improve education funding and secured funding for a new low-income health clinic in Hilltop. She has advocated for a capital gains excise tax on the wealthy that would fund schools.

Her opponent, Kyle Paskewitz, is a business consultant and the founder of Family Court Reform Nation. He was a headlining speaker at a local "March for Our Rights" pro-gun rally, and believes that government should step back from providing services for people who are homeless or struggling with addiction.

Rep. Jinkins is by far the better far choice in this race.

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