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The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility. Please share this guide with your friends and family.


U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District

Suzan DelBene photo

Suzan DelBene

Suzan DelBene won a tough race in 2012 to represent the 1st Congressional District, which reaches from Kirkland to the Canadian border. A former executive at Microsoft and other technology companies, she has used her technology background to become a leader of protecting privacy rights against government surveillance. She has also been a strong advocate for job development, economic fairness, women’s health, and immigration reform. DelBene’s top challenger is Pedro Celis, a Republican and retired Microsoft engineer who was a leader for the George W. Bush re-election effort in 2004. Celis recently earned national attention by making unfortunate comments comparing gay marriage to polygamy. Edwin Moats, Robert Sutherland, and several other extremely conservative candidates in this race are not running competitive campaigns. DelBene’s experience and strong track record in her first term make her the clear choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

National Women's Political Caucus of Washington, Sierra Club, Teamsters Joint Council 28, The Stranger, Washington State Labor Council, Washington State National Organization for Women PAC, EMILY's List

U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District

Rick Larsen photo

Rick Larsen

Rep. Rick Larsen is a moderate, pragmatic Democrat who has been a strong advocate for jobs, transportation, and infrastructure projects in the 2nd District since he was first elected to Congress in 2000. He has also led efforts to protect voting rights, fought to reform student loans, and has been a champion of Wall Street reform. Unfortunately, Larsen angered many progressives with his support of the new contract that eliminated hard-earned pension benefits for Boeing machinists. Before serving in Congress he served on the Snohomish County Council and worked on economic development for City of Everett.

Larsen is facing two opponents who have far less resources in the primary. BJ Guillot is running on an extremely conservative Tea Party platform. Independent Mike Lapointe is running against Larsen on a very progressive platform that includes raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour immediately. Larsen’s experience, broad support, and generally progressive track record make him a good choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Snohomish County Democrats, Whatcom County Democrats, Washington State Young Democrats

U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District

Bob Dingethal photo

Bob Dingethal

Bob Dingethal is running for Congress because he supports a stronger middle class, equal pay for equal work, and investments in education, infrastructure, and good jobs here in the United States. Dingethal would bring more than 35 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sector with him to Congress.

Dingethal faces a tough race against incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler, an extremely conservative Republican. She has consistently sided with some of the most conservative members of her party on issues like health care, environmental protection, immigration reform, economic fairness. Far right Republican Michael Delavar is also challenging Herrera Beutler. Dingethal is the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Washington State Labor Council, Vancouver Firefighters IAFF 452, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555

U.S. Representative, 4th Congressional District

Estakio Beltran photo

Estakio Beltran

Twelve candidates are running in this largely conservative district to replace Doc Hastings, who is retiring this year. Among those running are eight Republicans, two Democrats, and two Independents. Estakio Beltran has received the most support from progressives among these candidates. Beltran is a community leader and former Congressional staffer who wants to end the gridlock in Congress and ensure farm workers and tribal communities have a voice at the federal level.

The main conservative candidates in the race are former Rep. Dan Newhouse; Janéa Holmquist, a far-right state Senator who led a number of bills that hurt working families this past year; and Tea Party activist Clint Didier, the former NFL player who has put his own money into numerous Congressional races. Other candidates include Democrat Tony Sandoval and Republicans George Cicotte, Kevin Midbust, Glen Stockwell, and Gavin Seim, who are not running competitive campaigns. Beltran is the best choice to represent the people of this district.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Washington State Labor Council, The Yakima Nation, Teamsters Local No. 839, 4th Congressional District Democrats, Yakima Democrats, Benton County Democrats, 8th Legislative District

U.S. Representative, 5th Congressional District

Joe Pakootas photo

Joe Pakootas

Joe Pakootas is community leader and businessman credited with turning around the Colville Tribe’s business enterprises during his time as CEO. He also served as an elected member and Chairman of the tribal council. He is challenging conservative Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is a top member of the Republican leadership in the House. She played a big part in designing and backing the House Republican’s extremely partisan agenda — including blocking emergency benefits for the unemployed; cutting $40 billion from food stamps, which would have taken basic food supplies away from 4 million people including seniors, veterans and kids; opposing efforts to increase the minimum wage; and blocking laws to end pay discrimination against women. McMorris Rodgers backed this partisan agenda all while protecting tax breaks and loopholes for powerful corporations and the super-wealthy. Pakootas would be a refreshing change of leadership for the 5th Congressional District.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Washington State Labor Council

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District

Derek Kilmer photo

Derek Kilmer

Derek Kilmer is a moderate Democrat who is a reliable supporter of creating jobs and improving infrastructure. He has been a leader on small business development and protecting Puget Sound during his first term. A former State Senator, he worked as a business consultant and economic development official before becoming a legislator. Kilmer is being challenged by conservative Republican Marty McClendon, whom he soundly defeated in a 2010 state Senate race, and Green Party candidate Douglas Milholland. Milholland is running on a campaign of environmentalism and nonviolence. Kilmer’s experience and ability to work across the aisle on behalf of the district make him the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Sierra Club, Teamsters Joint Council 28, Washington State Labor Council

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District

Jim McDermott photo

Jim McDermott

Rep. Jim McDermott has represented the 7th District since 1989 and is a champion of progressive values. McDermott is a member of the Progressive Caucus and serves on the House Ways and Means Committee. A physician by trade, he specializes in health care issues, particularly regarding the international fight against AIDS, his sponsorship of a bill to provide a single payer health care system, and women’s health. He has also been a vocal advocate fighting for working families who have been hurt by Wall Street, as well as fighting for alternative energy, and an official end to the war in Iraq.

McDermott faces two challengers, neither of whom are compelling: Independent West Seattle lawyer Doug McQuaid, who lost badly in Seattle's mayoral primary in 2013, and perennial candidate GoodSpaceGuy. McDermott deserves your vote.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Sierra Club, Teamsters Joint Council 28, The Stranger, Washington State Labor Council, Various Democratic District Organizations, King County Young Democrats

U.S. Representative, 8th Congressional District

Jason Ritchie photo

Jason Ritchie

Jason Ritchie is a rising star who is running an energetic campaign to defeat incumbent Dave Reichert. Ritchie started a business remodeling homes for the disabled after his father had a stroke and suffered from limited mobility. With a strong commitment to progressive values on issues such as immigration reform, protecting safe and legal access to abortion, and fully funding education, Ritchie would be a welcome change to the district.

Conservative Republican Dave Reichert has yet to sponsor one piece of legislation that has been passed into law and is an ineffective representative for the district. Ritchie deserves your vote.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

The Stranger, UFCW 21, Washington State Labor Council, 5th, 25th, 31st, and 33rd District Democrats, Pierce County Democrats, Young Democrats of Washington, King County Young Democrats

U.S. Representative, 9th Congressional District

Adam Smith photo

Adam Smith

Representative Adam Smith has served in the U.S. House since 1997. Smith is a moderate Democrat who has been a reliable vote on progressive issues, including marriage equality and eliminating Don’t Ask, Don't Tell. Smith is also in favor of more progressive taxation and immigration reform. Smith has worked hard to connect with and represent his new constituents after this district changed considerably in the redistricting process. He continues to be an advocate for greater equality, and fought House Republicans' efforts to slash food stamps in the most recent farm bill.

Three opponents have thrown their hat in the ring against Smith. Though none of them are running competitive campaigns, progressive Democrat Don Rivers has an impressive platform. However, Smith’s track record has earned him the support of major progressive organizations in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Service Employees International Union, Teamsters Joint Council 28, The Stranger, Washington State Labor Council, Pierce and King County Democrats, various Democratic district organizations, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Washington Federation of State Employees

U.S. Representative, 10th Congressional District

Denny Heck photo

Denny Heck

Denny Heck has had a long, effective career in both the private and public sector, most notably as a five-term state representative, House majority leader, chief of staff to former Gov. Booth Gardner, and TVW co-founder. As a Congressman for the last two years, he has fought to make college more affordable, worked to lower healthcare costs, ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve, and create middle class jobs.

Heck is being challenged by Republican Joyce McDonald, a Pierce County Councilwoman, former state legislator, and former Republican Party official. Other candidates include Independent Jennifer Gigi Ferguson, who is conservative on social issues, including women’s health protections, and is not running a competitive campaign, as well as Human Rights Party member Sam Wright. Heck’s track record, experience, and values make him the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Teamsters Joint Council 28, Washington State Labor Council

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